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Ho Yay / Paradise Kiss

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  • George (outed bisexual) behaves in a ridiculously over the top Ho Yay-esque way with Seiji, a particularly bishonen teacher, promting the heroine to wonder if they are more than friends.
    • Actually, it's heavily implied that they are more than friends: towards the end George admits that he has a boyfriend (aside from having Yukari as a girlfriend and being in love with Kaori), and Seiji knows suspiciously lot about George.
  • George deliberately plays up the Ho Yay around Arashi to irk him. And Yukari thinks that Miwako is "so cute, even I would kiss her". Miwako is apparently heterosexual, but that doesn't stop her from fawning over Yukari's beauty and touching her boobs when she's taking her measurements.
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  • In the manga George also gets into Hiro's face, touching his chin and remarking on how good he looks in hakama... complete with seductive looks, sparkles and heart marks.

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