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So much.

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     Judar and Hakuryuu 
  • Both have been giving off these vibes after Judar decides he wants Hakuryuu to be his king candidate, despite having more popular choices like Hakuryuu's cousins, who are also his King Vessels, making clear that it isn't just Sinbad whom he's consistently persisting to conquer a dungeon with, and it had been this way with Hakuryuu for years as well. In fact, when he and Hakuryuu finally form an alliance, he no longer has any interest in Sinbad, as he walks past him the next time they meet, not giving the king any notice whatsoever.
  • If you pay attention to Judar's dialogue with the other characters, you'll notice that he tends to give them degrading nicknames... except for Hakuryuu.
  • The vibes between them just skyrocketed after Chapter 244, with both of them repeatedly acknowledging that they are the only ones who can completely understand each other. Chapter 262 even makes it clear that Hakuryuu feels no one could replace Judar for him.
  • If one takes the time to pay attention to their interactions, their relationship was strained and distant at the start of the series, since Judar wasn't yet aware of the truth behind his past, and Hakuryuu resented Judar for being a member of Al-Thamen. But then after Chapter 244, they instantly became the closest of allies, trusting each other enough to talk about their plans in full detail, watching each other's backs in battle, and even showing both anger and concern if any kind of harm befalls the other.
  • Pay good attention to all the instances when Judar loses his cool. It's when Hakuryuu is concerned does Judar isn't just distressed — he's clearly exhibiting murderous rage, particularly when he realizes that Kouen cursed Hakuryuu via Phenex and when Alibaba burns off both of Hakuryuu's legs.
  • It's obvious by this point that Judar is an extremely cruel and self-serving character. Yet he goes out of his way for Hakuryuu's sake, and even when they killed Gyokuen, Judar sticks by him no matter what. He doesn't even hold any resentment towards Hakuryuu when he gets banished into space by Aladdin, and only wonders how he's doing right now. And when he meets Alibaba once more, he tells him that he is nothing compared to Hakuryuu. This is coming from a guy who's notably arrogant and condescending towards everyone he meets.
  • A flashback from Chapter 257 shows Judar in Hakuryuu's bedchambers, with the two of them discussing about Belial's capabilities. While nothing of that sort happens, keep in mind that in some cultures, having someone who's not family in your bedroom — where you have utmost privacy — indicates a sign of deep trust. It helps that Hakuryuu's hair was completely loose, which holds the same symbolism.
  • In Chapter 261, Hakuryuu admits that losing Judar pains him much more than losing both of his legs.
  • During the events of Chapter 279, Aladdin says the following to Hakuryuu: "But I cannot imagine how you will live from now on, without Judar and after completing your revenge". Hakuryuu never denies it and later even tries to commit suicide, confirming that Aladdin was indeed right.
  • In Chapter 283, after Judar and Alibaba return, the first thing Judar does is search for Hakuryuu, who was declared missing at the time.
    • Hakuryuu quickly leaves to search for Judar as well. And when they do find each other, they don't seem to be any hurry to rejoin their friends. They don't even tell anyone when they return to the palace until the next day.
  • In Chapter 314, Morgiana is to wed Alibaba soon after they confess to each other — keep in mind that Hakuryuu has feelings for Morgiana — and the chapter ends with this line:
    But it's fine! Hakuryuu still has Judar!!
  • The anime's soundtrack features some character songs for the main cast, but Judar and Hakuryuu are the only characters who have a duet song.
  • In the extras, Judar takes Hakuryuu out for a drink in another attempt to convince the prince to conquer a dungeon with him. In a drunken rant, Hakuryuu abruptly thanks Judar for not treating him any differently after his brothers' deaths, since Judar was the only one who approached him and talked to him like nothing had changed, whereas almost everyone else either abandoned or slandered him. Judar admits that he's sincerely touched by the confession... to the point that when Hakuryuu's about to throw up from too much liquor, he keeps him from vomiting so he wouldn't forget what he just said.
  • In another omake, Judar writes a letter to Alibaba — where he basically disses him and lists down all the things he finds annoying about Alibaba. Upon the third item of the list (which we don't get to read in full since Yunan tears up the letter), it apparently reads, "Compared to Hakuryuu, you're no—"... it's not hard to figure out how he's going to end that sentence, and at this point it's more than established that he has a high opinion of Hakuryuu.
  • Chapter 325: It's revealed that when Hakuryuu found Judar in the latter's home village, he learned Judar's birth name — which Judar has no problem with, though Judar draws the line when Hakuryuu asks the others if they want to know.
  • Chapter 337: After Judar muses on how his life could have been different if Al-Thamen hadn't kidnapped him as a child, he tells Sinbad that he's satisfied with his current life, and even adds that he's already having a lot of fun fighting alongside Hakuryuu. He could have just stopped then and there, but he had to add this little tidbit. It's already all but outright stated now; Hakuryuu truly makes Judar happy. And this applies no matter what side they're both on.
  • Volume 32's message paper: Hakuryuu wishes he had talked to Judar more when they were still together.
     Sinbad and Ja'far 
  • There's loads between Ja'far and Sinbad. Unsurprisingly, they're the most popular slash pairing in the fandom.
    • Considering how little air time Ja'far actually gets with Sinbad, it's interesting how the anime/manga manages to illustrate a certain depth/history to their relationship.
    • In Sinbad no Bouken, the spin-off manga about Sinbad's adventures with his generals, it illustrates the backstory of the two. And it's interesting to note how Ja'far went from wanting to kill Sinbad to being the newest adoptee on the Sinbad-family/his most loyal follower.
    • Ja'far is loyal to Sinbad to a fault. He gladly threatens people who he thinks is a threat to Sinbad. In fact, a threat to Sinbad seems to be the way to bring out assassin!Ja'far from his childhood days.

  • It doesn't help that Ja'far really seems to play the role of nagging housewife with Sinbad countering as the carefree husband...
  • After spreading his own fantasy in an omake chapter about Masrur marrying a Fanalis, Sinbad decides to crossdress using a Djinn equip to pass himself off as a Fanalis. That way he wouldn't hurt Masrur.
  • And, there's some between Alibaba and Cassim. It overlaps with Foe Yay later.
    • Cassim's death scene is just filled with Ho Yay.
  • Alibaba and Hakuryuu. What doesn't help is that Hakuryuu actually reminds Alibaba of Cassim. Plus, both of them contrast each other in so many ways; all the more in the recent chapters.
  • Judar and Sinbad; another example that overlaps with Foe Yay.
  • Titus and Aladdin.
  • Also, Titus and Sphintus - post time skip, they adopted Magda, basically being two daddies.
  • Doubles as Incest Subtext, but there's a bit between the Kou brothers.
    • Same with Ithnan and Setta back in Alma Torran.
  • Solomon and Ugo had this dynamic big time, back in Alma Torran.
  • Leila and Sahsa, especially on Leila's side. She also seems to really like Morgiana, saying she would be sad if Morgiana left the caravan.
  • Morgiana seems to have this with a lot of girls. Other than Leila, her first interaction with Toto involved being hugged by her with Morgiana's hands on Toto's chest. A special chapter/omake even has Myron from the Fanalis Corps try to kidnap her "because she's so cute."
  • Paimon, she says she has fallen for Hakuei while holding her suggestively and in Alma Toran she tells a fellow female Djinn, Leraje, to forget about Focalor and fall in love with her instead.
    • On Hakuei's end she doesn't even seem to mind that Paimon is all but groping her. If anything she is concerned that it is happening in public rather than privacy.
  • It might be the case with David and Solomon, as David never considered Solomon as his son, and his interactions with him can enter Squick territory.
  • In the Sinbad no Bouken spin off, there's heavy subtext between Sinbad and Drakon.
    • After entering Baal, and force to team up, they quickly fell to old married couple bickering but shows an astounding amount of trust for each other despite their initial hostility
    • Drakon's reaction to Sinbad pretending to forget his name is similar to a girl discovering she's a 'booty call'.
    • And he was blushing during Sinbad's speech, and someone pointed it out.
    • The biggest one was post-transformation, Sinbad recognized Drakon immediately, and refused to treat him any differently, calling him a "Precious Friend", with the background rukh looking like hearts - and the last panel in the chapter's framed so it looks like Sinbad of all people is blushing while Drakon seems to be kissing his hand.


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