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Dream has a lot of collab videos with his friend GeorgeNotFound which has led to some... questionable moments.

  • In general, the signature "Oh Dream~!" and "Oh George~!" phrases can sound quite suggestive.
  • Due to the way the plugin was coded in Minecraft, But We Can't Stop Flying... when Dream and George get into a boat they end up in an awkward and suggestive sitting position.
  • Dream lost the game of tag in Minecraft Ultimate Tag... and had to give George his mom's phone number. George allowed the comments to decide what he should text Dream's mom. The message ended up being "Hi this is your son's boyfriend"
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  • In Giving George $5,000 To Spend On Amazon he gave his friends Sapnap and Bad Boy Halo five hundred dollars but gave George ten times that amount.
  • In the Grand Finale:
    George: We're a happy family~!
    Bad: Yes! Very good, George!
    Sapnap: And Bad is thicc~!
    George: What?
  • After winning MCC 11, Dream and George kiss (in Minecraft). And taking things Up to Eleven, they later get Sapnap and Karl in on it.

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