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  • On the 4/7/15 episode, Ricky Gervais, Andy, and Conan engaged in an interview sandwich: Conan was lying on the floor, Ricky laid on top of Conan, facing him, and Andy was on top of Ricky.
  • Conan does not shy away from this trope. He often says "I love you, too" to guys in the audience who yell declarations of love to him. He's kissed (or licked) La Bamba all throughout his tour. He's stripped down to his undies and got into a bathtub with Ricky Gervais. He's simulated "tall people sex" with Stephen Merchant. He's kissed Stephen Colbert. He got a lapdance from Sacha Baron Cohen. It's usually the guest that comes on to Conan, probably because he's the one talk show host who's always willing to play along.
  • The official ship name for Conan and Andy is 'C Andy' and everyone's aware of it, from the Team Coco staff to Conan himself.
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  • Conan frequently jokes about Andy sending him dick pictures every morning.
  • Whenever a guest touches Andy, Conan gets angry, saying Andy belongs to him.
  • While celebrating 20 years of being on air:
    Conan: We've been on the air 20 years. Which, in legal terms, makes Andy and me "common law man and wife".
    Andy: But who is the man and who is the wife remain a mystery.
    Conan: (gritted teeth, smiling) It really isn't.
  • More than once, guests have turned to Andy to ask about what Conan looks like naked. Each time, Andy looks weirded out and says some variant of "Why are you asking me?!"
  • During an interview:
    Andy: (to interviewee) You need to kiss him before you let him have the job, and then be like, "Eh, we gotta check it out, see if we have chemistry". And then make out with him, then give him the job.
    Conan: Andy's basically telling you how he got this job. "That's how I run things around here. Sidekick, eh? Pucker up, pal!"
    Andy: I'm an excellent kisser!
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  • Conan has slowdanced with and kissed Andy. The two also frequently exchange suggestive glances and strongly imply that they've seen each other's penises.
    La Bamba: Conan and Andy, dancing man to man-dy / Cheek to cheek, it's oh so sweet / There's nothing wrong with two men dancing / I wouldn't be surprised if it leads to romancing / It is really true love, it's not superficial, they're gonna move to Vermont and make it official / They'll finally get married and adopt a baby, Andy's the man and Conan's the laaaaaaady!
    Conan: Why am I the lady?! (shrugs)...Alright, I'm the lady. (goes back to dancing)
  • Andy has called Conan "pretty" on more than one occasion. And occasionally during the show's opening, they blow kisses at each other.
  • Andy and Conan made joint-cameos in Tweedy's Low Key music video. They play a married couple.
  • And Conan once announced that he and Andy were getting married.
  • When Conan was wearing jeggings, Andy suggestively told him to pick up his jacket from the floor. Conan said "I'll pick it up, Andy!" and bent over. Cue fanservice-y close-up shots.
  • In a sketch that's supposed to expose Conan sexually harassing someone, Andy overhears Conan (seemingly) having extremely loud sex... With a guy. Andy listens for quite a while as Conan demands to be bent over for the other guy to "get in there". Andy then decides to burst into the room and... Demands that he join in. It's like a scene straight out of the beginning of a PWP.
  • He went out on a dinner date with his producer, Jordan Schlansky. And they also spent Valentine's Day together.
  • And he licks guys' faces at every opportunity.
  • When Craig Ferguson was a guest, he talked about how he and Conan "used to make out".
    • Jon Hamm also announced, right when his interview started, that he and Conan had "made out" backstage, right before the show. What is it about male guests and making out with Conan?!
  • Jeff Goldblum jokingly grabbed Conan's crotch during an interview. It went by so quickly that Conan didn't even have time to react; he could only look confused after.
    • When Conan showed Jeff his socks in one interview, Jeff seductively said, "Lovely." Conan replied back, "Oooh, (purrs)"
  • And then there's Joel McHale's idea of subtlety.
    • Not to mention when he made a cameo in one of the episodes to promote Community. He randomly gave Conan a vibrator before leaving.
  • Conan tries Grindr. 'Nuff said.
    • Even better is the Howard Stern interview he did which mentioned the incident.
    Howard Stern: How far did the hook-up go? I mean, Grindr's a hook-up app...
    Conan: I hooked up! I hooked up.
    Howard Stern: But you didn't blow the guy?
    Conan: I did!
    Howard Stern: Are we gonna see this on the show tonight?
    Conan: First off, I thought it wasn't gay if I blow him. So seventh time around, 'cause we did multiple takes... We just had to get it right.
  • Even TBS promotes the show using Conan/Andy.
  • Conan joins a "Magic Mike XXL" girl's night out.
    • He taunts his assistant, Sona, since he's friends with her movie crush Joe Manganiello. He insists that Joe's body doesn't look as perfect as it does in real life, with Sona protesting that he wouldn't know that. Cue the end, after the movie, Conan goes home and crawls into bed.
    Conan: You were really good in the movie, Joe.
    Joe: (wraps his arm around Conan) You were really good, too.
    Conan: I wasn't in the movie, Joe. (pause) ...Joe? (disappointedly) No sex tonight...
  • In one episode:
    Conan: (hisses)
    Andy: Woah, thank God I have this podium here!
    Conan: Why?
    Andy: So you can't see that I wet myself.
    Conan: Oh, I thought I'd excited you.
  • During an interview:
    Conan: Wasn't it [the first time filming a sex scene] a weird experience?
    Liz Caplan: Of course! Wasn't it for you, too? (gestures to Conan and Andy)
  • Conan starred in an animated crossover with Archer for a show skit:
    Conan: How do I get these guys off?
    Archer: Phrasing, Conan!
  • On the 8/17/15 episode, Conan and Patrick Stewart kissing on the lips, so as to recreate a photo of Stewart and Ian McKellen kissing at a red carpet event.
  • On the 8/30/16 episode with Steven Ho, Conan was practicing crotch attacks and asked Steven, "What happens if I drop down there, but then just get lost?" (stares lovingly at his male partner's crotch)
  • On the 11/17/16 episode, Conan tried out a virtual reality helmet. One of the scenarios had him at a gym with a male trainer. At the end of the segment, Conan asked the trainer, "If you're interested in having sex with me, blink once." After a pause, the trainer blinked.

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