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It must be love. (And yes, he's holding hands with his childhood friend Mao)

There is an incredibly high amount, more than you might think in a game with a female protagonist surrounded by boys.

  • For example: Tomoya calling Wataru his goddess when he was dressing in a princess costume for a play (although this idea is quickly shattered once he actually meets Wataru due to his personality), Eichi describing Yuzuru's mole as 'sexy' and calling Wataru a 'fine, beautiful man with hair like moonlight' in the novels pre-Anzu's arrival.
  • Izumi is canonically in love with Makoto, to the point of stalking and following him around. This doesn't even just extend to Makoto, he talks about 'finding a suitable substitute' if Makoto won't keep him company. Said substitute being....Yuuta, of course.
    • The Midsummer's night dream event is essentially very big with Izumi/Makoto in the same way as Band Ensemble. It has to be read to be believed.
    • In one card set, Izumi is shown knitting a scarf for Makoto. Makoto's card proper has him willingly wearing the thing, embarrassed.
  • Subaru and Makoto are often seen together and talk about being partners and say "I love you" to each other.
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  • Koga mentions that he followed Rei from middle school because of how much he loves Rei. For bonus points, this was on the White Day event.
  • Arashi specifically talks about liking both boys and girls in a mini event.
  • Chiaki and Kanata have been implied to be the Designated Parents of their unit (all the other members being first-year students), Kanata referring to their juniors as their children. Kuro even asks Kanata if he joined Ryuseitai because he fell in love with Chiaki (and Kanata never actually denies it).
    Kanata: I still… do not understand very well about heroes, but… I feel that I can come to "love" "Ryuseitai". Chiaki, and everyone, I will gradually come to "love" you…♪
    Chiaki: Is that so? I… share your feelings of love.
  • Shu thinks of Nazuna as his best 'masterpiece' and treasures him, being devastated when Nazuna left him for Ra*bits. Even after their parting, Shu still thinks of Nazuna as someone precious to him, and will try to keep anyone from hurting him, as seen in the Milky Way event when Eichi threatens to destroy Ra*bits.
    • Wataru also tells Nazuna that only he can heal Shu with The Power of Love, outright stating that Shu loved him and his smile more than anything.
      Wataru: You are the “precious person” that he loved with all of his being, that even if he spent all of his life on you, he would not have regretted it, you know.
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    • For his part, Nazuna still cares deeply for Shu and Mika after his departure and wants to talk things out with Shu, who actively avoids him for fear of lashing out and hurting him even more.
    • In a flashback to their first year of high school, Shu and Nazuna go to a café together, with Shu repeatedly praising and declaring his love for Nazuna and Nazuna getting annoyed with Shu behaving like an embarrassing clingy boyfriend.
    • In repayment festival, Nazuna reveals that the first time he met Shu, the latter jumped off the second floor just to tell him how charming Nazuna was and goes on to declare that they were soulmates. The reason why Valkyrie is named the way it was is because it was what Nazuna likened his first impression of Shu to.
  • Mika has a lot of loyalty to Shu and even promises to be with him until his death in the Halloween event, calls him "Oshi-san" which can be translated as "Master" and lives together with him (Hilariously, Arashi thinks it's that kind of living together when Mika says it) and Shu, while he's bad at showing, does truly care for Mika, doing things like letting him stay in his house and taking sewing jobs in Halloween just so he get funds to leave for Mika once he graduates. They even call each other "My Kagehira" and "My Oshi-san" in the Halloween event.
  • Shu cares a lot about Kuro, his Only Friend from childhood before they distanced after the Five Oddballs incident. Even though Shu claims to resent him, he clearly misses their old times and calls him "Ryuu-kun" behind his back. To the point that even Mika is jealous of their closeness and tries to drive him away.
    Shu: We are closer than this, aren’t we! Do you not remember, I wonder!? That day in our childhood when we sat side by side stitching lace! Our beautiful friendship....!? You have changed, you know, Kiryu! Ahh, how wretched. That there could be such a tragedy as this! Even though I believed that you alone would not hurt me!
  • Ritsu and Mao are very touchy-feely for being childhood friends, with Mao apparently changing Ritsu's clothes for him and waking him up every morning, and Ritsu calling him his only family (and kissing Mao, although on the neck).
    • The Band Ensemble event story in particular reeks of this. For example, keep in mind that Anzu wears a pink cardigan under her blazer, while Mao wears a purple jacket under his when you look at this CG.
      • Take particular notice of the orange hairclip. In Ritsu's, it's placed carefully in his hair, while Mao is shown in his card biting it.
  • Jin and Akiomi are not immune to this, with it being confirmed that Akiomi did have a crush (and fondly remembers, years later) on a girl he met on the rooftop (Who is Sagami in disguise), Jin calling Akiomi "Akiyan" and inviting him over to his place to relieve stress late at night.
  • Yuta tells Hinata to not steal Shinobu from him on the strawberry picking scout story when Hinata tries to befriend him, and that Shinobu belongs to him.
  • Yuzuru is very loyal to his master Tori, even though he's a Spoiled Brat and treats him like a slave. Even though Yuzuru treats Anzu like Birds of a Feather, in Mine Lady he repeatedly helped to humiliate Anzu by making her fail her chores on purpose....because he was jealous of Tori's friendship with Anzu. Even if Yuzuru didn't blame Anzu for this and stopped with the pranks after Tori got into trouble for helping her, he clearly wanted Tori all to himself. Also, he once threatened Tori with a chainsaw after Tori ditched Yuzuru's vegetable dishes in order to eat some katsudon with Anzu.
  • The extra "Lionheart" chapter in the enstars novel explains part of Izumi's loyalty to Leo, and why he tried to be a decoy leader for the Knights while he was gone.
    Izumi (about Leo): Because there’s just one person who likes me, and says that I’m beautiful. He affirmed me, loved me, this youth made me feel glad that I was born… Because even if it was just for a short while, my life existed.
  • Chiaki and Midori's dynamic is very alike to a Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl with Midori trying to avoid Chiaki and Chiaki trying to get Midori to practice and basically get Midori out of his depressed slump. It takes a step further when their Voice actors recently took the character compability test and they got the other (Chiaki's VA had Midori being compatible to him and vice versa for Midori's VA).
  • Subaru and Hajime are very close, and basically constantly gush about one another whenever they're nearby. In the Salon de Thé story, they end up hugging each other in the hallway and Hajime comments that other students are giving them weird looks for it, and then later Hajime thanks Subaru for complimenting him by saying 'Please take care of me, now and forever~' and Subaru comments that it sounds like a marriage proposal - but "I'd be set for life if I had a wife like Shinonon!"
  • Kanata and Madara's relationship has some undertones of this. Kanata acts very Tsundere towards Madara during various interactions together, being the only person he displays a Sugar-and-Ice Personality towards in the entire game, even after they make up in a way. And when they were younger, Madara and Kanata used to play ' House ' with Madara acting as a the mama and Kanata the papa.
  • Madara gushing over how excited he is to talk to Rei and how he'll do anything he asks him to, even murder, gives off some hoyay vibes.
  • Madara and Leo's relationship as detailed in Concerto comes off as this.
  • Madara is quick to slather compliments onto everyone he talks to, much to Kaoru's dismay.
  • Anzu and Suzu were best friends once when they studied together at Kimisaki, until Anzu was forced to transfer due to tragic circumstances. Anzu takes a liking to Mika, trying to befriend him and saying that his eyes are pretty....because he reminds her of Suzu. Meanwhile, in Ensemble Girls! Suzu quickly gets a liking to the Protagonist.....because he's Anzu's brother and he reminds her of Anzu. It's obvious that they miss each other dearly, but Anzu blames herself for the failed rebellion and her school and Suzu blames herself for not supporting Anzu enough duing that time.
  • Madara and Kuro's relationship as revealed in Revolutionary Live Which Heralds The Dawn is dripping with hoyay. Despite their claims that they aren't that close, and everyone else observing how close they seem, they're shown to have a really good relationship, with Kuro acting as the one who keeps Madara in check anytime he says anything out of line. Madara states that since the war, since they'd clashed several times back then, that he was always interested in him. They also have a deep mutual respect for one another, becoming Friendly Enemies of a sort by the end of the event story. Keito even becomes jealous when he finds out that Kuro is becoming so closer to Madara.
  • The January 2019 Theatre Club scout has this in shades: it begins with Hokuto asking Wataru to be his lover... though only as acting practice. Still, a crowd forms and when Mitsuru asks Tomoya what's going on, Tomoya says it's a love confession. Mitsuru is surprised since they're both boys, but says that Tomoya must feel complicated considering that he loves Hokuto, and encourages him to express his feelings quickly before it's too late! Tomoya clarifies that Hokuto's confession isn't real, but doesn't in any way contradict his other assumption, saying instead that he doesn't need to confess because he expresses his love for Hokuto every day.
    • It doesn't end there, either: later that day Hokuto asks to meet up with Tomoya and the latter wonders whether he means to practise giving a love confession with him, calling that a 'blissful development'! He's disappointed when that turns out not to be the case, but when Hokuto offers to pay for his lunch, remarks that it feels like something out of an old-fashioned date, even though he passes on it.
  • In Wisteria, Madara's costumes have Kanata and Souma dress up as a two historical figures who were married. Kanata apropos of nothing points this out, and Souma remarks that it would be 'an honour.' And this is not long after calling Kanata 'exquisitely beautiful' in this costume.
  • Wataru tends to act rather flirtatiously, in such a way making it deliberately ambiguous whether he's sincere, just playing out a role, or trying to mess with people. So the time in Quarrel Fest he swoons over Keito's performance and remarks that he might be falling for him (to which Keito reacts with usual disgust) is probably an example of the latter. But who can say?
  • Unexpectedly turns up between Hajime and Kaoru in Love Comedy - an article comes out revealing that Kaoru has been spotted getting close with a girl, but the girl in question was actually just Hajime. Said closeness involved Kaoru talking about some of his worries and Hajime comforting him by squeezing his hand tightly, which Kaoru said reminded him of his mother (and he's compared chasing after women to looking for a mother figure before). He enjoys it so much that later he easily asks Hajime if they can hold hands for a moment and Hajime happily agrees. Then on stage they get a bit close again and Nazuna reprimands them, with Rei commenting that he'd told Kaoru that he wasn't allowed to fool around with girls, but he hadn't said that boys were permitted, either!
  • There are two separate occasions where Keito and Kuro compare themselves to a married couple - in Quarrel Fes Kuro notices that as they watch over Souma and Anzu they feel like parents taking care of their kids, and Keito wonders aloud which of them is the mother and which the father; in a later case, Keito brings an interesting manga to Kuro who notes that by always coming to him when he finds something interesting Keito is acting like a wife, and Keito merely remarks that he doesn't see anything wrong with doing that.
  • Nagisa and Hiyori are extremely close, to the point that Nagisa says that he lives for Hiyori. In one flashback, Hiyori says he misses Nagisa because they're in different classes and Nagisa wonders whether that's why he feels so cold, because Hiyori is his sun. Hiyori excitedly motions for him to sit next to him and a moment later, Eichi asks bemusedly why the two are holding hands; Hiyori nonchalantly replies 'because we love each other?'
  • The Undead/Akatsuki Chocofes event has quite a bit of this. It starts with Souma calling Kuro out to give him haltingly give him chocolates, all framed like he'll be confessing, until it's revealed Souma just saw a convenience store sign telling him to give chocolates to those important to you. Later, when Adonis wonders about why girls have to give chocolates to boys on Valentine's, Souma points out that he gave Adonis chocolates, and Adonis asks him seriously what he intended by that, before Souma again explains that he just gave chocolate to all of his friends. And then there's everyone agreeing over Kaoru's 'male sexual appeal', from Keito saying that he excels in the area to Kuro even getting goosebumps after Kaoru strikes a gunshot pose... (Kaoru insists that goosebumps are okay, but Kuro better not feel his heart thumping faster because of him.)
  • Kaoru in general routinely talks at length about how he only cares about girls and has no interest in guys, to the point where it starts to sound like a Suspiciously Specific Denial and a cases of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?. One Madara line from the Chinese server even lampshades this, with him wondering whether Kaoru only says that because he's not honest with himself enough.
    • Souma in particular seems to confuse Kaoru's sensors - when they first meet he mistakes him for a beautiful girl and goes to hit on him, only to try and back out immediately once he realises he's a guy. And yet he still describes him as pretty on a number of different occasions, and in one scene while they're arguing he suddenly says out of the blue that if Souma were a girl he'd administer a "Shut Up" Kiss right then and there...
      Oh, geez. If you were a girl, I'd have said, "I'm going to shut that mouth which shouts abusive language", and given her a kiss~ You've got long hair and seem like a girl, but you're a guy, after all~ I don't swing that way.

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