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Ho Yay / Legend of Galactic Heroes

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  • Say anything you want, the subtext between Reinhard and Kircheis is pretty obvious even to those who are not into slash. (Once upon a time some male Japanese fans complained about LoGH doujinshi with "please, no more gayness, having Reinhard and Kircheis is enough!") The manga version and Michihara Katsumi's illustrations crank up the Ho Yay considerably. (Yes, this is official. Sparkles and all.)
    • There's also the epithet Reinhard gives Kircheis on his gravestone: "Mein Freund", which literally means "my friend" but can also translate as "my boyfriend" .
    • To rub it in further, Reinhard’s flagship is the Brunnhilde, named after a queen who had a tragic romance with the hero Siegfried in Norse/Germanic mythology. Now, what’s Kircheis’s first name again...?
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  • It has also been argued that the friendly rivalry between Poplin and Schönkopf has shades of Ho Yay. Particularly the way they compete to out-ladies-man each other.
  • And there's Reuenthal and Mittermeyer who, when possible, seem to spend most of their time together, despite Reuenthal being an infamous womanizer and Mittermeyer being Happily Married. It helps that they share one of the strongest and deepest relationships in the entire show, especially considering Reuenthal's deep psychological issues - everything considered Mittermeyer is the only person that Reuenthal truly loves and cares about.

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