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For Ho Yay moments in the BU storyline, see here.

With this many handsome boys who love teasing each other, you can probably find Ho Yay moments between any of them if you look. Here are some of the more stand out ones.


    RM and Jin 
  • During Bon Voyage Season 2 Namjoon suddenly stood up upon hearing a wedding ceremony announcement. Seokjin asked him why and he amswered. Then Seokjin stood up together with Namjoon.
  • They always flirt in public. This is one minor example.
  • On April's Fool Day, Jimin, of all pairings, pick this as a prank and tell Armys that Namjoon and Seokjin have been dating for a year already.

    RM and J-Hope 
  • In this video Hoseok have to trick one of the members to say "let's get married" to him. He tried to trick Jungkook, Suga and V. Only to have Namjoon to interrupt and get the correct sentence.
    • Right afterwards Namjoon has to get one member to feed each other. He picked Hoseok.

    Suga and J-Hope 
  • They have their own theme song!
  • This moment in Run episode 12.
  • Yoongi is regarded as the dad of the group because he can fix a variety of things. Hoseok said somehow the members think he takes up the mother role but he doesn't know why.
  • At a fansign event, a fan asked Suga to choose one out of a list of his important things: studio, piano, Kumamon, bed, basketball, lamb skewers and J-Hope. Suga picks J-Hope.
  • Also at a fansign, a fan asked Hoseok about Yoongi and Hoseok's relationship. Hoseok said "Yoongi is mine" in Japanese.
    • The fan replied "No he's mine~". Hoseok jokingly pretended to hit her before writing "Yoongi is a hyung (elder male) who treasures me".
  • During an interview of Sope (the unit name for Suga and J-Hope), they are asked to answer about their relationship.
    Yoongi: J-Hope is my charger.
    Hoseok: Suga hyung is...
    Yoongi: Just reply that I am your cleaner.
    Hoseok: My everything!
  • This pretty much explain the whole thing.
  • When Suga was tired one day, he asked people to bring J-Hope to him to get him energized again.
  • Suga and J-Hope are the only ones who didn't win food at a Run BTS competition. When Jimin still brings them a dish that J-Hope clearly wants, Suga says he'll be full just watching J-Hope eat and lets him have it.

    Jimin and V 
  • Their friendship started when they were in high school after Jimin transferred from his previous school to V's after he was accepted as a trainee.
    • When Jimin distanced himself from other schoolmates because of his Busan accent, Taehyung walked to the others and angrily asked why they ignored his friend. Since then, they have become very close.
  • They are considered to be the closest pair, according to the other members and are dubbed the 95s, for having both been born on the year 1995.
  • 4 O' Clock is a song written by V (and RM) about those times that V waited for Jimin at parks at four o clock in the morning.
  • J-Hope casually mentions that V found his soulmate, Jimin during one of the episodes on RUN BTS.
    • Both V and Jimin confirmed that they do consider each other as their soulmate.
  • V clinging onto Jimin (and vice versa) the whole time.
  • V and Jimin have a pair of matching necklaces with a garnet pendant.
  • V and Jimin go to a comic cafe, lie in one of the booths and cuddle before falling asleep together.
    • They later share a meal together at the same cafe.
  • During the Summer Package 2017 in the Philippines, Jimin bought a dreamcatcher necklace with his prize money but not for himself but to apologize for apparently kicking V out of his room after the latter had come to sleep with him after a nightmare.
    • According to V, Jimin actually didn't kick him out from his room but just forgot that he allowed V to sleep in his room because he was so sleepy.
  • During the Wings Tour in Nagoya, Jimin launches himself to hug/glomp V.
  • When asked about travel plans, Jimin admits that he plans to take a trip to Japan with V. In turn, V says that if he was ever going to travel with anyone, he'd probably go with Jimin.
  • V and Jimin exploring Malta includes:
    • Before V even arrived in Malta, Jimin messaged him from there and V commented that Jimin is "such a cutie".
    • Jimin and V holding hands at the table after V finally arrives in Malta. Actually, just them constantly holding hands in Malta.
    • V and Jimin throwing coins at Triton Fountain.
    • V was nervous about performing in front of a crowd at a cafe but Jimin keeps on encouraging him to go do it and was congratulating V on an amazing performance.
    • The two of them having dinner together and take pictures of each other.
  • This exchange about V exposing his back in the Blood, Sweat and Tears music video:
    V: I'm not a person who works out but they told me to expose my upper half first so I was worried-
    Jimin: Everyone, what you have you look forward to is not his back.
    (Jimin looks down at V's lower half with a suggestive look)
  • Jimin is almost always the first one to comfort V whenever the latter is down.
  • During one of the Bon Voyage episodes, V writes a letter to Jimin as part of a task. In the letter, he states that Jimin has always been there for him, since they were trainees all the way up until now and he considers Jimin to be his dearest friend, that they should walk on a road to happiness and that he loved him. V was so emotional that by the end of it, he burst into tears.
    • Jimin thoroughly appreciated the letter and assured him that the feeling was entirely mutual, all the while trying to hold back his own tears.
  • V takes off Jimin's face mask after the latter falls asleep while waiting for his turn in the bathroom during one of the Bon Voyage episodes.
  • This iconic tweet of them holding hands. The quote means: "Let’s keep going on (for a long time)... You’re the only one V."
  • After Jimin was asked as to what Kim Taehyung (V) was to him, he answered, "He's mine."
  • V and Jimin holding hands as they take a dip in a really cold lake during Bon Voyage to wish for BTS' success and to promise each other that their friendship lasts forever.
  • V falls asleep during filming and Jimin sings Serendipity while trying to put a calico cat plushie somewhere on V' as he falls asleep.
  • In the PeopleTV interview, Taehyung agreed with RM that Jimin was the most romantic in the group because V mentioned that Jimin wrote a letter to him on his birthday with the words 'I Love You'. RM did not even want to translate that.
  • The ISAC 2017 was chock-full of moments, ranging from them singing and dancing together to V spanking Jimin... for throwing his water bottle while V was trying to do the bottle flip challenge.
  • The BOG SOCK X BTS ad where V rides a bike, circling around Jimin. The way they look at each other and the way they act makes the whole ad seem very romantic.
    V: You know why I'm going around in circles? It's because... the earth is round.
    Jimin: You're really strange, but that's why I like you.
  • During a fansign, Jimin starts feeding V some of his food while a fan is trying to get something signed. In another instance at another fansign, Jimin feeds V some mochi he got from a fan.
  • During the filming of the Run MV, Jimin rode on V's back while they were goofing off between takes. They also exchanged jackets briefly, as V mentioned he doesn't like pink and swapped it for Jimin's teal one.
  • V bought Jimin a very expensive Gucci sweater, worth 1.1k dollars, for his birthday.
  • During the filming for Save Me, Jimin carries V on his back while he, Van, and Jin were being interviewed. Afterwards, Jimin carried V as they head off to go eat.
  • Jimin admits that V is very precious to him and considers him more than a close friend. He says that he wants to still be together even when they're grandfathers.
  • During the KBS Gayo Daechukje 2018, V and Jimin were seen dancing together in a rather close way, reminiscent of couples club dancing.
  • During the 57th episode of RUN BTS, Jimin and V get paired together to cook Italian food. Their closeness shines through as they constantly hold hands, especially when Jimin felt nervous about cooking.

    Jimin and Jungkook 
  • Jungkook editing a whole video of Jimin.
  • They have matching rings.
  • Jungkook has confirmed that Jimin is the member who comes over to his room the most.
  • Priests Suga and Jimin's responses to the members confessions are making them do push ups or giving them the middle finger. How does Jungkook get forgiveness? Priest Jimin wants a hug.
  • Jimin said the person he wanted to travel with is Jungkook because he protects him.
  • When asked what his desire is, Jungkook points at Jimin. He then tells the camera "I believe you know what."
  • Spotting V sitting next to Jimin, Jungkook kicked a ball at V. When V got up, Jungkook sat down at the same place.
  • After Jungkook collapsed backstage at a concert, Jimin is the one who sits with him as he's being tended to.
  • Jimin has said that Jungkook helps him when he's stressed. Jungkook said that Jimin helps him when he's tired.
  • When Jungkook fell asleep on the coach, Jimin covered him with a blanket and stayed sitting next to him.
  • Answering what he wants for his birthday, Jimin says Jungkook.
  • At a Run BTS episode, Jungkook has not won any food. Jimin gives him one of his prizes because Jungkook is cute.
  • When asked what Jimin is to him online, Jungkook answers 'honey' with a heart.
  • Jungkook likes massaging Jimin a lot. Jimin likes to be massaged a lot. This to the extent that he immediately notices Jungkook isn't massaging him anymore, when J-Hope takes over as a joke.
  • Late at night in a hotel, Jungkook sings in front of the camera. Jimin comes to complain, which makes Jungkook sing even more. His stated purpose? Make Jimin visit again. When Jimin does, Jungkook is clearly happy about it. When someone else comes in, however, he asks in an annoyed tone if everyone is coming. As a bonus, Jungkook and Jimin start staring at each other until V tells them to shut the camera off.
  • Jungkook paid for and arranged a trip for the both of them to Japan, even though he is known for not liking sightseeing.
  • Jungkook spent a good deal of time filming Jimin and setting it to music.
  • Though he's usually competitive and the first to retaliate when members are joking around, Jungkook lets Jimin eat from his plate without stopping him. Even Jimin looks surprised at that.
  • Jimin, in turn, also got Jungkook a special dish at another dinner. While feeding it to him, he keeps his face close, watching him eat and smiles.
  • They often feed each other in general, sometimes even at the same time.
  • Jimin said they have many pictures of each other since they stick together so often.
  • Jimin often wears Jungkook's clothes, even though Jungkook has said in the past that he doesn't like sharing clothes. They even wore the same bracelet. They have also shared a scarf, at the same time.
  • Jungkook often imitates Jimin, which always makes him laugh.
  • Someone tweeted "if you're dating Jungkook, pls wear glasses on your next official selca". Jimin did. Coincidence? Or not.
  • Jungkook has called Jimin 'dangshin' and 'aegiya', which are terms of endearment and are not something that friends would call each other. It is even more unlikely that a younger friend would call an older that. Notably, this wasn't treated as a joke and none of the other members present acted as if it was something unusual.
  • On a Japanese TV-show, Jungkook was asked what he liked about Jimin. He said 'shamelessness'. When Jimin asked if that was why Jungkook liked him even more now, Jungkook froze for a second and then nodded.
  • They posted a clip together wearing matching outfits on Valentine's Day.
  • When asked if he has some desire, Jungkook first points forward and then at Jimin, who started giggling.
  • The MMA thing can be described, or you can just enjoy this video.
  • During a photoshoot, Jungkook is also filming Jimin for some reason. He says that Jimin has a sexy expression. Then he also says he wants Jimin, three times.
  • When filming in a shop, Jimin put his arm around Jungkook and kissed him in the neck.
  • Jungkook asked Jimin if he could smell something burning. They both started sniffing and Jimin said he couldn't smell anything. Jungkook then explained that his heart is burning.
  • Posing in an outfit that Jungkook isn't sure about, Jimin says he looks good. Jungkook started smiling and they hold hands.
  • Jungkook said that Jimin is very nice, that he is the most charming guy in the team and that his eyes are so pretty when he smiles.
  • There are many times when they stare at each other during videos. At one time, Jungkook kept looking in Jimin's direction after he walked by. Only after his name is being called twice, he looks up.
  • They often hug. At one show, Jimin keeps trying to hug Jungkook, who backs away, but then turns Jimin around to hug him from behind.
  • When in Saipan, all the members had cameras waiting for them in their hotel rooms to film the moment they entered. Jimin was the only one who didn't enter his own room, as he was accompanying Jungkook to his. He shows a moment of shock when he sees the camera but then starts admiring Jungkook's room.
  • They have the same camera, only Jungkook's is black and Jimin's is white. Does that remind you of anything?
  • When all members piled up on top of each other and Jimin was the one at the bottom, Jungkook spread himself over him and strained his arms, so he would carry most of their weight instead of Jimin.
  • Jungkook planned to prank Jimin by hiding his phone, but the moment Jimin came walking up, he held the phone in the air, so Jimin didn't have to worry.
  • The BTS members shared a bottle of water at a show, but when Jungkook realizes Jimin has't had any, he demands the bottle and hands it over to him.
  • Jungkook often puts his hand on Jimin's back when they get up or off a stage.
  • When they play a game in the sauna and Jimin remains stuck in there as he keeps losing, Jungkook repeats how he should have let Jimin win so he could leave.
  • Jimin has talked about how they both like to sleep late and he tends to go to Jungkook's room. Whenever Jungkook falls asleep with the light on, he turns it off, and when he falls asleep without having showered, he wakes him up for it. They also wake each other up in the morning.
  • If Jimin had a day off, he would most want to spend it on a date with Jungkook, holding hands. After being pushed away by RM, Jimin returned, hugged Jungkook and asked him to live happily together with him.
  • During the encore performance of "Mikrokosmos" at their stadium tour's Rose Bowl concert, Jimin started to cry, leading Jungkook to hug him and comfort him, telling him not to cry.


     Suga and Jimin 
  • Jimin has to kiss someone as punishment for losing at jenga, and everyone immediately declares it should be Suga.
    Suga: What's the punishment...kiss—no.
    Rap Monster: *immediately* Suga-hyung!!! Suga-hyung!
    Jin: Suga, congratulations.
    Jimin: Suga-hyung, would you like to kiss with me?

    Jin and V 

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