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  • The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. With occasional cameos from characters like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Queen Victoria, and Charles Darwin.
  • Amazoness!! features Sappho as a recurring character.
  • Dawn of Time has Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen.
  • The Dreamer has many historical figures in it, including Nathan Hale.
  • Dresden Codak features several historical figures in cameo roles, but a recurring character is Tiny Carl Jung.
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  • Pretty much the main premise of Hark! A Vagrant.
  • The New Adventures of Queen Victoria, of course, has several.
  • Kevin & Kell has Dorothy's paramour Douglas who turns out to be the legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper. Fun fact: in this universe, he's a squirrel.
  • Balderduck is full of historical characters. Some of them include Julius Ceasar with bad parenting skills, Sir Francis Drake working at McDonald's and Van Gogh watching Reservoir Dogs.
  • Lovecraft Is Missing is all about . . . H. P. Lovecraft going missing.
  • Lovely Lovecraft: H. P. Lovecraft, obviously, as well as his mother.
  • Mayonaka Densha being a time travel murder mystery involving Jack the Ripper includes not only the man himself but cameos from various other figures involved with the case such as Inspector Abberline, Mary Kelly and various other Ripper victims (Including speculated and unconfirmed ones).
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  • Albert Speer is one of the central characters in Misguided Light.
  • Girl Genius has R. van Rijn, aka Rembrandt van Rijn, more commonly known in real life as Rembrandt - in our world, a famous Dutch painter; in the Gaslamp Fantasy world of Girl Genius, a Spark and the creator of the famous Muses of the Storm King, mechanical works that have still not been paralleled 200 years later.
    • The Storm King himself is the equivalent of Louis XIV, the Sun King. However, the Storm King is Andronicus Valois, whereas Louis was of the House of Bourbon, suggesting that in Girl Genius the House of Valois never died out.


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