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Taken to ridiculous extremes during Power Rangers RPM, when the fans would routinely pair every character with just about everybody else.

  • Dillon/Ziggy was the most popular, so popular that even one of the actors commented on it. Dan Ewing, who played Dillon the Black Ranger, was being interviewed once and mentioned how supportive the fans had been to the RPM cast. Then it got weird.
    "Even the creepy fan-love things. People, creepy. Like, okay, if anybody listening to this is doing any creepy love stuff between me and any of the other Ranger males ... stop that shit."
    • What was so brilliant about that is Ewing was less annoyed that slash fanfic existed, and more annoyed that everybody was pairing him with the wrong guy. When told of the love for Dillon and Ziggy (Diggy, as it was called), Ewing exclaimed, "How would that be a good match?", and then wondered why people hadn't paired him with Eka Darville, who played Scott the Red Ranger. Brilliant.
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    • Milo Cawthorne (the actor who played Ziggy) once posted on Rangerboard that he thought the Diggy pairing was great. Go figure.
    • Ewing could be right about Scott and Dillon. Particularly in "Dome Dolls", notice where their hands are after succumbing to the "XY sleep agent"...then again they did spend an episode chained to each other so it's not that surprising.
  • Scott/Gem was apparently also a thing.

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