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Despite the author's claims that everyone else besides Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji is straight, there is still some subtext between certain characters.

Any details which describe Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian's relationship goes to the Ship Tease section.

  • ChengXian - Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian have the childhood buddies-turned-enemies-turned-strangers thing going on. While their relationship is strictly platonic, it's not that difficult to see some aspects of their relationship in a romantic context if you look at them from a certain angle.
    • While Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji's mutual animosity over Wei Wuxian qualifies mainly for a Friend Versus Lover situation, it's still not hard to see their friction as a Cock Fight over Wei Wuxian's affections, with Jiang Cheng acting as the bitter ex and Lan Wangji being Wei Wuxian's current flame. It helps that Jiang Cheng is canonically envious of their relationship because in his mind, Lan Wangji is "stealing" Wei Wuxian from him. It's also established that in the finale, Jiang Cheng decides to let go of Wei Wuxian and let him be happy with Lan Wangji, an act that could easily be seen in a romantic light.
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  • Lan Xichen is an incredibly popular Fandom Bicycle, being shipped with mainly Jiang Cheng, Jin Guangyao, Nie Mingjue, etc.
  • The Venerated Triad of Nie Mingjue, Lan Xichen, and Jin Guangyao are often talked about as a set since it's so central to the plot.
    • The XiYao (Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao) pairing is far more understandable: Jin Guangyao shows nothing but respect for Lan Xichen, that even when the latter was being held hostage by him, Jin Guangyao treats Lan Xichen with the utmost respect despite, you know, being a villain. Lan Xichen is also the only character to not hold Jin Guangyao's past against him and give him constant respect and protection as a brother, and tends to shield Jin Guangyao as well. Despite stabbing him in the end — due to a trick by Nie Huaisang— Lan Xichen secluded himself out of grief over Jin Guangyao's death and betrayal.
    • The NieYao (Nie Mingjue/Jin Guangyao) pairing overlaps into Foe Yay. Jin Guangyao started out under the Nie clan's flag, and rose to become Nie Mingjue's assistant. He was all-around very good, to the point that Nie Mingjue personally recommended Jin Guangyao to the Jin clan in hopes that Jin Guangyao would gain his father's recognition (being illegitimate and all). Then Nie Mingjue caught Jin Guangyao killing the Bad Boss who's been stealing Jin Guangyao's war credit, and being the Knight Templar he was, got disappointed. The swearing of their brotherhood provided Nie Mingjue an excuse to monitor Jin Guangyao, but the friction between them, as well as the pressure Jin Guangyao was facing from his father too, got to the point where Jin Guangyao made his choice, and dismembered Nie Mingjue and scattered him across half of current northern China.
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    • While significantly less popular than other combinations, NieLan (Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen) is also considered, due to the fact that the two seem to have a close relationship even before becoming sworn brothers, which often evolves in fanfics as a Childhood Friend Romance. This is further evidenced by how Nie Mingjue never loses his temper at Lan Xichen, as well as Lan Xichen's close relationship with Nie Mingjue's younger brother Nie Huaisang, at least until the Guanyin Temple arc, and how Nie Mingjue is able to recognize Lan Xichen just by the sound of his flute even as a headless fierce corpse that Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian combined were having trouble subduing.
  • Jin Guangyao is sometimes also shipped with Xue Yang, because they're mutual Poisonous Friends.
  • Xiao Xingchen is often shipped with either Xue Yang or Song Lan. Most fics cannot help but portray the three in a Type 3 Love Triangle.
    • In the case of the pairing between Xiao Xingchen and Xue Yang, the two lived together for several years, and after Xiao Xingchen's death Xue Yang spends years trying to revive him. He gets especially angered when Xiao Xingchen's sword is taken from him, demanding it be returned to him and he held onto the last candy Xiao Xingchen ever gave to him despite it now being too hard and blackened to eat.
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    • For Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen, the two were incredibly close having studied under Baoshan Sanren, knowing the other like the back of their hands and traveling the world together. Xiao Xingchen even willingly gave up his eyes for Song Lan despite the two falling out soon afterwards. Song Lan then travelled for years in order to find Xiao Xingchen again to apologize. Also, the main reason he didn't fight back or make a sound when Xiao Xingchen accidentally killed him was because he knew his friend would immediately know it was him if he reacted, so he didn't to spare him the pain.
  • Amongst the junior cultivators, Lan Sizhui and Jin Ling have some popularity together in the Chinese fandom.
    • Although not as popular, Lan Sizhui is at times even paired up with Lan Jingyi since the two are usually seen together and are already close with one another. There's also the fact that they're always paired up when night hunting or going out on missions.
    • In a case of Pair the Spares: Lan Jingyi and little-mentioned Ouyang Zizhen.
  • It has been noticed in the fandom that Nie Huaisang would fit Jiang Cheng's crazy list of bridal requirements pretty well, resulting in the hatching of the ship name SangCheng. Not to mention, the two of them studied together at Gusu and even shared the same porn books...


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