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  • Jayden and Antonio. Just... Jayden and Antonio. *Jayden's childhood friend returns to become the Sixth Ranger in "Unexpected Arrival", where after a rather, um, flamboyant showing in battle, he announces "Believe it baby! I'm back, and I'm ready for some action!" and struts toward Jayden (to give him a hearty handshake), set to a musical cue that could easily pass for romantic (or the lead-in to a porn scene). In the following episode, "Room for One More", he arrives at Shiba House in a tuxedo, and petitions the Rangers' mentor to join the team in a scene that feels very much like he's asking Mentor Ji's permission to date Jayden. That Jayden coyly waits outside rather than sitting in on the interview with the other rangers adds to the feel. Given the fairly weak acting of the season to this point, it's a bit striking how much more genuine their affection seems than any other emotion any character has conveyed all season.
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  • They've replaced Genta's oversized suit and gong from his big arrival at the Shiba house with a suit and shiny tie for Antonio, making it look like he's taking Jayden to the prom.
  • The end of "Broken Dreams" adds a whole new level of Ho Yay when Jayden and Antonio are limping to the bench, panting and catching their breath while saying things like "Every muscle hurts" and "Just like old times."
  • Super Samurai just makes it more blatant. Antonio literally tells Jayden to hit his Zord in the butt. Granted, it's to get it to work, but still.

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