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Ho Yay / Angel Sanctuary

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Ho Yay Basic Trope: Two same-sex characters, often canonically heterosexual, are shipped by the fans after one tiny hint of Homoerotic Subtext.

  • Rosiel and Katan: Ho Yay -Averted. Word of giddy and embarrassed God note  says they had a tryst. Word of everyone in the series is Katan's obsessed with Rosiel, and Word of Literal God says Katan is the one Rosiel loves more than anything. Their relationship tropes are in the character subpages.
  • Some fans wonder about why Katou was so obsessed with Kira until the very end...
    • Lampshaded in one of the Afterword sidebars. Apparently, one of Kaori Yuki's assistants admitted to her that she was convinced Katou was gay. Yuki emphatically told her she was right. She DOES, however, admit that the question never came up in-story, so she might have just been Trolling.
  • Kira and Setsuna are slashy enough, both being beautiful and being close friends, but as the plot develops Kira's feelings for Setsuna are revealed.