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  • Fan artists for the longest time have been drawing artwork of a "What If?" of Jeanne Alter, Cu Alter, and EMIYA Alter. They're now playable characters in this game.
    • In addition to the above, a fan-made game featuring Altria and the other Arthurian myth characters featuring Merlin as a Biseinen with long, white hair, blue eyes and a glowing tattoo. Lo and behold, aside from the tattoo, that's exactly how Merlin's official appearance is in the Nasuverse.
    • Similarly, there has been quite a few fan-arts of a "What If?" of Julius Caesar as a Saber. On Danbooru, most of them are Saberclones. And then the official design is revealed and Caesar is definitely not a Saberclone. On the flipside, some thought he'd be a Bishōnen. Turns out he's a fat dude in this game, but then Cleopatra reveals that the Caesar she knew in life was a Bishōnen.
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  • Assassin Kiritsugu was propagated as a possible Servant for several years in fanfiction and fanart, and it's been legitimized in Fate/Accel Zero Order.
  • Before Tesla's debut in the game, we had a heroic spirit famous for something related to electricity in another unrelated series. The spirit's name? Edison. Both Takeru (in Edison form) and Tesla fought with electrical projectiles, and even both Edison Parka and Tesla was used by the arc's villain in their debut.
  • Edison's debut has him as a Caster. Kamen Rider Wizard has the secondary Rider being lion-themed while still being a wizard; in other words, still a Caster.
  • In Fate/kaled liner Prisma Illya 3rei manga Chapter 35, Shirou refers to the Black Keys he got from Kirei as Craft Essences (basically toys). He then complains about how they're worthless junk and how he paid lots of cash for them, reflecting many players' reactions to rolling them.
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  • The pink haired girl in the opening cinematic was thought to be Nightingale, the main ally of the America chapter. Later, Nightingale is revealed to be a different Servant and the pink haired girl is revealed to be Medb, the main villain of the America chapter.
  • The Onigashima event features a Rider-class Kintoki as an event Servant and lots of players are quick to point out that the belt he wears looks just like a Rider Belt. Well, this isn't his first time going to a place called Onigashima. Explanation 
  • The game director's name is Yosuke Shiokawa. It means "river of salt". Now we know why F/GO players are salty. Then it turns out the marketing guy's name means "stone cellar" and the company chairman's name means "money valley". Well played, DW.
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  • St. Martha's Interludes and events that she appeared in keep bringing up that she actually likes to beat enemies with her fists. Come "Chaldea Summer", the Ruler St. Martha mainly uses Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • After the inclusion of EMIYA and Dress of Heaven in Fate/Accel Zero Order, fans joked that someday they could reunite the whole Emiya family in the game. And now, voila, there's Illya and Chloe ready to join their parents (and brother). And the bonus level has them all together (plus Heracles).
  • There was a running gag among Fate fans that the "Riding" skill involves "riding a man" (this caused Irisviel, of all people, to snicker back then in Fate/Zero). In her Interlude, Medb mentions this as her qualification for the Rider class.
  • In Fate/Apocrypha, after summoning Mordred, Kairi asks to confirm that she's a Saber-class servant, to which Mordred sarcastically asks if she looks like an Assassin. Kairi then jokingly comments that an armored Assassin with a sword wouldn't be so bad. Fast-forward and we now have the Grand Assassin, King Hassan, who wears a full set of heavy armor and wields a sword.
  • Chapter 24 of the Fate/Grand Order gag manga has Altera having a nightmare thanks to the female protagonist sitting on her thinking that it gives the person being sat upon bad dreams. She jumps into a world where F/GO has a PVP mode and all the best rewards are only given to the top players aka the ranking system and event ranking systems, which you recognise is one of the most hated mechanics in mobages or pretty much games in general. Cut forward to April 2017, the GUDA GUDA Meiji Revival is pretty much a player base civil war with different rewards on either side. Thankfully, it's a ladder system like Honnoji so everyone gets the rewards on both sides, the only difference is which of the higher rewards of the winning side will be obtained.
  • In Fate/GUDAGUDA Order Drama CD, Nobu asks DW for a 5* "Demon Lord" version of her with Medusa saying that it wouldn't happen. Jump forward to Babylonia, in an ironic twist, we were introduced to Medusa Gorgon, which is pretty much Medusa's "Demon Lord" form.
    • And in GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji, Nobu finally got her wish, with a 5* "Demon Lord" version (who also happens to be an Avenger, similar to Medusa Gorgon). Also similar to Gorgon: Said Avenger version is a composite of three different beings, albeit Nobu's can change which is in charge at any given moment (and one of them is, incidentally, male) whereas Gorgon is literally "Medusa went insane and ate her sisters."
  • When battling Ereshkigal, one may wonder why the Babylonian goddess of the dead is placed under the Lancer designation. Then you realize that the fans' observations about how "being Lancer is suffering", "E-Rank Luck", and the "Lancer died! You aren't human!" phrase in Carnival Phantasm have not gone unnoticed by DW.
  • Speaking of Lancer, it's ironic that in Fate/Stay Night and Carnival Phantasm, Cu Chulainn always dies, but in Fate/Grand Order, he's nearly unkillable if you play him correctly. (And we are talking about any of his forms/alternate classes.)
  • Another Carnival Phantasm-related matter: Saber Alter Maid is part of the upcoming 2017 Summer event. "I am a cute gothic lolita maid waitress, sir!" Indeed.
  • In Farewell to 2016 - GUDAGUDA Order, Nero complains that she didn't get a swimsuit version for Summer 2016. Summer 2017 has her in the line-up.
  • EMIYA's line about him not wanting to be paired with gold Archers and blue Lancers now gains another layer of hilarity because of Parvati's release. It's either he can't get along with Gil (gold Archer) and Cu (blue Lancer) or that he doesn't like being reminded of his trouble with women, namely Ishtar (Rin, also a gold Archer) AND Parvati (Sakura, also a blue Lancer).
  • During the first Christmas event, Santa Alter gives d'Eon a maid outfit. During the Agartha singularity, it's exactly the kind of outfit they end up wearing.
  • Ereshkigal has always been a teased and awaited Servant ever since Babylonia release. To the extent that Cirnopedia and various resource calculators would jokingly put her in the line-up as if she was a normal Servant under the Lancer class due to her boss fight in the Babylon singularity. One year later, Ereshkigal would be the featured SSR in Christmas 2017, complete with the correct Class.
  • As noted in the "M" folder of the YMMV page, a lot of fans have come to the general consensus that the game's creator is none other than one Kotomine Kirei due to how much the paid gacha favors Black Keys (which are pretty much his signature weapon) and CEs with him on it. Guess who shows up as a part of the Clock Tower team?
  • During the first Christmas Event, Astolfo, who was making an Early-Bird Cameo, became the Butt-Monkey just because he didn't show up and fight during the Orleans singularity, and wasn't even summonable in the event, with his appearance being little more than a footnote. Semiramis, a fellow Apocrypha servant, didn't show up during Babylonia, yet not only does she debut as a summonable servant in the gacha of the 2018 Valentine's event (where she makes her debut proper), but she's the focus of the event.
  • This is not the first time Leonardo da Vinci and Vlad the Impaler being in the same series.
  • When Anastasia first appeared, some players half jokingly believe that instead of her being a Romanov, she was actually a gender-flipped Ivan the Terrible using his wife's name. Not only does Ivan actually appear in the Anastasia chapter, but Anastasia used the fact that she has the same name as his wife to manipulate him.
  • When the Nasuverse Knights of the Round Table are crossed over with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fou is often cast as the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. During the climax of Salomon, it turns out these fan artists were closer to the truth than they themselves realized.
  • During the release of Semiramis, someone made a fanart of making fun on how Atalante was at the time the only Red Faction servant who has Quick NP and bullied Achilles into getting a Quick NP just so she wouldn't be lonely, much to Achilles' distress. And when Achilles gets into FGO... he's a Quick-based Rider, so maybe he really took Atalante's advice at heart.
  • Marie Antoinette's "Whassup! My homies!" dialogue from the NA localization has now become this, because in another mobile gameNote , Marie Antoinette is depicted as having gone Totally Radical.
  • Raikou, voiced by Haruka Tomatsu, is a famed oni slayer who had oni blood herself. Two years later, Tomatsu would voice Zero Two, a Hunter Of Her Own Kind who has the appearance of and is referred to as an oni.
    • It's also not the first time Minamoto no Raikou is depicted as female; New Getter Robo also has a female Raikou.
  • The introduction of Katsushika Hokusai, actually a pair of characters featuring Hokusai in an octopus form and his daughter Ou'i wielding a giant paintbrush, was already this trope for Splatoon, which has a brush weapon called the Hokusai in the Japanese version (Octobrush in other versions). Then Splatoon 2 later got the Octo Expansion DLC which allows you to play as an Octoling. And then go into multiplayer as an Octoling wielding the Hokusai, with purple tenta-hair and octopus form if you're lucky.
  • The day after Napoleon, a French Heroic Spirit, was released in Japan, France managed to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For added irony, Napoleon's reign in Real Life began to crumble after he failed in his invasion of Russia, and France managed to win a World Cup taking place in Russia.
  • The latest Summer Mystic Code features a tanned main character and arts-related boosts. Why is this ironic? Vlad III (Berserker) is one of the Servants benefited most by this Mystic Code, and he's summoned as a vampire.
  • In Capsule Servant, Jeanne attempts to hijack the narrative of F/SN and proclaims the "Jeanne boom" to have begun, primarily as a response to Astolfo eclipsing her in popularity for Apocrypha. Cut to Grand Order where Jeanne has assuredly passed him in popularity as one of the game's poster girls with four different variants. The Jeanne boom has indeed begun. In addition, Rin briefly mistakes Jeanne for Napoleon which later turned out to be incredibly off-the-mark as far as appearances go.
  • Mysterious Heroine XX becomes this when you realize that one, Saber had a hard time defeating Berserker in the Fate route; two, her stronger variants are often gag versions for seasonal events; and finally, XX's Foreigner Class counters Berserkers. Meaning, a joke variant of Saber has an easier time defeating Berserker than her canon version. Yes, even with the buffs Saber got.
  • The idea that you can have a team of Servants instead of just one? Nerve Damage had this idea in 2012. Not to mention, many of the Servants in there are surprisingly spot-on when they debuted years later in here.
    • Nerve Damage has characters who can control a Berserker's Madness Enhancement, making them lucid while retaining their immense strength. Grand Order has many Berserkers whose madness does not prevent them from rational thought and speech.
  • If you have Quetzalcoatl, Gorgon comments that she's so cheerful for a servant that qualifies as the Avenger class. This becomes pretty funny when the 2018 Christmas event rolls around, where a Ruler-class version of Quetz is the welfare servant.
  • In the Prisma Illya event, Illya mentioned that the fake Tamamo Cat's voice is very much like Kuro's. Come the rerun and Kuro is shown wearing Tamamo Cat's apron and collar.
  • Fans have been clamouring for a playable version of Tiamat ever since she appeared in Babylonia. The CCC rerun gives us Kingprotea, whose later ascensions give her characteristics quite similar to Tiamat, due to having the essence of Earth Mother Goddesses. It's not exactly Tiamat, but it's close enough, we guess.
  • The whole "how fast do you have to slap a chicken to cook it" meme has only become funnier due to Kingprotea's NP being a highly-damaging slap from her taking gigantic form.
  • Mara being a gender flip? Not the first time, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey has Grand Order beat by almost a decade. Though that Mara was less... attractive.
  • Kaiba, the Master of Dragons in the Yugioh Anime, is now a Dragon Slayer.
  • This post notes that many narrative points for the plot of Part 1 parallels Avengers: Endgame to a terrifyingly similar degree. Note that Part 1 was released on the JP server Christmas 2016.
    • A group of heroes whose presence in the world was decided by random chance.
    • They Time Travel into shredded timelines of their own past in search for the overpowered McGuffins.
    • The purpose of collecting said items are to undo the Big Bad's already completed "Mass Destruction For The Sake Of A Better Universe" plan.
    • The Big Good is an accomplished academic (sort of) while the main supporting heroes consists of being a patriotic figure to their country (Jeanne) and the other uses a shield as the main choice of weapon (Mash).
    • Before the climatic battle begins, the patriot says a rallying speech.
    • The climax has the shield hero initially go alone against the Big Bad. When all hope seems lost, all of the heroes' allies from their previous adventures gather from across time and space to assist.
    • In the most climatic moment, the Big Good uses an assembled artefact of power to defeat the Big Bad at the cost of his own life.
  • Heracles' skill at using Cu Chulainn as a Boomelancer is now explained here in this game: he got good at the Fastball Special thanks to throwing Jason at their foes!

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