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Hilarious In Hindsight / Scooby-Doo

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These hilarious coincidences are found thanks to You Meddling Kids.

The franchise as a whole:

  • At the end of Scooby Doo! Pirates Ahoy, Fred's dad mentions they should give them a trip to the Himalayas for Fred's birthday next year, which Shaggy quickly passes on because he doesn't want to risk a run in with the Abominable Snowman. The next year's movie, Chill Out, Scooby Doo! saw this happen as the main plot.
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  • The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries Halloween Episode "A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle" saw Shaggy attend a costume party as a werewolf. Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf aired four years later.
  • The episode where they're trying to stop the Monster Clown. Said clown hypnotizes Shaggy into being a lion tamer. Shaggy is found in there yelling "Back up there, Simba!"
    • Although that may be because Simba is the Swahili word for "lion".
  • Casey Kasem's dispute over wanting Shaggy to be a vegetarian after he had to voice Shaggy in a commercial for Burger King is amusing now that Burger King now promotes a meatless vegetarian burger, and is one of the very few major fast food chains to do so.
  • A mummy, on the Orient Express. Sorry, Doctor, Scooby did it first in the 1980s.
  • All those theories about Velma being a lesbian can be this in light of the fact that the actress who plays her in the live action Scooby-Doo prequels is a real life lesbian.
  • In the mid-90s, Cartoon Network played a commercial parodying the beginning of Scream, featuring Daphne being called by a spooky voice that turns out to be Shaggy, asking for some popcorn. After Casey Kasem retired from voice acting, Matthew Lillard (who was in the first Scream movie) took over as Shaggy's voice actor.

The first live-action film:

  • The film has shared many similarities to Guardians of the Galaxy and not just the fact they were both written by James Gunn.
    • Rocket/Groot and Scooby/Shaggy are seen by James Gunn as the heart and soul of both franchises.
    • Fred and Starlord are the slick leaders that have a dance-off by the climax.
    • Daphne and Gamora are badass women that know martial arts.
    • Drax and Velma have the biggest vocabulary of the groups.
    • A tropical location (Xandar/Spooky Island) is where the climax takes place.
  • Speaking of Marvel, Shaggy says "I don't feel so good" after he ate the plastic sausages.
  • In night of the living toys, a 1984 New Scooby-Doo Mysteries episode. A woman finds Scrappy cute and tries to put ribbons on him, and which he dislikes immensely. Later when she turns out to be the woman behind the mask, he states that he didn't trust her as soon as she tried to put ribbons on him. Live-Action Scrappy is the one who thinks of himself as cute, and he is the villain of this movie.
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  • Most of the Spooky Island demons are voiced by Jess Harnell and sound just like Crash Bandicoot. Jess Harnell would voice the gaming icon since 2005.
  • After Scrappy was revealed to be the villain, many Star Wars fans suspected that Jar Jar Binks is the main antagonist of the sequel trilogy. Turns out they were wrong. Funnier enough, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar voiced Kannan Jarrus and the Seventh Sister from Star Wars Rebels with Prinze returning for a voice cameo in The Rise of Skywalker. There was also a Shaggy expy in the 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars.


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