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For every "Funny Aneurysm" Moment on this show, there are at least a couple of Hilarious in Hindsight moments that make the sketch funnier years after the sketch aired. Some examples:

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     Season 1 
  • The premiere had a fake commercial for a multi-bladed razor and the slogan that pointed out that consumers are so stupid that they would actually buy this. Multi-bladed razors became very real and actually would sell well in the late 1990s. To be more specific, twin-blade razors were becoming the standard, so the mock commercial was about tri-blade razors, implying that they would be a stupid idea. Nowadays two of the leading companies, Gillette and Schick, have five-bladed razors (Fusion and Hydro 5, respectively). And that doesn't count the extra "precision" blade on the Fusion!
  • In the show's first year, which included sketches with Jim Henson puppets, one of them tries to flirt with host Lily Tomlin, who says getting romantically involved with a puppet could damage her image. She later came out as a lesbian, which can make the bit come off as meaning a female puppet might have had more success.

     Season 2 
  • In an episode hosted by Eric Idle, there are two big examples of Hilarious in Hindsight in a sketch involving Idle and Dan Aykroyd as cops who dress in drag:
    • The sketch is derailed when John Belushi (also in drag) tells Idle that drag doesn't work in America. Fast forward to the 1990s and 2000s when drag comedies starring Robin Williams, Tyler Perry, and Eddie Murphy make for some of the biggest hits.
    • Throughout the sketch, Aykroyd is doing a Jack Webb impression, yet when the sketch derails Aykroyd claims that his impression sucks. Cut to 1987 when Aykroyd did a fantastic Joe Friday impression in the major motion picture adaptation of Dragnet alongside Tom Hanks.

     Season 4 

     Season 15 
  • Sinéad O'Connor was scheduled to perform in the penultimate episode, but she pulled out of the episode due to the controversial choice of host (Andrew "Dice" Clay). This is amusing given that she herself would spark controversy on the show later on by ripping apart the Pope's picture while identifying him as "the real enemy." She performed on the next season's premiere (which is, by the way, NOT the infamous performance stated above).

     Season 17 
  • All the times Al Franken played a U.S. Senator, including a 1991 Clarence Thomas skit in the Kirstie Alley episode in which he was Sen. Paul Simon, became this since he became a U.S. Senator for real.

     Season 18 
  • This sketch about the death of Superman from the recent comic at the time might have predicted a few things. Apart from the most obvious one, the death of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there's:
    • The appearance of both Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the latter of whom was pretty obscure at the time, but Legends of Tomorrow made sure to do the same.
    • Black Lightning (played by host Sinbad) is so obscure he's turned away at the door. Not so much now that he has an Arrowverse series.
    • Aquaman shows up with a plate full of shrimp - in Justice League (2017) it's Aquaman bringing fish to the hungry that leads Batman to find him.
    • The Flash laments that his speed is his only real gimmick, just like the one in Justice League does.
    • Tim Meadows plays the then-obscure John Stewart Green Lantern, long before the Justice League cartoon would make him the best-known one.
    • The Incredible Hulk suddenly goes completely articulate since he wrote his speech as Bruce Banner. The publicity for Thor: Ragnarok made sure to emphasize the Hulk's speech.
    • Al Franken plays Lex Luthor, both of whom have famously been involved in politics.
    • Just the idea of Marvel characters as special guests, considering the Fandom Rivalry that would develop later.
    • They even manage to predict the end of Avengers: Endgame with Hulk wearing glasses and a funeral.

     Season 19 

     Season 20 
  • In the season premiere, there was the "Steve Martin's Penis Beauty Cream" fake infomerical, featuring the line "Just take a small amount and rub gently on the penis for several minutes up to a half-hour. You'll notice a difference right away!" About a decade later, Maxoderm hits the market with the exact same advertising pitch.

     Season 21 

     Season 22 
  • In one "Weekend Update", Norm MacDonald responded to a joke comment by Joel Schumacher that all the costumes in Batman & Robin would have nipples by making a "note to self": "Do not see the new Batman movie!" Good thinking on his part!

     Season 23 
  • During a 1997 episode of Celebrity Jeopardy!, Michael Keaton (played by host Matthew Perry) repeatedly stated, "I'm Batman!" That specific line became much funnier after 2005.
    • Became even funnier ten years later, when Keaton himself hosted the show and actually said those words on air.
  • The episode hosted by John Goodman (with musical guest Paula Cole) had a sketch where airline passengers are attacked by cobras. This first aired in 1998, a scant eight years before the movie Snakes on a Plane hit the theaters.
  • One Saturday TV Funhouse sketch (from the Steve Buscemi episode) is about a fictional animated musical about the Titanic called Titey, featuring singing animals. The whole idea is just too stupid for someone to make one in real life, right? RIGHT?

     Season 24 
  • In 1998, Alec Baldwin hosted a Season 24 episode, and during his Yet Another Christmas Carol opening speech during the monologue, Jimmy Fallon, then a new cast member, made an appearance as the "Ghost of Hosts Future" and told Alec that he was given a prediction that he would become famous and host the show in 2011. Fast forward to actual 2011, where Jimmy is now one of TV's most popular television personalities and hosted Season 37's Christmas episode on December 17note . (Doubles as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The sketch stated that R.E.M. was the musical guest for the episode Fallon hosted. REM broke up earlier that year.)

     Season 25 
  • During the 25th anniversary special (broadcast in 1999 before the beginning of Season 25), a TV Funhouse short mocking Lorne Michaels showed him, among other things, advertising some SNL merchandise. One of the products he present is the ficticious 45th anniversary special VHS tape, with a future appearance of Wayne and Garth, and Paul Simon as a musical guest, all of them very, very old-looking. Fast forward to 2015 and the real 40th anniversary, that included indeed a Wayne's World skit, and an aged Garth looks very similar to the animated depiction of the 25th anniversary (Wayne not so much); Paul Simon don't look as decrepit as in the cartoon, but the song he sings is the same: "Still Crazy After All These Years".
  • The well-known More Cowbell sketch ends with Bruce Dickinson (Christopher Walken) claiming "you're all gonna be wearing gold-plated diapers." Fast forward to the Funkytown Debate in season 37, and we see an actual one!

     Season 26 
  • Beginning in Season 26, the show had a recurring parody of Destiny's Child, called Gemini's Twin. In June 2017, former Destiny's Child member Beyoncé gave birth to twins whose astrological sign is Gemini (which itself is funny, since the symbol for Gemini is twins).
  • A 2001 sketch (from the Jennifer Lopez episode) made fun of the soundtrack for the horror film Valentine, mainly mocking some of the bands on it for being rather unknown. As some of the bands included Disturbed and Linkin Park, it's kind of amusing now as those bands went on to be incredibly popular.

     Season 27 
  • The first episode after 9/11 has your typical Celebrity Jeopardy skit, with host Reese Witherspoon playing the certifiably nuts Anne Heche; she doesn't respond to Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) informing her that it's her board, until he calls her "Celestia"; fast-forward about 9-10 years, and that name is definitely recognizable.
  • Jimmy Fallon did this Weekend Update bit in the Jack Black episode: "For those of you who don’t remember Roots, it follows a saga of Kunta Kinte from young African tribesman, to slavery, to becoming literate, and eventually being the top of his class at Star Fleet Academy." And the house band on Jimmy Fallon's talk show ended up being The Roots!

     Season 28 
  • In a 2002 episode hosted by Senator John McCain, one sketch features McCain playing himself appearing on Meet the Press, and maturely swatting down attempts by Tim Russert (Darrell Hammond) to have him announce running for president again note , saying that he's not interested. Of course, we all know he later became the Republican nominee in 2008...
    • Full transcript of the sketch here.

     Season 29 
  • In an episode hosted by Ben Affleck, he touted "Bennifer" T-shirts during the monologue, explaining that he had unfortunately ordered 50,000 of them prior to his breakup with Jennifer Lopez, and went on to offer several other Portmanteau Couple Name combos such as "Benyonce", "Mary-Kate and Ashfleck", and (in the unlikely event that Matt Damon finally came around), "Ben-Gay". Only a couple years later, Affleck would get hitched to Jennifer Garner (and was with her until 2015), which made those "Bennifer" shirts valuable again.

     Season 30 
  • On the episode hosted by Tom Brady, there's a sketch that takes place backstage where Peyton Manning (Seth Meyers) asks Brady why he was chosen to host over Manning. The real Peyton Manning would host in Season 32 (and his brother, Eli, who was in the audience for Peyton's episode, would host five years later).

     Season 31 
  • One of Seth Meyers' celebrity impressions back before he was a Weekend Update anchor was Anderson Cooper. On the Weekend Update for the season 38 finale, guess who Seth beats up at Stefon's wedding?
    • And during his time on Weekend Update he brought up Anderson Cooper being attacked in the Egypt riots, before adding "you can not punch the handsome off of this guy".

     Season 32 
  • The Weekend Update from the Jaime Pressly episode has Fred Armisen as a rather scathing Captain Ersatz of Ugly Betty (America Ferrera) called "Fugly Betsy", claiming that her show is comprised entirely of unattractive characters, calling it a "fugly superstore!"
  • You'd now swear the sketch of Maya Rudolph's sultry rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner was a spoof of Fergie's at the 2018 NBA All Star Game, when it's actually from the 2006 Hugh Laurie episode.

     Season 34 

     Season 35 
  • When Tina Fey hosted in 2010, she did a sketch about Sarah Palin starting her own television network. In 2014, the real Palin did just that.
  • In the Alec Baldwin episode, Andy Samberg starred in a Digital Short called "Great Day", a parody of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" about a once-successful man whose spiraling addiction to cocaine has ruined his life, lost him his job, and alienated his family. Jump forward to 2015, where Andy Samberg — now cast as Detective Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine — spends an episode being held hostage by a once-successful man whose spiraling addiction to cocaine has ruined his life, lost him his job, and alienated his family. And to make it better, the addict in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is played by Chris Parnell, who also featured in the Digital Short "Lazy Sunday", which put Samberg on the map in the first place.

     Season 36 
  • Amy Poehler's monologue actually depicts her "worst nightmare", which includes her well-known Kaitlyn role (a precocious kid) being stolen by Nasim Pedrad. Nasim would later debut as a fundamentally similar character, Shallon.
  • During the SNL Digital Short in the Gwyneth Paltrow/Cee Lo Green episode, Andy Samberg asks Anderson Cooper if he ever "got freaky with Barbara Walters". Cooper's response is along the lines of "Are you insane?" The joke when the episode first aired was funny because Andy was drunk off his ass, but now that Anderson Cooper revealed that he was gay, it makes Andy look like an idiot.
  • Gwyneth appears in the Secret Word game show, partnered with Kenan who plays a urology professor who tells his students on live TV that they will have a quiz on asparagus. It's a little funny considering that Gwyneth's Goop lifestyle company would later have a Never Live It Down reputation for its emphasis on feminine hygiene.
  • "The Duh Winning" sketch features Bill Hader as Charlie Sheen and Miley Cyrus as Lindsay Lohan. One year later, it was revealed the two (Sheen and Lohan, not Hader and Cyrus) would star in Scary Movie 5.
  • During one sketch, Miley Cyrus played Justin Bieber saying that he would smoke Salvia (which Miley herself had done) because it's legal. In 2012, images of Bieber smoking the illegal marijuana surfaced and when Justin Bieber hosted SNL, he appeared as a Bieber-hating member of Miley Cyrus' fan club who told Cyrus that he heard that Justin Bieber had smoked marijuana and was sorry for doing it.
    • In turn, any post-salvia incident humor on the sketch depicting Miley herself as a stoner, as she revealed in 2013 she actually is one.
    • Part of the humor taken from the "Miley Cyrus Show" sketches derived from teenage Miley maintaining her Contractual Purity on one hand, while awkwardly straining to break free from it and move on to a more mature image. Contributing to the humor were various hints that all in Miley's life were not as squeaky-clean as believed, and her "musical director" Billy Ray Cyrus' obliviousness to it all as it plays out in front of him. Now that the real Miley has changed her image entirely and distanced herself from her Disney Channel/family-friendly days, the sketch would far less plausible as of 2016. It may explain why Bayer hasn't performed her Miley impression since the real Miley hosted in 2013, and even then, performed as "old Miley" time travelling to advise "new Miley" not to go ahead with her notorious performance at the VMAs that year.
    • The sketch itself becomes funny when Miley actually did have her own talk show...for one day when she filled in for Ellen DeGeneres.
  • One of John Mulaney's few on-screen appearances in Season 36 was in one Weekend Update from the Emma Stone episode, where he talked about movies with an animal as the main character, specifically about how they enjoyed all this attention from the cast and crew without ever knowing why. Fast forward to 2018 and John's first major movie role is Spider-Ham, who's already shaping up to be the Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • One episode hosted by Anne Hathaway had Anne playing Kate Middleton - it was intended at the time as Actor Allusion to The Princess Diaries, but nobody would have predicted an actual American becoming a princess of THAT royal family for real!

     Season 37 
  • One "J-Pop America Funtime Now" sketch had Special Guest Katy Perry as a Hello Kitty enthusiast who'd even written a song about Hello Kitty. It's definitely something you'd expect Katy Perry to try and not say, Avril Lavigne... oh wait...
  • The "Bounce in California" sketch has Josh Brolin as a mad scientist type caught in a hallway where everything slows down, and the red liquid in his beakers is really a gel to make it flow more slowly. Now Josh plays Thanos, who's hunting for the Infinity Stones - and one of them is the Aether, which first appears as a red liquid.
  • In a sketch about Dateline's murder of the week, Bill Hader Keith Morrison mentions at the end that he witnessed a clown drown himself in a pool where he just floated. Cut to 2019 and Hader would be fighting against another clown, Pennywise.
  • Nasim Pedrad gets the role of Princess Jasmine in the "Real Housewives of Disney" sketch - fast forward to 2019 and Nasim appears in the official Live-Action Adaptation of Disney's Aladdin — pretending to be Jasmine in one scene, to boot.

     Season 38 
  • In the 2012 episode with Seth Macfarlane, there's a sketch where a war veteran played by Bill Hader takes a puppetry class to loosen up. In the show Barry, the premise is that a war veteran played by Bill Hader takes an acting class to loosen up.
  • An episode had a fake trailer for a new Disney kid com about Kristen Wiig as the typical sitcom mother... except she died in Korea and came back as a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl, while still "living" with her family like normal. Fast forward to 2017 and we get Santa Clarita Diet...
  • One of the "Booker T Washington High" sketches involves Jay Pharoah as the principal catching two teens for "fornicating in a Mufasa costume". Fast forward to season 44, and there's a fake commercial about an oversized dog costume designed just to have sex in.

     Season 39 
  • Beck Bennett's first recurring role before Vladimir Putin was Mr. Patterson, the intelligent and successful CEO who somehow still has the underdeveloped body of a baby. This was long before The Boss Baby (and for that matter, Boss Baby VA Alec Baldwin's burst of popularity as Donald Trump).
  • One episode has Charlize Theron bringing up her previous appearance 14 years ago, complete with archive footage showing her alongside Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer as a spoof of Destiny's Child. Just one week later, the elevator fight between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles is made public, and the show covers it by having Maya appear for real, as Beyoncé!

     Season 40 
  • The 2014 Halloween Episode hosted by Jim Carrey has a sketch about a ghost-hunting reality series, where the token skeptic is played by Leslie Jones.
  • The 2014 episode with Amy Adams starts with Amy mentioning offhand that she was almost tricked into accepting a part in a nonexistent "Iron Man 4". Amy would return as Lois Lane for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, intended as DC's answer to a movie that's sometimes referred to derisively as "Iron Man 4", Captain America: Civil War.
  • On the Blake Shelton episode, the show spoofed The Deflategate scandal and revealed that the assistant equipment manager was behind it all. Just two days later, it was revealed that the NFL had begun investigating a locker room attendant.
  • "Office Christmas Party" (from the Amy Adams episode), which involved Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, starts with someone complaining that Kenan is playing just one song over the speakers: "Ghostbusters".
    • Aidy Bryant plays Carol from New Media, who gets drunk and trashes the office Christmas tree - in the John Cena episode, the Christmas tree gets its revenge, when Aidy climbs up and tries to place the angel on the top of the tree... until she winds up toppling out the window along with the tree. And only the tree is saved.
    • Kate McKinnon would later appear at a different office Christmas party.
  • Following Pete Davidson's engagement to Ariana Grande, he mentioned in an interview that he was being randomly congratulated by strangers, which mirrors the premise of his Hot for Student courtroom sketch during the Taraji P. Henson episode. Though the boy's father buying him his first beer takes it into a bittersweet place, since Pete actually lost his father at a very young age.

     Season 41 
  • The first episode of season 41 has a sketch about a slew of now-fallen Republican hopefuls, like Taran Killam as Rick Santorum, and Beck Bennett as Jim Gilmore, who looks very similar to Beck's later role as Mike Pence, who does get elected... as Vice-President.
  • From the Amy Schumer episode, a deliberately uplifting commercial about random people from families to couples finding a special connection... with guns. Not so implausible after the NRA made a proper Valentine's Day message in 2018. Unfortunately it turns into a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when they have to pull it after a mass shooting in Florida.
  • Larry David's performance as Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders looks prophetic when it turn out that David and Sanders are third cousins.
  • In one Weekend Update from the Larry David episode, surprise guest Derek Zoolander mistakes Michael Che for Lester Holt, which Michael looks miffed at. This comes across as hypocritical now that Michael actually plays Lester Holt in the next season.
  • During Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base in the Adam Driver episode, Kylo Ren (disguised as "Matt") claims that Ren has an eight-pack and is shredded. Come The Last Jedi, and as it turns out, he's not kidding.
  • Donald Trump's stint as guest host involved being endorsed by the Former Porn Stars (played by Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong), which takes on new meaning after allegations that he was involved with an actual porn star. As if acknowledging this, SNL cast Cecily as said porn star, who just happens to be blond like the one she played then, but is most certainly a different character.
  • From the Chris Hemsworth episode comes a sketch about a bunch of gal pals at brunch discussing their favourite movie hunks, with Chris in drag as one of them trying to get them to bring up Chris Hemsworth. Instead one of them questions whether there needs to be a third Thor movie, which is a little funny now that Thor: Ragnarok is one of the most popular Phase 3 movies.
  • One sketch from the Brie Larson episode (set in 2018) outright predicted Donald Trump winning the election, and all society having taken a leap forward as a result... before revealing that America's fallen headlong into dystopian fascism.

     Season 42 
  • While it's very much a Funny Aneurysm or Harsher in Hindsight moment to liberal/left-wing viewers, the jokes made about Donald Trump losing the election to Hillary Clinton, when it was expected she would win, can come off as this to supporters of Trump, since he actually won the election.
    • Worth noting at this point is that Lin-Manuel Miranda's "never gon be president now" chant is from "Reynolds Pamphlet", the part of Hamilton where Hamilton's infidelity was made public... something Trump is well familiar with by now.
  • A sketch where Kellyanne Conway defends the Trump administration's Blatant Lies as "alt-true" (a play on the alt-right movement) aired just a couple weeks before the real Conway literally made almost the exact same defense (refering to misleading information as "alternative facts").
  • The Weekend Update segment of a post 2016 election episode mentions "the series finale of American Horror Story: Election". Now American Horror Story is doing a season based on the election.
  • The sketch mocking La La Land fans who viciously attack anyone who say the film is anything less than perfect has Aziz Ansari say he liked Moonlight better, to which the cops arresting him hem and haw over how good it is before admitting they haven't seen it. Moonlight went on to win the Best Picture Oscar, but only after La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner, creating a vicious Fandom Rivalry between the two films complete with many accusations that the La La Land defenders likely haven't even seen Moonlight.
  • In a 2017 episode hosted by Octavia Spencer, one of the first sketches featured her, Sasheer Zamata, and Leslie Jones as three women suing Merck Millipore for stealing the names of them, and other African-American people they knew, and slapping them on their medicine. Shortly afterwards, the writers of this sketch also became suspected of stealing: Years earlier, David Alan Grier improvised a bit on a radio show about what African-American parents might say to kids with the same names as medicine. After he learned about SNL's piece, he called them, "Thieves!"
    • In the same episode, they do a Real Trailer, Fake Movie about an unnamed Republican politician who turns on his party and takes down the Trump administration - now the biggest thorn in Trump's side is Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is Republican.
  • The second Sean Spicer parody (in the Alec Baldwin episode) had him demonstrating the travel ban by representing non-white immigrants with a Moana doll. Just hours before the 2nd travel ban went live, the state of Hawaii filed suit and succeeded in blocking it nationwide.
    • The Alec Baldwin episode also had a sketch about Leslie Jones petitioning to play Donald Trump that was intended as a one-off joke - in season 43 she got to play Oprah Winfrey at the 2018 Emmys, after which the rumor mill was saturated with talk about Oprah running for president, meaning that part of Leslie's dream may come true. (While Oprah has publicly denied all of it, Leslie's role as Oprah proved very popular for a first attempt despite massive Playing Against Type in effect.)
  • One Cold Open (in the Felicity Jones episode) has a news reporter (Sasheer Zamata) ask Donald Trump how he could repeal Obamacare, despite all the Americans that would consequently lose their healthcare. Trump answers by announcing that he'll replace it with the Affordable Care Act, which Sasheer points out as the official name for Obamacare. The Trump Administration's actual efforts to try and come up with an Obamacare/ACA replacement would later become so controversial, that they'd retract several attempts to repeal it.
  • One Cold Open (in the Kristen Stewart episode) shows Steve Bannon/Grim Reaper secretly being the one pulling the strings behind the administration, with Trump acting like a servant doing his bidding. It turns out that Trump actually saw this skit and became extremely bothered by it, leading to Bannon being demoted from the NSC.
  • Harry Styles makes a surprise appearance as a Confederate soldier in a sketch set in the Civil War with Jimmy Fallon - which retroactively makes his apparently random casting in Dunkirk more relevant in comparison.
  • One of Season 42's Sean Spicer sketches (when Melissa McCarthy hosted) was about Sarah Huckabee-Sanders briefly filling in for Sean during the infamous "hiding among the bushes" incident, and all the reporters commenting that they'd rather have Sarah in the role instead. Just after the season ended, Sean Spicer resigns from the press secretary role for real and Sarah really does stand in for him, ironically after Sean was growing more popular than her instead, in part because Sarah herself slowly became even more hated in contrast.
  • One of the more short-range ones during 2017's Weekend Update Summer Edition, where Leslie Jones reveals she's been on a workout routine, and even shows off her biceps. Which is hilarious when season 43 starts and one sketch has Leslie rip up a pair of jeans in jealous rage - only she can't quite do it.
  • Also from Weekend Update Summer Edition, a Cold Open has the Grim Reaper-like Steve Bannon pulling a "I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine" on Donald Trump as retaliation for being pushed out of the White House. Now Bannon has fallen so far out of favor with Trump that he's been testifying in the Russian investigation, while earning a Trump nickname on the side.
  • Tom Hanks' appearance in the tail end of 2016 involved him acknowledging his wholesome image and appeal as "America's father", even donning a sweater for a special speech. Someone must have been paying attention, as Tom will be donning a sweater again in the role of an even more well-known "America's father" and the reference they were clearly going for, in the biopic of Mister Rogers.
  • While discussing Colin Kaepernick during a Weekend Update Summer Edition segment, Pete Davidson says that the NFL should give him a job as long as it's not with the New York Giants (Davidson's favorite team) because "they have a shot this year". The Giants' 2017 season turned out to be an unmitigated disaster as they went from being predicted to possibly win the Super Bowl to finishing as the second worst team in the league. The cherry on top was that the Philadelphia Eagles, their hated rivals, wound up winning the Super Bowl.

     Season 43 
  • On September 30, 2017, SNL had a sketch where host Ryan Gosling played a man named Steven who has a nervous breakdown over the usage of the Papyrus font in Avatar. On October 2018, Lightstorm and Fox were revealed to have updated the Avatar franchise's logo.
  • In the Saoirse Ronan episode, one sketch, called "Bachelor Action", is based on Pete Davidson as an extremely unattractive person who is somehow extremely desirable to a feverishly bidding audience. Later, Davidson famously became engaged to singer Ariana Grande.
  • Jessica Chastain plays the host of game show "What Even Matters Anymore" where they talk about which news would impact the Trump presidency the worst, and Kate McKinnon suggests "he cancels the Olympics because 'flags are gay'". The Winter Olympics a couple of weeks later draws criticism from a right-wing pundit who claims they've placed diversity over athletic talent, complete with his suggestion to replace the slogan "Faster, Higher, Stronger" with "Darker, Gayer, Different".
  • "Natalie's Rap 2" has Natalie Portman randomly revealing that Jar Jar Binks has "17 dicks". Considering Jar Jar is amphibious and the timing of this sketch, one has to wonder how many of the writers had The Shape of Water on the mind at the time.
  • The Michael Cohen wiretap cold open in the Donald Glover episode has "Trump" (Alec Baldwin) saying "How you holding up in prison?" When "Cohen" (Ben Stiller) says, "I'm not in prison", Trump says, "Give it a couple weeks." A couple of months later, Cohen pleaded guilty to several felonies - possibly a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment for Cohen and his family, but for the rest of us, it certainly falls under this. Additionally, one of the people Cohen calls is "Omarosa" (Leslie Jones), who says, "Yeah, this is Omarosa and I'm still pissed off." The real Omarosa would start doing a book tour savaging the Trump administration within a few months.

     Season 44 
  • Robert De Niro's appearance in the Jason Momoa episode was criticised for his reliance on cue cards due to being done at very short notice - which is a little funny if you know that Robert has a Signature Scene that famously didn't have a script.
  • The Steve Carell episode had the host star in two space-related sketches - one where he's a NASA astronaut on the International Space Station, and the other where he's celebrating Thanksgiving on an alien planet. Two months later, Netflix announced that Carell would be appearing in a TV series based on Donald Trump's Space Force.
  • The first episode of 2019 spoofs Deal or No Deal, with assorted people from the news holding the briefcases instead, and Chris Redd as Senator Cory Booker had a case that just says "Booker 2020". About a week later, the real Cory Booker announces his presidential bid.
  • The Seth Meyers episode from October had a sketch where the host shares a jail cell with Bill Cosby (Kenan Thompson), who says that he loves being in prison. The following February, a spokesman for Cosby revealed that he described prison as an "amazing experience".
  • Just before the 2019 Oscars, they do a Celebrity Family Feud with Cecily as Olivia Colman who's had a few drinks before the game. Fast forward to the actual ceremony and Olivia, having just won Best Lead Actress, manages to outdo that by turning into a nervous, blabbering mess... who could probably use a drink.
    • Host Don Cheadle plays Spike Lee, who says that "I've been buying New York Knicks tickets for the past 25 years, you think I like winning?" Spike would end up winning for Best Adapted Screenplay.
    • Melissa Villasenor as Lady Gaga is actually her second time doing this role, complete with Kyle Mooney returning as Bradley Cooper even though he doesn't qualify for the Newbies' team (he's been nominated before for Silver Linings Playbook), but Gaga says "he has to be with me, it's the rule". Now the Oscars ceremony is remembered for Bradley and Gaga ending up a lot closer than that.
  • Adam Sandler as Operaman accused Seth Rogen of ripping off his Ugly Guy, Hot Wife idea for the upcoming Long Shot, where Charlize Theron is the hot chick who just happens to be running for president. It goes two levels deep if you know that Adam's character in Pixels is best bros with the president (Kevin James).


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