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  • Husky is an unnaturally gorgeous boy. Because he is so utterly pretty and effemminate (he's also his Kingly father's favorite), his 8,000 half-brothers and their moms made fun of him on a daily basis. As such, he had no friends until he met Cooro. Also, he hates girls with a burning, fiery passion. And he lets it be known. A lot.
    • When Nana joined the group, Husky was very upset and said it was 'all her fault he couldn't keep the promise [he] made with [Cooro]." (the promise being to travel with him if Cooro untied him from a large pole.) Obviously, he wants Cooro to get rid of Nana so he can stay with him. Cooro then tells him to just forget the promise and leaves, and Husky gets very depressed.
    • Also, he cross-dresses for cash.
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    • He has a staff called the 'Cooro Punishing Stick'. Enough said.
    • Nevermind that they're kids. Husky being constantly mistaken for a hot girl generally leads to lots of interesting situations, but particularly in the first chapter, Cooro either deliberately hits on Husky, or is very oblivious that That Came Out Wrong. Even though he knows Husky's a boy. There's also an instance of Senri licking Cooro's finger and Rose getting the wrong idea IIRC.
  • The first chapter basically calls Husky a "princess"...
  • Cooro and Shadow's interactions in chapters 9 and 10 are so alarmingly subtext-heavy that it makes you wonder if Mukai was intentionally playing it up as a parallel to a romantic relationship. Cooro meets Shadow while the latter is testing out a glider and is accidentally knocked out by said glider. Shadow nurses him back to health and Cooro offers to help him with the glider so that he can help out his family easier. But then Shadow finds out about Cooro being a +Anima with wings and due to a misunderstanding, he immediately believes he's been being played for a fool and, more or less, "breaks up" with Cooro. Cooro's reaction is a surprisingly deep depression that leaves him sulking on the ground and hiding in his wings for a while. Upon his friends discovering him in this state, Cooro's dialogue sounds like someone fresh from a break-up.
    Senri: (places a hand on Cooro's forehead) Hurt.
    Nana: What? You're hurt?!
    Cooro: Uh-uh. It doesn't hurt anymore...I'm just...kind of...tired...
    Husky: Cooro?
    Cooro: I wanted to stay with him longer...but he told me to go away. We were getting along so well...he even gave me cheese.
    • When he sees that Shadow's in danger and flies off to rescue him, he ultimately earns Shadow's forgiveness and the two become friends again.

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