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Given the abundance of examples that involve character deaths, spoilers will be unmarked. Be cautioned.

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  • Building a cobblestone bridge to the Nether Fortress is a Running Gag in the series:
    • Seasons 1 and 2 both play out very similar when the gang reaches the Nether for the first time. The portal drops them off dangerously close to a massive chasm, beyond which they spot a fortress. What follows is a tense several minutes where they slowly build a cobblestone bridge from their portal to the fortress on the other side.
    • Although they end up not needing a bridge in Season 3, they discuss maintaining the tradition prior to entering the Nether, to the point that McJones is disappointed to find out they won't need one this time around. They talk about building a bridge in Season 4 too, but again end up not needing it. Similar to the first two seasons though, the portal still spawns them conveniently close to a fortress and spares them from having to go on a long search for one.
    • They finally get another chance to build a cobblestone bridge in Season 5. In fact, they get to do it twice. The first fortress they find doesn't have the Netherwart they need, forcing them to go on a lengthy search for another one. When they reach the second fortress, they even build their bridge over massive chasm of lava, similar to the first two seasons.
    • Season 6 outshines them all by taking both situations Up to Eleven, all in one trip! When PBG first enters the portal, he disconnects, and upon logging back in, he is inexplicably booted to an undefined area in the Nether, which was thankfully a short walk away from a Nether Fortress. When the others manage to properly enter the portal and start from its actual position, they find that the portal is suspended in midair over lava, without a single land formation connecting to it, but was also luckily within eyesight of the same fortress, allowing them to build their own bridge. Speaking of the bridge, they neglected a necessary addition this time around: since they were building it off of the portal and not a landmass, they needed a backside to catch them when they ran back, the lack of which led to Dodger and PBG's deaths.
  • Speaking of the Nether, there's an ongoing tradition where the first Nether visit turns out okay, but the second trip is what screws them over.
    • Season 1 averts this by not having a second visit.
    • In Season 2, however, tragedy strikes after the remaining group members enter the Nether a second time and all end up dying there.
    • In Season 3, after Jared enters the portal briefly to ensure the location is safe, the remainder of the group enters it later, and everyone again ends up dying there.
    • In Season 4, the group realizes after their first visit that they forgot to get Soul Sand. Thus, the group makes a second trip to the Nether, where Barry and Caddy die, and the rest of the group are very nearly killed in combat with Pigmen. This is doubly ironic as they had just mentioned this happening in Season 2.
    • Season 5 also has no second trip, but still fits in with the motif anyways, as the group had to find a second Nether Fortress after the first one turned out to be a dud. Their failure to find Nether Wart in the first fortress leads to Dean's fiery demise. The rest of them then head out to find another fortress. This extra excursion results in McJones and Ray dying, leaving PBG and SpaceHamster as the final survivors.
    • Season 6 prematurely began the tragedy as well, but through a glitch, the first trip put the party in two different positions. PBG entered the portal first but inexplicably disconnected and ended up in an unknown, yet mostly safe area in the Nether (presumably relative to their original spawn point on the surface). The rest of the group ends up in the second position at the actual portal, over a sea of lava. Once PBG is able to reconvene with the others near the portal, he accidentally hits a Pigman, leading to his death, Dodger's second death, and the near death of everyone else: Jeff with the Pigmen in the Nether, Dean with the Baby Pigman that went through the portal, and Jared with a stray Witch on the surface. Inverted with the second trip proper, where the remaining members find the three Wither Skulls they need, all without a single death.
    • Season 7 finally manages to break the tradition completely, featuring not two but three different Nether trips. The first trip has the group embarking on their search for Blazes to farm for Blaze Rods, one of the ingredients in creating Eyes of Ender. Later on, the group (minus PBG) re-enters the Nether to pick up some Soul Sand to grow their Nether Wart on, the latter of which is used for potion-brewing. Later still, Jeff makes a third trip by himself to collect some Glowstone, again for potion-brewing. In all three cases, nothing bad happens whatsoever.
  • The group has had frequent run-ins with Zombie Pigmen:
    • In Season 1, PBG accidentally shoots one while aiming for a Ghast, causing McJones to get attacked by a Zombie Pigmen, although thankfully it does not lead to any casualties.
    • The group is less lucky in Season 2. After a long and drawn-out search for Wither skulls, the group starts killing Zombie Pigmen on purpose to influence the spawn rates of Wither Skeletons. Alas, the Pigmen have their revenge, and it ends with a Total Party Kill in the Nether, all at the hands of the Pigmen.
    • In Season 4, McJones accidentally hits a Pigman, causing hordes to come after the group. Later, Barry is abruptly ambushed and killed by a baby Pigman after killing two Wither Skeletons, forcing Dean and Caddy to flee. Later still, Caddy accidentally punches a Pigman himself and perishes, and the rest are forced to escape the Nether outright.
    • In Season 5, a baby Pigman attacks the group while they're holed up in a makeshift base. Having to defend themselves, the group is forced to fight an army of Pigmen afterwards. Notably, however, virtually everything in the Nether except the Pigmen score kills on the group this time: lava, Blazes, and Wither Skeletons.
    • In Season 6, seconds after meeting back up with the group, PBG reflexively attacks a Pigman close to the portal and forces everyone to retreat through the bridge. However, they realized too late that they had forgotten to place railings on the back, causing the Pigmen to chase Dodger and knock PBG back into the lava below, killing them both. Additionally, Jeff was bodyblocked by the horde as they chased PBG and prevented him from getting onto the thin bridge, forcing him to hide out in a nearby crevasse away from the Pigmen for a while. Later, while trying to bait out Wither Skeletons on the rooftops, a Pigman is caught in the crossfire of a Skeleton, forcing another retreat.
    • Season 3 manages to avoid this. But even there, Smooth speculates at one point on whether the numerous Zombie Pigmen are keeping the Wither Skeletons from spawning, suggesting that he may been considering killing the Pigmen to try and get more Wither Skeletons to appear. Season 7 also manages to avoid this, finally giving the group a reprieve after three disastrous Nether trips in a row.
  • On that note, in Seasons 2 and 4, every death in the Nether is exclusively caused by Zombie Pigmen, while in Seasons 3 and 5, they are first caused by lava from mined Netherrack, and then a combination of Wither Skeletons and Blazes.
  • In addition, in seasons where a Pigman kills a party member and the attack was triggered by the party instead of another enemy, the person who originally attacked them has been among their victims.
    • In Season 2, this is taken Up to Eleven, where the entire party deliberately starts slaughtering Pigmen and becomes the victim of a Total Party Kill at their hands.
    • In Season 4, Caddicarus panics and attacks a Pigman out of reflex, resulting in his death.
    • In Season 6, while the cause of death is technically lava, PBG hits a Pigman while fighting a Blaze, and the ensuing chase ends with him being knocked out of the back of the Nether Portal by a baby Pigman, resulting in him (and, indirectly, Dodger) falling into the sea of lava beneath it.
  • Interestingly, in terms of deaths, Season 3 repeats many such instances from Season 2. To explain:
    • Dean is the first to die, perishing right outside the base in Episode 5.
    • Jared is the third to die, perishing due to a Creeper close to the base three episodes after the halfway point of the season.
    • PBG is the fifth to die, perishing in the Nether in the second-to-last episode of the season.
    • The causes of death in the overworld are comprised of a Skeleton, a lone Creeper, and a gang of spiders and Creepers.
    • PBG and McJones die back-to-back in the Nether, and the Nether (specifically inside the Nether Fortress) is where the series ends due to a Total Party Kill and a failure to spawn the Wither.
    • We even have Smooth's aforementioned speculation on whether the Zombie Pigmen are keeping the Wither Skeletons from spawning, and while they don't act on it this time around, it is reminiscent of the group's decision in the previous season to kill Zombie Pigmen to try and get more Wither Skeletons to appear.
  • In Seasons 3 and 5, the circumstances surrounding Jared's death are quite similar. In both cases, he gets attacked by an enemy out of nowhere, which causes him to be killed by something else (Falling Damage in the former, lava in the latter). We then get a Repeat Cut of the event from PBG's perspective as he watches helplessly. Even better is that, both times, Jared's death happens on Episode 9.
  • The Minecraft seasons have had a penchant for Nintendo and Disney characters:
    • Season 1 had Link and Shy Guy from Nintendo and Donald Duck from Disney, the latter two of whom won the season.
    • Season 2 had Yoshi and Marth from Nintendo and Kermit the Frog from Disney, the latter of whom was the Sole Survivor.
    • Season 3 had Luigi and Waluigi from Nintendo, both of whom die in the Nether, leaving Smooth McGroove as the Sole Survivor (who has covered various Nintendo franchises in his works).
    • MineZ #1 had Jar Jar Binks and Beaker from Disney, both of whom were present in the final battle with the Giant.
    • Season 4 had the "Fuzzy Pickles" guy from Nintendo, who was the first to die.
    • Season 5 had Miror B. from Nintendo and The Genie from Disney, the latter of whom was the Sole Survivor.
    • MineZ #2 had Tingle from Nintendo and Elmo from Disney, both of whom were present in the final trip to the Floating Islands.
    • Which is finally COMPLETELY averted with Season 6, where no characters are from Disney nor Nintendo.
    • Restarted with Season 7 with Toad from Nintendo and Mike Wazowski from Disney.
  • Minecraft #1 and Minecraft #6 share an uncanny amount of similarites:
    • Both Seasons 1 and 6 feature The Smart Guy burning to death in lava in just the second episode.
    • They both also are the two seasons of Minecraft that are the first and only defeats of a boss that is required in multiple seasons to achieve the goalnote  (#1 and #5 had the Ender Dragon as their requirement, #5 ended in failure. #2, #3, and #6 has the Wither as the required boss, with #2 and #3 ending in failure.)
    • PBG got himself killed in both seasons by attacking a normally passive mob that ultimately overwhelms him in his panic. This results in him being the third person dead (Technically, in the case of Minecraft #6, Dodger was the third to die, however PBG was third person to die).
    • The first person to die died due to a factor they didn't forsee. Jirard had to leave because the first day of recording was on his birthday in #1 and McJones was tricked by an optical illusion into believing he was moving onto solid ground instead of a hole with lava in it
    • The second person to die (permanently) was killed by lava (Soah in #1 and Dodger (#2) in #6).
    • The second death was due to a common cause of death when the player least expected it. Soah was killed by lava while mining a vein of coal in front of him in #1 and Dodger was killed by a creeper sneaking up on her in #6.
    • The third death was the result of the person panicking and making a very critical error during combat. PBG accidentally switched from his sword to his bow while swinging at the enderman than ends up killing him in #1 and Dodger's second death in #6 was because she didn't realize the Nether portal doesn't teleport people instantly and, in the panic caused of the oncoming Zombie Pigmen, ran through the portal and off the ledge.
    • The fourth death was one of the Hargrave brothers because they were knocked off an obsidian platform to their death by a mob. McJones was pushed off by the Ender Dragon into the void in #1 and PBG was knocked off by a baby Zombie Pigman into lava in #6.
    • The last person to die was killed by a common mob due to their focus being more on the boss of the season. Dean was killed by an enderman after he was trying to recover from being charged at by the Ender Dragon in #1 and Jared was killed by a zombie after being forced to only block because the Wither was targeting him without reprieve.
    • The people that make it to the boss are two of the mainstays, one of which is Dean, a guest that appears in many of the hardcore seasons, and one of the other guests. The boss is fought in the 17th episode.
    • The surviving party members in both seasons include the quieter member of the boss party, Barry and Chad, and the goofball that's prone to shouting, Jon and Jeff and Dean (Jon's tendencies split between both Jeff and Dean).
  • Each successful Minecraft season had four players alive at the start of the final boss fight, one of them being Dean.
    • Season 1 had McJones, Dean, Jon, and Barry fighting the Ender Dragon.
    • Season 4 had PBG, Jeff, McJones, and Dean fighting the Elder Guardians.
    • Season 6 had Jared, Chad, Dean, and Jeff fighting the Wither.
  • In addition to the previous point, every time Dean specifically makes it past the Nether visit(s), the team continues on pull out a victory. Season 2 and 3, Dean didn't live long enough to even see the Nether, and Season 5, Dean died in the Nether, and all three of those seasons ended in failure.
  • The order of every cast member death in Minecraft #7 is almost identical to Minecraft #5; Barry (first), Jared (second), Dean (third), Ray (fifth), PBG (sixth), and Jeff (seventh) all died in the same order. The only cast change from Minecraft #5 to Minecraft #7 is that we have Yungtown instead of McJones in the latter, and just like McJones he ends up being the fourth to die, leaving PBG and Jeff as the final two survivors. They even lampshade it after Ray's death, give a full montage of the relevant deaths after PBG dies, and PBG left a pinned YouTube comment in 7's finale saying, "Thanks for watching our remake of Minecraft HC Season #5."
    (after Ray dies)
    PBG: Not again. It's just you and me again.
    Jeff: Oh my god, it's like a repeat! I don't like this at all!
  • Not only are they in the same order, but all of the deaths in Minecraft #7 happen under similar circumstances as they did in #5:
    • Barry died due to getting cornered by mobs in a cave and panicked too much to find a way out.
    • Jared died from briefly separating from the group and getting surprised (by a spider in 5, by the zombie horde in 7).
    • Dean died while searching for important materials (nether wart in 5, ender pearls in 7) in a situation that, had the group not split up, could have been avoided.
    • Luke and McJones died due to being overwhelmed by monsters while still hunting for important materials after Dean's death.
    • Ray died due to not paying enough attention (to his food and health in 5, to the ground in 7) while he thought he was relatively safe.
    • PBG dies in one hit from a creeper sneaking up behind him.
    • Jeff dies while attempting to destroy a caged End Crystal due to the Ender Dragon attacking.
  • In Minecraft #7 Ray dies in an almost identical way to McJones from #6, thinking there was solid ground underneath him when a hole led straight to lava.

  • The first two seasons have very interesting commonalities pertaining to deaths:
    • One of the first two casualties ended up being Barry, both times dying while fighting flying enemies at night with Jeff. Jeff lampshades this in Season 2.
    "Barry, this is how it happened last time; we were together."
    *after Barry dies* "Not again! How is this happening again?!"
    • The other of the first two to go was the quieter, more subdued guest in each season, being Paul in Terraria #1 and Satch in Terraria #2.
    • Dean was the third to die, due to the actions of one of the Hargrave brothers.
    • Said brother followed fourth, courtesy of a boulder.
    • Jon (er, I mean Jon) was fifth.
    • Jeff was sixth, dying on/within a structure the group built.
    • And the other Hargrave brother was the very last to die, falling to a boss on critically low HP.
  • Season 3 strayed away from the pattern of the first two, but began to resemble Minecraft #1 in the process:
    • In both seasons, the first casualty was the more subdued, mostly Out of Focus guest of the season compared to the others, being The Completionist and ProtonJon, both of whom were eliminated while down in the mines.
    • The second was the second most skilled behind McJones, being Soah and Jeff, both of whom died while experimenting on their own and making fairly preventable mistakes in situations of relatively little danger.
    • The third was PBG, who died in a very preventable and clumsy way despite the constant warnings of the group against just that.
    • Dean, the wackier member of the group (Jon/Lucah), and the calmer member (Barry/Luke) are eliminated sequentially, Dean by taking fatal damage from behind while distracted with enemies and the others after returning to the surface to celebrate the completion of their goal.
    • The only one not to follow the pattern is McJones, who instead dies last, like in Terraria #2. However, he does die while floating, and his death was caused by something he had no way of defending themselves from.
  • In all three seasons of Terraria, at least one person dies to a boulder trap. Dean and McJones in the first season, PBG in the second, and ProtonJon in the third.
  • In both Season 2 and 3, the final three survivors included McJones and the person in the party with the least amount of experience in Terraria - being ProtonJon in #2 and Lucahjin in #3, eventually culminating in McJones being the last.
  • A rare one that applies in more ways than one: the deaths of Lucah, Luke, and McJones in Season 3 reflect not only the order of the last three deaths of Season 2, but also the first three deaths within the season.
    • Lucah, Jon's real life partner and the New Meat of the group, is the first one to die, just like how Jon was one of the three finalists of Season 2 despite being New Meat himself, as well as the first to die in this season.
    • Luke, who proclaims himself to be responsible for Jeff's death, is the second one to die, in a manner similar to how Jeff normally meets his end: by getting himself cornered in a cramped position during the final episode of the season, also mirroring Jeff's own death in the same season when he tried to utilize a beneficial asset within the safety of his own home and got killed because of it.
    • And McJones is the final death of the season, just like how his own brother, PBG, was the final death of Season 1 to the nearly-dead Eye of Cthulhu and he himself of Season 2 to the nearly-dead Wall of Flesh, with PBG being the third one to die in Season 3.

  • PBG's deaths in DayZ and MineZ #1 are remarkably similar. In both cases, he was spooked by an oncoming zombie, panicked and ran off a ledge, and died from the fall damage.
    • His death in MineZ #2 cut out the middleman, however - he was entirely unaware of a zombie that spawned behind him, which knocked him off itself and sent him plummeting into the void below.
  • The final survivors of DayZ and MineZ #2 are Jared and a guest who has appeared only twice, with Jared outliving the guest by a little bit.
  • In both MineZ #1 and #2, the last 3 deaths shown in the finale are Jeff, who dies and prompts the other two to kill his zombie and linger over his items, Ian, who dies and sends the final member of the party into a panic, fighting his zombie and barely killing it before a zombie lands a fatal hit (size may vary).
  • All of these seasons have consistently set the record for highest number of deaths in a single episode, with 3 in DayZ, 4 in MineZ #1, and 5 in MineZ #2. On a completely unrelated note, before Minecraft #6, these three seasons were also the only seasons to have McJones die first or second.
  • The first two (chronological) deaths in both MineZ seasons are Dean and McJones.

    Other/General Examples 
  • Jared's first four deaths in the series have all been from or as a result of explosions: once by a grenade, twice by Creepers, and once by an exploding Zombie Pigman. The streak was finally broken with Minecraft #5, where he was instead pushed into lava by a spider.
    • If explosions aren't involved, then stray knockback probably is: knocking him into the ground in Minecraft #3, lava in Minecraft #5, and the Void in MineZ #2. His death in Minecraft #7 could also count, as the knockback he suffered from a sword-wielding zombie trapped him in a corner of the group's house with half a heart, leaving him helpless against the rest of the horde.
    • Other than MineZ #2, Minecraft #6, and Minecraft #7, all of his deaths involve some kind of combustion - either spontaneous (i.e. explosions) or just plain lava. The knock back in Minecraft #3 was caused by a creeper exploding.
    • If Jared is not killed by an explosion, someone else dies to an explosion instead; PBG dying to a creeper in Minecraft #5, Jeff dying to an exploding Zombie Pigman in MineZ #2, Dodger (#1) dying to a creeper in Minecraft #6, and PBG dying to a creeper once again in Minecraft #7. Coincidentally, no explosion related deaths have occurred in the seasons that Jared has not participated in.
    • Jared also has a tendency of getting killed in an attempt to save other members of the party during combat. He took a Creeper explosion for PBG in Minecraft #2, took the brunt of the Wither's attack for almost the entirety of the final battle in Minecraft #6, and was torn apart by a Zombie horde while trying to help Ray in Minecraft #7. Lampshaded in his Bio for Minecraft #7, where it's mentioned that he "hopes to die selfishly for once".
  • In almost every seasonnote , PBG's death occurs back-to-back with at least one of the other regulars', being Dean, McJones, Jeff, and/or Jared. We see this happen with Dean in Diablo II and Terraria #2 and #3; McJones in Minecraft #1, #2, and #3, DayZ, and Diablo II; Jeff in Terraria #1 and #3, Minecraft #5, MineZ #2, and Minecraft #7; and Jared in Minecraft #6. MineZ #1 is an interesting case due to its Anachronic Order: Although PBG's death is shown after McJones' and before Jeff's, chronologically it's inverted, as McJones was actually the first person to die, Jeff the fourth, and PBG the very last.
  • Generally, whenever McJones dies, another casualty occurs within the same episode. The only seasons where this didn't happen are Diablo II, MineZ #1 and #2, and Minecraft #6.
  • In the majority of the seasons that Barry has been in, he has either been the first, second, or last person to die. The only exceptions to this are in Minecraft #1, DayZ, and MineZ #2. MineZ #1 is a partial exception, as although PBG was chronologically the last to die and Barry the second-last, Barry's death was shown at the end of the episode after PBG's.
    • Likewise, McJones is usually the first, fourth, or last person to die, the exceptions being Minecraft #2, Diablo II, Minecraft #4, and MineZ #2note .
    • Dean's track record is comparatively less impressive than the two above, unfortunately for him, usually being the first, third, or fourth person to die, the exceptions being Minecraft #1, MineZ #1, Minecraft #4, and Minecraft #6. Furthermore, in the seasons where he dies first, his death occurs in Episode 5, as seen in Minecraft #2 and #3, and MineZ #2.
  • PBG is the only person who has appeared in every season - and for a long time, he were also the only person to die in every season. Even Jeff (who was eventually promoted to series regular), Dean (who was in every season until Starbound, and McJones (who was in every season until he left the show after Minecraft #6) seemed similarly cursed to never make it out of a Hardcore season alive. Thankfully, all four of them were able to break their unlucky streak with Minecraft #4 (to date the only season where PBG has survived), only to restart the streak in Minecraft #5. PBG, Jeff, and Dean continued it with Terraria #3, while McJones broke it again. MineZ #2 had all had PBG, Jeff, and Dean continue their streaks and had McJones start it yet again. In Minecraft #6, McJones continued his streak (in what turned out to be his final appearance on the show), PBG continued his, and Jeff and Dean break theirs, while Starbound had PBG continue his streak and Jeff restart his. Minecraft #7 had PBG and Jeff continue their streaks while Dean restarted his.
  • Before Minecraft #6, every single season that Jared had been in had ended in failure. Bonus points for him being the most frequent guest star on the series. For the longest time, it was almost as if having him on a season would doom everyone and cause certain death. In fact, 4 of the 6 seasons that he was not in were successes, meaning that there were more successful seasons without him than there were failures without him, let alone successful seasons featuring him. Incidentally, the two non-Jared seasons that did end in failure were Terraria #1 and #2.
    • On the other side of the coin, almost every single season where McJones does not make it to the final stretch of the goal has also ended in failure. In almost every successful season, McJones at least made it to the final area of the game before dying (or surviving altogether). If McJones dies well before the goal is close to being achieved, the group is almost surely doomed. He isn't the professor for nothing! Incidentally, the one season that did end in failure for him was Terraria #2, where he was the only one to make it to the final boss.
    • This remained true until Minecraft #6, where the group succeeded despite not only featuring Jared as a guest star as described above, but with McJones being the very first casualty in just the second episode, as well.
  • Both Minecraft #5 and Terraria #3 had someone burn to death while trying to mine iron, as a result of a threat from above that they weren't aware of.
  • Hilariously, any in-game instance of Waluigi seems to be a bad omen to McJones. In Minecraft #3, Shane, who had a Waluigi skin, accidentally blocked off McJones's path out of a room filling with lava, killing him off. In MineZ #2, he attacked a player by the name of ACrispyWaluigi, only to find himself killed for it.
  • Jeff gets killed in one of two ways each season, by either putting himself in a bad position during a fight and getting unavoidably cornered by an enemy and/or its attack (Terraria #1, MineZ #1 & #2 and Minecraft #5), or by getting himself killed by irresponsibly using one of the items in his inventory and falling too far from one of the structures he built (Terraria #2 & #3 and Starbound).In Terraria #1 and #3, the structure that kills him happens to be the boss platform the group built to fight the Eye of Cthulhu.
    • Doubled down on in Minecraft #7, where he leaves himself helpless while making a ladder on an End Pillar and gets charged at by the Ender Dragon and knocked off to his death.
  • Jeff will generally make it to the final episode of every Hardcore he appears in, excluding Terraria #3 and Starbound. In both seasons, Jeff accidentally kills himself by falling to his death as the result of using a new item (missing a ledge while experimenting with a grappling hook in Terraria, accidentally teleporting into a chasm with his sword's alt-fire in Starbound). Jeff's death occurs in the fifteenth episode of both seasons.
  • Every time a The Runaway Guys representative (namely, Jon and NCS) has appeared, they end up dying before the final episode of the series.
  • PBG's deaths in MineZ #2 and Minecraft #6 are very similar, with PBG getting hit by a zombie while on a ledge and falling to his death while another member of the team (Barry/Dodger) falls to their death at the same time.
    • These deaths, along with PBG's and McJones's in Minecraft #3, happen very similarly. They all involve PBG and someone else having drawn out, nearly simultaneous deaths, with PBG dying slightly after the other person.
    • By extension, PBG's deaths in MineZ #2 and Minecraft #7 both involved being ambushed by a monster dropping on them after narrowly avoiding falling to his death (a Zombie pushing him into the bottomless pit in MineZ #2, and a Creeper exploding after landing behind him in Minecraft #7).
  • Both of the seasons in which McJones survived (Minecraft #4 and Terraria #3) had a significant amount of fishing in them. The only other season with a notable amount of fishing (Terraria #2) had McJones barely lose, being the last to die.
  • Both Terraria #3 and Starbound HC contained a part where Lucah takes a considerable amount of damage from falling dirt, but ultimately survives the ordeal.
  • Out of the three times Jirard has appeared on Hardcore, he has went AFK twice, in Minecraft #1 and Starbound. Luckily, he wasn't permanently AFK'd in the latter appearance.
  • In both Minecraft #6 and Starbound, the final battle begins with four members, and ends with three; Jeff, Dean, and Chad as the survivors and Jared as the fallen for the former, and Jirard, Jared and Jesse as the survivors and Luke as the fallen for the latter.
  • In the Todd-edited seasons, every season with an all male cast (Minecraft #5, MineZ #2, and Minecraft #7) has been a failure and every season with a female guest star (Terraria #3, Minecraft #6, and Starbound) has been a success.
    • Furthermore, among each of these three successful seasons, at least one debuting guest party member made it to the end - Lucahjin and Yungtown in Terraria #3, Chadtronic in Minecraft #6 and Jesse Cox in Starbound.

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