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  • Brainiac 5 and Lyle Norg (aka Invisible Kid) had their share of Ho Yay. This mostly appears in the Post-Zero Hour incarnation of the team, where the two had a snarktastic rivalry over who was the better scientist. After Lyle had gone through a boom tube, Brainiac 5 is seen talking to himself about how Lyle relied on him, and when they find him the normally reserved Brainy hugs Lyle and kisses him on the cheek, while expressing his joy that he is all right.
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  • The reboot Legion featured a hint-dropping as to the true nature of Brainy and Lyle's relationship into a running gag. Fans paid particular notice of a panel where Brainy has a folder on his computer with Lyle's name on it, and won't let anyone see what's inside...
  • That started during the preboot, actually: the Secret Origins story concerning Lyle positively dripped with innuendo, although it was rarely seen in the series itself.
  • Matter-Eater Lad with Mon-El in New Krypton.
  • In the very same run on those characters, Gear and Chuck Taine get a story to themselves involving them stealing some of Brainiac 5's inventions to make their job of clean up after the last adventure easier. Long story short, after destroying them, they end up bribing Brainy to be quiet about it with a letter telling him to be quiet about it or they'll tell everyone about his collection of photos including, amongst other female Legionnaires, Invisible Kid. Gives an entirely new meaning to the aforementioned kiss...
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  • Salu Digby and Ayla Ranzz, especially during the Giffen-Bierbaum run, where it was pretty much explicit. Since the return of Paul Levitz as Legion writer, Ayla and Salu became an official couple even if they've never outright said "we're a couple," even though Ayla had originally been with Timber Wolf again when Geoff Johns brought the original Legion back.
  • Power Boy and newcomer Gravity Kid of the Legion Academy from Paul Levitz's run on Adventure Comics are officially a couple, and the two are currently working together with the Science Police on Takron-Galtos.
  • Also in the post-Zero Hour Legion, Salu Digby and Zoe Saugin (Kinetix), including one scene in a multi-Legion crossover which directly parallels them with the pre-Zero Hour Salu and Ayla.


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