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Ho Yay / LISA

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In a world without women, of course there's bound to be ho yay.

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     LISA: The Painful RPG 
  • Crisp Ladaddy, a gay swordsman who will join you if you hold his boyfriend, Toby, hostage.
  • The Beehive, a place where men dressed up as woman offer their "services."
  • Shocklord is really emotional about his partnership with Brad.
  • Comparable to Shocklord's affection to Brad is Terry Hintz. After meeting him the first time, he's very quick to latch onto Brad, making his attachment to him immediately clear, and easily being the most fond of and grateful towards Brad whenever his life is saved. If you give him up to Columbo, he'll even outright say that he "loved you." In the kickstarted demo, it's only more explicit, with the player outright able to walk in on NPC-Terry chiding himself for not talking to you properly.

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