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  • In the Nashville episode segment "Supermodel Surprise" one of the three main characters crossdresses as a tall, European model with long black hair, a gorgeous dress and black lipstick. The actor crossdressing actually does look surprisingly beautiful and more than passable. The crossdresser then goes to a straight bar where her two sidekicks sell up the idea that "she" is a beautiful European model who doesn't speak much English. Quickly an unsuspecting straight guy hits on the crossdresser. The obvious gag would be for the crossdresser to respond in a deep, baritone voice thus revealing "her" true gender. However, the comedian who is crossdressing "strictly for laughs" decides to do a more original comedy gag... he kisses the straight guy on the lips. Very passionately. And with tongue. And gropes him. And does so for an extended time. Not content to let a good "joke" go to waste the crossdresser insists on spends several hours for the rest of the episode passionately making out with the straight guy repeatedly, and mutually groping with him, while flirting with him and eagerly going on a long romantic date that lasts long into the day until the sun starts to set. We never see the reveal or the straight guy's reaction. Instead, after their last date and a -lengthy- goodbye kiss, the narrator of the episode makes a point of making fun of the straight guy for not realizing he'd actually been making out with a he all along.

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  • The final episode of Buzzkill was "The Buzzie Awards" where the cast gave themselves awards for their best episodes in a parody of the Oscars. It even featured handsome muscle-clad men in speedos with gold-paint to parody the actual Oscar Awards. The crossdresser makes another appearance where she teases the straight guy she seduced for not having called her. She then concludes by wrapping her arms around one of the "Oscar Awards" (again, basically a speedo-clad muscleman in gold-paint) and giving a very lengthy French kiss to the guy.

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