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  • Dear Lord. Dantalion and Solomon definitely had something going on between them and it seems Dantalion is now transferring his affections to William. Head Butts Of Love abound!
  • Solomon had Ship Tease with all of the pillars we've seen him interact with...
    • He definitely has no sense of personal space even from the first time he met them, so far he had cupped their face and hugged them in the first meeting.
  • Pretty much every time anyone asks William to pick him as successor.
  • Dantalion kneeling before William and kissing his hand as he asks to remain by his side, while they both blush.
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  • Isaac and William share a bed when Isaac invites him over to help him with a ghost problem, and pouts when William doesn't want to sleep with him. Then, there's the little gem where Isaac says "But you're okay with demons?" to which William replies "That's different!" While that could just mean 'you're okay with demons (in general) but not sharing a bed with someone', given the context, it really sounds like they're implying William is okay sharing his bed with his demons.
  • Swallow wanting to "Introduce William to his parents".
  • William getting concerned because "Kevin's not just anyone" and thinking about Kevin when asked about his "Most Important Thing".
  • William and Kevin rehearsing a romantic scene from Hamlet.
  • Sytry and Dantalion getting on top of William and asking him to "choose" them during the performance of Hamlet. This did not go unnoticed by the Fangirls in the crowd.
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  • Sytry's 200-strong fan club and constant crossdressing stints.
  • Michael's touchy-feely attitude toward Uriel and irritation when Uriel shows concern for William's well-being and stomps on him while telling him that he should have eyes for him only.
  • Metatron seems to have a thing for Michael.
  • Baalberith calls Sytry his "Beautiful doll" and is heavily implied to have kissed him off screen.
  • Not to mention that the ending theme is basically Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio declaring their unrequited love for William... or maybe Solomon, or both.
    • Both opening and ending have heavy implication about their past and future relationship with Solomon and William. It didn't help both opening and ending are sung by the voice actor themselves.
  • When William teleports and lands on top of Sytry, who's lying in bed:
    Sytry: "Hmm... did you come to me for a night-time rendezvous? (starts undressing) I suppose I don't have a choice."
  • Dantalion frequently giving William longing looks.
  • When the younger students send letters to upperclassmen they admire requesting to be their fags, they're compared to love letters and both Dantalion and Sytry get tons of them. When Dantalion watches William's first meeting with Sean, at first he assumes it's a date, then gets jealous because he wants William's "affection" for himself.
    • Dantalion also moans about how, if he had known about the Fag System beforehand, he would have given himself a younger form, and then imagines himself hugging onto William's waist while Will pets him and tells him what a good boy he is... Really everything to do with the fag arc is just Dantalion getting jealous about William getting close with someone else.
    • While Dantalion and Sytry get off screen scene, Camio as the head boy get an on screen scene of a boy requesting to be his fag, and the said boy is moaning about not wanting to be anyone else's fag but Camio's. The scene is complete with flying hearts.
  • When Dantalion demands to know why William hasn't summoned him yet, William's reaction is pretty priceless. He blushes, and has trouble thinking of a good excuse as to why, thinking that it'd be hard to "grovel to him now" after always telling him to leave him alone. The scene is reminiscent of a neglected lover asking why their lover has been paying more attention to their other partners.
    • Afterward, when the drama has died down, William asks Dantalion to join him for a nice meal. It's basically William asking Dantalion out on a date to apologize for hurting his feelings.
  • Metatron carries Sytry bridal style in heaven. It's also implied he kissed Sytry at the end of the chapter.
    • While disguised as a young student at William's school Metatron says Sytry is cute and that he wishes he could marry him. Sytry is unconcerned that they're both men, instead stating it's unfortunate that he (Sytry) is an expensive date.
  • Micheal begging Gabriel to wake up.
  • This extra where Dantalion and Sytry attempt to find out William's type, only to have him blurt out "The head boy..."
  • In Chapter 74, William singles out Dantalion in his thoughts when wishing for everyone to be with him. Dantalion then dramatically appears on his balcony because he "felt like [William] called" him. William's response is to start Tsundere blushing wildly and stammering in protest.
  • Chapter 75 has Dantalion finally share his history with William, and William confess to remembering about his/Solomon's past relationship with Dantalion. William then takes Dantalion's hand and places it to his cheek, asking him what he wants to do and saying he'll grant his wish. Dantalion then places both hands to William's face and breaks down into tears as he confesses he just wants to be by William's side. He then touches his forehead to William's, and William looks up at him with a hopeful smile, pleading him to come back and telling him he can stay with him... The entire interaction is incredibly tender, and also shows how far their relationship has come, from William being annoyed with Dantalion's presence to asking him to stay by his side.
  • In the final chapter, Dantalion tells William he wants to stay by his side because he likes him, all while gazing at him softly. William's response is to blush and stammer as he asks what he means by 'like'. The other demons then join in, asking William to 'choose' one of them, while Isaac likens it to a proposal.

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