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Ho Yay / Human Kind Of

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Best friends forever!

This is pretty much obvious for the plot about a nerdy teenager discovering she's a half-alien.

    Judy and Cory 
  • With them being best friends and all, expect this to happen Once per Episode.
  • Episode 8 has the latter going Clingy Jealous Girl on the former for spending time with people that are totally not her. When Judy claims Cory is just her sidekick, the latter looked like she and Judy had a bad break up.
  • Episode 9 has Cory acting out in her fantasy as a Villain Protagonist known as The Core. It's as if she's acting like a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend towards Judy. After Mr. Russo gives up on giving a test due to Cory acting out in her fantasies, Judy made a Love Confession towards her, and they shared a hug. Aww!
  • Episode 14 has Judy admitting to Cory that she has no to relate to now that she knows there are multiple alien species out there. Well, except for Cory.

    Cory and Iris 
  • Episode 2 has Iris wrapping her arm on Cory's neck as if she's snuggling her.