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Considering the creator previously worked on Steven Universe, this was bound to happen.


  • When Rad and KO find out who Enid's Parents are, Rad states that both her parents are hot.
  • It's implied that Red Action and her former teammate Yellow have a bit of a history. There's a photo of them together on Red's Social Media account which she captioned "remember the future times </3" (</3 being netspeak for a broken heart). She seems to have taken Red's desertion the hardest out of her teammates. After the meteor crashed, she was worried about Red when Enid started calling out for her and didn't check on her teammates. And then there's her Meaningful Look after Red decided to stay in 201X and leaves with Enid. It doesn't help that Julia Srednicki, one of the character designers on the show, drew an artwork that depicted Red cuddling Yellow while kissing her.
  • Genesis and Nanini, two girls in K.O.'s class at school, win the science fair with a "Power" of Love exhibit (using their clasped hands connected to a bean to power a lightbulb).
  • In "Let's Not Be Skeletons", we get this when Enid and Rad start talking about Gil Ferris's finger rings.
    Enid: (talking about Gil's rings) Dang, look at all that ice!
    Rad: Yeah... nice, plump fingers too.
  • In "Lord Cowboy Darrell", after Boxman is reminded that he'll always be Darrell's father:
    Boxman: That's right! I'M THE DADDY!!!
    Rad: Whoa, did he just say "daddy"?
  • Mad Sam says that Rad will make a cute hood ornament in "Special Delivery."



  • In "We Messed Up", when Enid sees Mr. Gar has a picture of KO's mom when she was younger, she eagerly asks who the babe is. She gets embarrassed when K.O. reveals that the "babe" is his mom.
  • When Enid and K.O. are biking to Rad's house in "Hope This Flies", Enid's helmet has a peace sign sticker colored like the bisexual pride flag.


  • Enid and Elodie were rather close friends. Enid instantaneously flusters and blushes when encountering Elodie in the woods during one of her solo training sessions. Her charm necklace memento to Elodie can be interpreted as a deeper sign of affection.

Enid/Red Action

  • Character designer Matthieu Cousin drew an artwork of Enid and an early design of Red Action where Enid looks at Red in awe while blushing while they're in action.
  • In "You're Everybody's Sidekick", Enid gets noticeably flustered and blushes when K.O. asks why she follows Red Action on social media before ending up gushing about her.
    K.O.: You know her?
    Enid: No. I mean, not really. I see her around and follow her online a bit, it's like, you know, whatever. (laughs nervously) She's just so wild sometimes.
  • In "K.O.'s Video Channel", when Rad and Enid discovers that K.O. uploaded a video of them dancing and messing up, they were both embarrassed, but Enid took it the hardest when Red Action is one of the people who saw the video and commented on it.
  • In "Back In Red Action", more fuel is added to the Enid/Red Action fire, with the latter even seeming to flirt with the former. Enid and Red Action spend a lot of time blushing around one another, and Enid sees Red through Crush Filter while driving through the Danger Zone and looks away embarrassed when Red looks back at her.
    • When Enid scrolls to Red's profile on Social Media on her phone, she makes sure no one is watching her before looking at Red's photos. While looking through her photos, she seems a little jealous when she sees a photo of Red and Yellow Technique together from the future. When Red posts a new photo of her with Enid in the background, she slowly realizes that photo was taken just now and becomes flustered by it until Red gets her attention at the counter.
    • Despite people seeing Enid as cool, she herself doesn't feel worthy to hang out with Red. When K.O. points out to her that Red wants to hang out with her, Enid still has her doubts and thinks Red is just messing with her.
      Enid: Huh. Enid, as if she'd ever want to hang out with you.
    • When Red approaches Enid at the front counter, Enid is so flustered that when she tries to greet her she stammers with her greeting while avoiding making eye contact with Red and fumbles when scanning her pack of gum. Red on the other hand obviously bought the gum as an excuse to talk to her. Red smiles when Enid questions her if she's asking her to hang out with her, not to mention that Red is close to her face when talking to her.
      Red: Uh, so I'm hanging out around the parking lot today, and all my friends bailed on me, so...
      Enid: Are you... asking me to hang out?
      (Red blows a raspberry in her face)
      Red: It's an option. I mean, do whatever you want. (pays for her gum and leaves) Either way, I'll be around.
    • When Red forgets to take her gum after she leaves, Enid leaves the store to give it to her. Turns out Red intentionally left it to lure Enid out to get her to hang out, which Enid happily accepts.
    • After Red comes clean on her past to Enid, Enid thinks what she does is incredible, but Red disagrees. Red reveals to her that she follows her on Social Media, which makes Enid blush.
      Red Action: You're got your own moves, your own style. You don't follow anyone. I never had the nerve to comment on any of your pictures. Deep down, I wanted to hang out with the coolest person in 201X before I got dragged back to the future, but I don't know if I can keep running.
    • After Red reveals her backstory and decides to give up and let the Hue Troop take her away, Enid convinces her that they should fight them together so they can continue hanging out, which Red happily agrees. When the Hue Troop shows up again, Red is nervous at first but Enid comforts her by putting her hand on her shoulder and gives her a reassuring smile. With Red feeling confident, they both strike a fighting pose, in sync, ready to fight the Hue Troop.
      Enid: No matter what you did in the future, Red, right now, we're just two cool people hanging out, and if the Hue Troopers won't leave us alone, we'll just have to make them.
    • During the fight with the Hue Troop, when Yellow Technique is about to attack Red, Enid rushes to defend her and kicks Yellow away.
    • While running from the incoming meteor, Enid and Red are Holding Hands, even though it doesn't seem necessary since they're running at the same pace. After the meteor crashed and everyone's on the ground, the first thing that Enid instinctively does is to check if Red is still by her side, and when she realizes that Red isn't next to her she gets worried and calls out for her. When Enid finds her face down, she cradles her and Red wakes up to her saying, "Careful with the goods.", causing her to become flustered.
    • When Red apologizes to the Hue Troop for deserting the team to avoid her problems, she credits Enid for helping her see the error of her ways while wrapping her arm around her and bringing her closer to her, making Enid smile.
    • Enid seems to be a Morality Pet for Red. When Enid questions her on why the Hue Troop are after her, instead of continuing to lie to her, she comes clean and reveals her past. When Red is about to lie to the Hue Troop on how she knew the meteor containing the Prism Crystal would crash land in 201X, she sees Enid giving her a Disapproving Look and decides to tell them the truth on how she got lucky and apologizes to them for running away from her problems, which makes Enid proud of her.
    • Even the staff seems to be getting in on it; there have been severalposts that hint at Enid/Red Action since the episode aired.
  • In an artwork of Enid's room, which drawn by storyboard artist Stevie Borbolla, on the mirror of Enid's dresser there are four photographs taped to it, and the photo on the top is Red Action.
  • Mira Ong, one of the storyboard artists, posted a comic strip on twitter of Red (poorly) flirting with Enid.
  • In "Hope This Flies", Red Action picks Enid up from Rad's house and the two of them return together the next morning.
  • In "Red Action to the Future", Enid struggles to tell Red that she wanted her to stay in the present with her instead of going to the future. Of course, when Red changes the timeline so she never left, Enid gives her a big hug while crying Tears of Joy.
    • Enid is sad when she's reminded that Red is from the future and she'll eventually go back to it. When K.O. states that he likes a new bag of flavored chip, Enid tells him, while looking at Red, not to get attached saying those chips are probably a limited edition, which mirrors how she feels about Red leaving.
    • When Enid learns that Red has been in the future for months, she begins worrying about Red growing up and thinks that she'll forget about them.
      K.O.: Don't worry, Enid. I'm sure she'll find the chips soon.
      Enid: I'm not worried about the chips, K.O. I... I'm worried that, like... what if while Red is off fighting this battle for the universe, she grows up and forgets all about... you know, us?
      K.O.: Then why did you tell her to go?
      Enid: I was afraid that if I got in the way of her time travel stuff, she wouldn't hang out with us... just like she isn't now. (Facepalm) Ahh! I should have just been honest, huh?
    • When Enid follows Red to the future, Yellow Technique tells her she and Red were separated during a giant Borg attack and thinks Red might be dead. Enid starts panicking about never seeing Red again until Red shows up.
    • After taking down the giant borg, Red scolds Enid for coming to the future and endangering herself and she sets up a time portal for Enid to leave. When Enid is about to tell Red about how she feels about her and Red responds angrily at her before she tells her, Enid is taken back by her attitude that she changes her mind and goes back to the present after calling Red a jerk. When she returns to the present, she immediately regrets her action.
      K.O.: Enid! How'd it go with Red Action?
      Enid: I called her a jerk, K.O.
      K.O.: What?! I thought you wanted her to come back.
      Enid: I do! But... a lot of stuff happened, okay? I-I couldn't think straight. (sigh) And now she'll probably never want to see me again.
    • When an older Red Action returns to the present, Enid blushes when she sees her and then she gets a massive blush when the older Red Action lifts her into the air.
    • Enid and Older Red Action's apology to each other:
      Older!Red Action: I'm sorry it took me so long to come visit. After I kicked you out of the future like that, it just- it never felt like the right time. Forgive me?
      Enid: Actually, I owe you an apology, too, Red. Everything you've done in the future is incredible, but I-I wish you'd stayed here, in the present. Every time I tried to tell you, though, I-I chickened out. I didn't want you to feel like I was some annoying, clingy nerd.
      Older!Red Action: Oh, Enid.
      Enid: But now I know that wasn't fair to either of us. Maybe if I'd been honest before you left, we could have been together for years. But, hey, I'm grateful for the time we did have, you know?
    • After Older!Red Action said her final goodbye to Enid and K.O. before returning to the future for good, Enid sounded like she was going to cry after she leaves.
    • Despite her multiple accomplishments and being a war hero in the future, Red is willing to change her own timeline so she can spend more time with Enid in the present.


  • In "Sibling Rivalry", when Raymond asks the Bodega team if they want their butts kicked:
    Rad: Ha! Kick my butt? Please! (shows his butt to Raymond) My two-pack is touting a 12-pack!
    Raymond: Impressive...
  • Rad and Raymond's dance battle from "Plaza Prom" has already spawned multiple slashfics and is dripping with Foe Yay and Getting Crap Past the Radar.
  • In "Lets Watch the Boxmore Show" Rad calls Raymond "handsome but pretentious snob".


  • The duo's interactions largely portray their relationship and especially discussions as Like an Old Married Couple. The two are seen in so many romantic interactions together that they're heavily implied to be a Battle Couple.
  • Nick is noticeably touchy-feely with Joff. He slung his arm around his shoulders in "You're Everybody's Sidekick", and while in the background, his hand was in Joff's lower back at "Plaza Prom"
  • In "Plaza Prom", near the end of the episode where everyone is dancing, Nick Army and Joff can be seen holding each other's hands while they dance. It's also pretty clear through the episode that they're each others' dates.
  • In a short scene of "Second First Date", they are seen eating together by themselves on a spot where it's implied to be typically where couples go on dates.
  • Danny Ducker, one of the storyboard artists and writers for the show, posted three images for Valentine Days on Twitter and Tumblr, one of which includes Nick giving Joff a bouquet of grenades, while they both blush.
  • During "Plaza Film Festival" in Nick's film entry he plays a character who cries about how he hurts everyone with his grenade hands and how everyone thinks he's a monster, to which Joff's character lays on his chest and says that he doesn't.
  • In "Be A Team", Nick and Joff are tasked with giving team-building exercises to K.O., Rad, and Enid. Their first exercise is looking each other in the eyes and saying "I love you". At the end of the episode, they walk into the sunset holding hands.

Brandon/A Real Magic Skeleton

  • In "Plaza Prom", Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton both lied about their prom dates and agree to dance together after they give their respective corsage to each other.
  • Towards the end of "T.K.O.", the two try to flee from one of T.K.O.'s energy waves. R.M.S. is caught in the blast and falls apart, which prompts a horrified Brandon to scream, "My skeleton!" and turns to reach for him before succumbing to the blast.
  • They end up having to share the wind ring in "The Power Is Yours!", leading to this.
  • The entirety of "RMS and Brandon's First Episode", from the fact that Brandon spends the entire episode pleading for RMS not to leave, to them saying how much they love spending time together, to RMS actually saying "I love you" to Brandon. Plus, towards the end of the episode, when Brandon threatens to stop being friends with RMS if he leaves, RMS replies with: "Brandon, if you don't love me, then perhaps we never were." In the end, Brandon saves RMS, Mad Sam comes along, and he makes the two of them hug, which they both comply.

Lord Boxman/Professor Venomous

  • There were several moments between Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous in "We're Captured". Boxman saw Venomous in bish-o-vision when he first walks in and is extremely flustered and eager to please him during their dinner date, and breaks down into Tears of Joy when Venomous says he wants to remain business partners. When Professor Venomous sees Boxman in the middle of an Unstoppable Rage fighting the Bodega employees, he takes a REAL hard look at Boxman, especially his suddenly muscular, gleaming body. He even sees him in the same bish-o-vision that Boxman saw him in earlier.
  • "Villains' Night Out" is basically Venomous and Boxman going to a party and ending with Venomous proposing to Boxman before the two fly into the sunset.
    • Despite Venomous being embarrassed and annoyed at Boxman's behavior throughout the party, he doesn't get mad or say anything bad about him. The ending reveals he actually respects Boxman's determination to fight against Gars' employees.
    • The scene where they form a Villain Team-Up looks like Venomous is proposing to Boxman. The device he offers to Boxman is similar to a box to hold an engagement ring.