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Ho Yay / Girls Bravo

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  • Any moment with Kosame and Kirie.
    • As well as with Hijiri and Kirie. Hijiri also initially had an obsession with Miharu.
  • At the beginning of one episode Koyomi and Miharu are having a bath together and Miharu gropes Koyomi and states how beautiful she thinks her skin is.
  • Maharu and Kirie occasionally get some-such as the Security Cling Kirie does to Maharu in episode 3.
  • In Episode 7, Kirie gropes Koyomi to garner approval from men in a crowd hoping for T & A. She also does this after telling Koyomi to, "bend over and stop holding (her) skirt," to mirror what Miharu did for the men in the crowd.

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