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Ho Yay / Batgirl (2011)

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  • There has been a bit of Ho Yay between Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) and Batgirl (Barbara and Stephanie Brown) throughout the years:
    • In Superman Family #171 Barbara saves Kara -who has temporarily lost her powers- from drowning. First thing she attempts? Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
    • During their third team-up in Detective Comics #508-510, Barbara falls off a building... and Supergirl shows up out of nowhere and catches her. Apparently she just happened to be in the neighborhood. And apparently she needed to carry her in her arms bridal style for some reason.
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    • Harley Queen thinks Supergirl and Barbara Gordon are too much obvious:
      Harley: Oh, Ivy can't hurt me. She gave me a special shot once so we can play and I won't get sick at all.
      Batgirl: You mean you two...?
      Harley: What?
      Batgirl: You and Ivy are... well... *crosses her index and middle fingers in that "I'm implying you're in a relationship" gesture* friends...
      Harley: Yeah...?
      Batgirl: Y'know... friends... like...
      Harley: Like what everybody says about you and Supergirl?
      Batgirl: What?! Who says...? Forget it! Forget it!
  • In Batgirl (2009), when one of Barbara Gordon's male students sends a text message to Jen, the girl siting next to him in class, commenting that Barbara is hot, Jen clutches her phone to her chest and says "Yeah, she is."
  • In that same book, after Wendy Harris begins to assist Oracle and Batgirl as Proxy, she begins to hallucinate seeing her dead brother Marvin, who tries to coach her through her physical and mental recuperation. Both Wendy and "Marvin" are pretty clear that this is a manifestation of Wendy's subconcious, not some sort of ghost or hologram, so when Marvin comments on how hot Barbara is Wendy can not help but wonder at what that says about herself and her mind.
  • After Oracle formed the Girl Power team Birds of Prey, she and Black Canary built up something that can only be called a long-distance lesbian relationship. At one point when Oracle was dating Nightwing, he was showering at her place, and Black Canary assumed it was her showering. So, of course, she saw no problem at all with barging in on her.
    • It helps that the definitive writer of the series, Gail Simone, encourages fans to write femme-Slash Fic about them.
      • And some femme-Slash Fic about Huntress and Black Canary and Slash Fic about Huntress and Oracle.
    • It wasn't just Gail Simone who did it. Chuck Dixon, the series' original writer, could pack quite a bit of this trope into the two characters even before they met face to face. The letter columns were filled with fan theories that this was Canary rebounding after her relationship with Green Arrow. Printing images like this (when they actually met for the first time) helped.
    • It wasn't just between Oracle and Canary: when Spy Smasher, a.k.a. Katarina Armstrong, showed up as an antagonist to the Birds, it turned out that she and Barbara had history. It does help explain the bitterness between Oracle and Spy Smasher in the present if they were once lovers who went through a bad breakup.
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    • As a callback to their considerable Les Yay in Birds of Prey, in issue 7 Barbara visits Black Canary in the middle of the night... to spar. As in, fight hand to hand. Lampshaded by Simone:
      Just because Babs snuck into Dinah's bed at night for some action doesn't mean…. Wait. I might have phrased that wrong.


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