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  • Hajime and Utsutsu, to the point where many fans declare them canon thanks to all the subtext and interactions. One has to look no farther than Utsutsu's monologue in episode 11, where she states that prior to meeting Hajime, she was perpetually gloomy and constantly wanting to disappear, but after getting to know Hajime, she's happy to have been born because she got to meet Hajime.
    • Episode 8 of Insight has Hajime and Utsutsu in the same room, dressed in nothing but bath towels, with Hajime drinking a carton of milk. The implications speak for themselves.
  • Between Joe and Sugane as well. Of note is Sugane's reaction to Joe inviting him out for drinks in the director's cut, followed by what can only be called bedroom eyes from Joe, directed at none other than Sugane. The second season continues by showing Joe leaning in close to Sugane after the latter is flustered by some girls (who are asking about a rumour that he has a girlfriend, which he is trying to shoot down) to tell him not to get too distracted, causing Sugane to leap up from his seat and apologize immediately.
    • In episode 9 of Insight Jou attempts to fight the season's antagonist but ends up losing. Just before the final blow is struck Sugane arrives to protect him, explaining that he "just felt the need to come to Joe." After Sugane is badly injured by a back-attack Joe foregoes any attempts at defence to cradle him in an embrace before fleeing the area.
  • Season 2's opening has Hajime and Tsubasa free-falling through the air until they clasp hands and pull close to one another.
    • By the end of Insight, as soon as Hajime wakes up from her coma, Tsubasa gives her a big hug.

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