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Hilarious In Hindsight / The Emoji Movie

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  • In Deadpool (2016), T.J. Miller's character mentions that he thought the poop emoji was meant to represent frozen yogurt — so knowing that one of his next roles would actually involve playing an emoji that interacts with an Anthropomorphic Personification of that emoji (who also has the voice of Professor X) is amusing to some degree.
  • The irony of the presence of the poop emoji in a film that placed at number two in its opening weekend was not lost on many commentators, especially considering how many critics had used the poop emoji to sum up the film's quality.
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  • The movie's production has a few parallels to Foodfight!. Both were movies that cashed in on the plot of an everyday building/device secretly being home to a fantastical community and landscape. Both were infamous for gratuitous Product Placement, and were both received very negatively. The studios of both movies were heavily impacted by a crime: Foodfight's producers were affected by the disk theft, while Sony was affected by the 2014 hacking, even though that happened before the film was ever green-lit. Foodfight!'s production became extremely long due to the theft of the disks, while The Emoji Movie's production was extremely quick and rushed in order to avoid other studios making their own take on emojis (with the creators somehow celebrating this). Ironically, The Emoji Movie actually got worse reviews than Foodfight, and was once ranked exactly one place ahead of it on the IMDb Bottom 100 movies ever.
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  • Anna Faris' ex-husband Chris Pratt played Emmet in The LEGO Movie. Faris voices Jailbreak in this film, which has been accused of ripping off The LEGO Movie, as well as Jailbreak herself being accused of ripping off Wyldstyle from that same film. Coincidentally, the two divorced just over a week after The Emoji Movie was released.
  • The very premise of the film itself becomes this after Apple released Animoji for the iPhone X, where the emojis there can make as many faces as they want. Gene would feel right at home.
  • The fact that the film has been repeatedly mocked as a ripoff of The LEGO Movie is rather amusing now that Sony Pictures Animation has released Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is written by Phil Lord & Chris Miller, who both directed the latter film (though Lord and Miller also wrote and directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for Sony as well).
  • This movie is accused of ripping off Wreck-It Ralph. Coincidentally, there's a character named Gene in that movie too (though he is a more minor character than anything).
    • Speaking of, most of this movie has the character milling around product placements and the like that one can find on the internet (Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, etc). Ralph Breaks the Internet's premise has the characters doing likewise (eBay and IMDb were mentioned in their trailer).
    • Then there's the announcement that Rich Moore, the director of both Wreck-It Ralph films (and co-director of Zootopia) would be leaving Disney for a new job at Sony Pictures Animation in April 2019 to direct, produce, and serve as an advisor on future films from the company. Granted, this was one of several steps to undo the damage The Emoji Movie left on the company, but still.
  • The Japanese dub features Takehito Koyasu as Poop. This is came as pretty funny if you take into account he voiced Dio Brando, when, at least in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, Dio mocks Josuke's hairstyle as it looks like cow's shit stuck on the road. Well, Dio is now a living piece of shit.
  • Also from the same dub, Takahiro Sakurai's role as Gene is quite hilarious in a meta-example, as the emoji he represents visually resumes everything he has voiced so far, mainly dark, angst-ridden heroes or outright villains, like Cloud Strife, Griffith and Suzaku Kururugi. Gene, on the other hand, is the opposite of those characters in every sense.
  • Patrick Stewart has starred as Vladimir Lenin in Fall of Eagles, which is ironic considering that he has now voiced a character in what can be considered as an hour and a half-long advertisement.
  • SPA president Kristine Belson's belief that this movie would be the beginning of an animation renaissance for the company has become this in the wake of its overwhelmingly negative reception staining the company's already-poor reputation so badly that both The Star and Peter Rabbit became the butt of jokes for looking like more of the same as this movie. However, both films were ultimately better recieved than The Emoji Movie (the latter film was only released under SPA's name much like Goosebumps was, however), and their 2018 output pretty much avoided this stigma entirely.
  • Also, Sony apparently thought that this movie would be so critically beloved that they submitted it for Best Animated Feature consideration at the Oscars. The film unsurprisingly wasn't even nominated, but it did end up winning all the Razzie awards it was nominated for.
  • T.J. Miller also appears in Deadpool 2, with Josh Brolin. Brolin would get to do another Marvel movie less than a year later, which also has a major scene of everything getting disintegrated en masse. Sorry Thanos, looks like The Emoji Movie beat you to the punch.
  • On top of all the previous comparisons made between this and The LEGO Movie, at least one major Emoji cast member entered the TLM series in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part: Maya Rudolph as Finn's and Bianca's mom.


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