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Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader

  • Vader tells Hitler (played by Lloyd) that he has a Napoleon dick. Lloyd later plays the French man himself in a later video.
    • In the same video, Vader moonwalks. He was played by NicePeter, as was the adult Michael Jackson in season two.
  • In the rematch, Vader comments that he's "on the leader of your limp-dicked Luftwaffe" before making a reference to Lucas's other famous production, Indiana Jones. Then another Lucas production about pilots taking down the Luftwaffe came out.
  • In the third installment, Hitler tells Vader "I beat you twice you sellout and now you bow down to Mickey Mouse.". Now, Maker Studios, the company that produces Epic Rap Battles of History, does as well.
    • Even funnier now that ERB is independent of Maker.
  • Death Battle has made a fight of Darth Vader facing another European dictator Dr. Doom. From the looks of it, Adolf will be very happy with Doom by now.
  • This battle has EpicLLOYD make fun of a fictional villain's "burnt-ass face". The same happened 70 battles later in "Freddy Kruger vs Wolverine", although this time Lloyd played a fictional hero, rather than a real-life villain.


Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga

  • Lady Gaga makes a reference to the Jackson 5. 15 episodes later, The King of Pop himself (with a short appearance by his sibs) takes a shot at the mic. Both Gaga and Adult!MJ are played by Nice Peter to boot.

Kim Jong-Il vs. The Mega Powers - Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

  • Kim Jong-Il opens by saying he's got a "license to ill", one of the more well-known aspects of James Bond. Season 5 has James Bond appear... 58 episodes after this line.


Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Bieber says he's the next Michael Jackson. MJ himself appears later.

Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking

  • The line "I'm the Snoop Dogg of science". Snoop Dogg appears as Moses in a later episode.

Genghis Khan vs. The Easter Bunny

  • Genghis Khan tells the Easter Bunny that he's about to feel Wrath of Khan before Captain Kirk appeared in a rap.

Benjamin Franklin vs. Billy Mays

  • The line "Call me Arthur Miller, son..." becomes funnier considering the wife of Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, would appear as a rapping contestant later on.
  • "Your Boy George chopped down trees" said by Vince Offer (played by Peter), before George Washington (also played by Peter) appears in a battle.

Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd

  • Kassem G is named in Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe (he also appears there) and appears as one of the soldiers in the third Hitler vs. Vader.
  • Note the winged wolf that Kassem G appears with. What's the only winged wolf from a TV show at the time? Silverbolt in Beast Wars Transformers. It took them four movies, but the man himself finally cameoed in one.
  • The Stinger for Season 2 has a quote from Vladimir Putin appears, saying that he will kill Nice Peter if Season 2 does not have a Russian character. The Season 2 finale has five Russian characters, one of which is Putin (played by, you guessed it, Nice Peter).
  • The second installment has Epic Lloyd noting that Nice Peter could be interpreted as a euphemism for the male genitalia. A year later, Peter reveals that he is expecting a baby.

Wright Bros. vs. Mario Bros.

Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley

  • Elvis to MJ: "you like to grab your own wanger". In the Season 2 finale, Mikhail Gorbachev does just that ("I got the balls to let Baryshnikov dance, playa!"). Both are played by Lloyd.

Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe

  • The line "overthrows pharaohs who oppose me like Moses". Moses himself later appears in Moses vs. Santa Claus.
  • Marilyn mentions how Cleopatra once "[tossed] Caesar's salad". Julius himself would later appear in Shaka Zulu vs. Julius Caesar, where Shaka Zulu hurls a Cleopatra-centered insult at him.

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

  • One of the lines from Bill Gates is, "I'm a God! Own Xbox!" Along comes Xbox One...
  • From the same battle, HAL 9000's line "Hasta la vista, like the Terminator told ya." The Terminator himself appeared later in Terminator vs RoboCop, with a cameo by Arnie himself, no less!

Frank Sinatra vs. Freddie Mercury

  • Freddie claims Frank was "in the pocket of The Mafia". Lloyd, who played Frank, later portrayed the best known face of the Mafia, Al Capone. So much for plausible deniability.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

  • The two's face-off can bring some chuckles to this day, especially since in the 2016 election they would find themselves on the same side against Donald Trump.

Doc Emmett Brown vs. The Doctor

Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes

Babe Ruth vs. Lance Armstrong

  • In the behind the scenes, Peter says Lance Armstrong (who he plays) is like Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Peter later raps as Rick in Rick Grimes vs Walter White.

Grigori Rasputin vs. Josef Stalin

Blackbeard vs Al Capone

  • Blackbeard refers to himself as "the high seas Caesar". Not only did Caesar himself appear in a later battle, he was given a similar voice to Blackbeard!

Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso

  • Pablo called himself "the greatest, the modern art Muhammad Ali". What's the next rap battle? Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali.
  • In his first verse, Picasso mocks Bob by telling him that even his dog, Lump, can make better paintings than him, and in the second verse, he mocks Bob's name (which is rather unimpressive compared to Picasso's Overly Long Name). The BTS video reveals that the dog who plays Lump is actually named Bob.

Donald Trump vs. Ebenezer Scrooge

Goku vs. Superman

  • Superman's line about "Just one punch / and over nine thousand screams" becomes more hilarious after One-Punch Man gains popularity.
  • Goku's line about "You got your ass beat / by a bat with no power" also becomes more hilarious after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out, and just like in the comic it's based on, Superman did get his ass beat by Batman.
  • Goku's line "Defeat me with heat beams, you're crazy" is either this or Harsher in Hindsight, depending on your point of view, to those who have seen the second matchup between these two characters by Death Battle, in which Superman deals the finishing blow by focussing his heat-vision through Goku's eyes to incinerate his brain.

Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye

Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters

  • The BTS for the season 3 finale has Peter appearing 'in a box' ie. an inset as he was out of town at the time. The BTS for the start of season 4 has Peter playing around in a box, the one the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume came in!
  • It's also mentioned that they got a mascot suit actor to be in the Stay Puft suit, which is funny now that there's a movie with a mascot and a tubby white guy as heroes.
  • One insult towards the Ghostbusters is "come harder than Ray [Stantz] when that ghost popped his cherry". Having your cherry popped is a term for losing your virginity, but is typically applied only to females, making it a dig at Stantz's masculinity. Then Ghostbusters (2016) actually turned the titular group into girls, and suddenly the line is more applicable.
  • Another one concerning the new movie - the Mythbusters' first verse involves Peter and Lloyd doing a particularly complicated hand-slap-dance that took a while to practice, while in the new movie, Abby and Holtzmann have an even more complicated Secret Handshake that they pull off swimmingly.

Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter

  • Jack the Ripper claims that Hannibal is forgotten and that nowadays people watch Dexter. Dexter's series finale ended in September 2013 while Hannibal premiered in May 2013. At the time this rap battle premiered, Hannibal had garnered enough popularity to warrant a third season on NBC. However, before the fourth season of ERB was over, NBC had cancelled Hannibal. Maybe Jack the Ripper was right after all...

Lewis And Clark vs Bill & Ted

  • Ted says he's heard better insults from Socrates' anus. Socrates did appear two battles later in "Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers", which is foreshadowed by Lloyd appearing dressed as Socrates in this video.
  • Lewis & Clark are played by Rhett & Link, who previously rapped alongside Smosh in "Artists vs Turtles". In the Bill & Ted films, Bill was played by Alex Winter, who would later work with Smosh himself by directing Smosh: The Movie. Kinda makes you wonder just whose side Rhett & Link are on.

Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers

Stan Lee vs. Jim Henson

  • Henson's line "the Four will always be Fantastic" was proven wrong the very same week of the battle's upload, as the Fantastic Four reboot opened a few days later and performed terribly with critics and audiences, not to mention Marvel cancelling their comic the same year this battle came out!
  • Walt's line "In fact I own this whole series!" made sense at the time because Maker Studios, which ERB worked with at the time to make their videos, was bought out by Disney in 2014. However, the trailer for season 6 includes "100% Independent", indicating that ERB will no longer be tied to Maker Studios and therefore Disney. "I own this whole series!"? Not anymore you don't.
    • Even funnier, ERB seemed to realize this. Hence why the season 6 trailer contains Stock Footage for Disney's "whole series" line.

Deadpool vs. Boba Fett

J.R.R. Tolkien vs George R.R. Martin

  • One of George R.R. Martin's first disses against Tolkien was complaining about how all of "[Tolkien's] bad guys and guys die and [his] good guys survive," is amusing when, in the wake of the ending of Game of Thrones, almost all of the main good guys live and all but two villains die.

Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child

  • Ramsay compares Child to both Shrek and Big Bird. When Big Bird appeared in the "Flash in the Pan Hip Hop Conflicts" subseries, he also compared his opponent to Shrek!!!

James Bond vs Austin Powers

  • Just the fact that Sean Connery!Bond is an unapologetic "rug-wearing misogynist", considering that Lloyd would later play Donald Trump.

Bruce Banner vs Bruce Jenner

  • Banner compares Jenner to "the Flash, especially in the 100m ditch-your-wife dash". As of season 3 of The Flash (2014), Barry Allen has basically run himself back into the friendzone, twice.
  • Jenner points out that Banner "can't go back to protect your mom from your dad". While Banner is clearly based on the Mark Ruffalo MCU incarnation and this line was more of a reference to the backstory of Eric Bana's Hulk, it's funny now that MCU Banner is the one that helped develop time travel!

Donald Trump vs Hilary Clinton

Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder

Wayne Gretzky vs Tony Hawk

Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill

  • Winston calling Teddy an "overgrown Boy Scout", considering that Lloyd once played THE Big Blue Boy Scout.
  • In this battle, [EpicLLOYD] plays Theodore Roosevelt. Only six battles later, he would play the guy who played Roosevelt in Night at the Museum.

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg

  • Three and a half months after a rap battle with Elon Musk being released, Elon Musk releases his own rap song, "RIP Harambe".

Guy Fawkes vs Che Guevara

  • This rather infamous fan-made epic rap battle featured Guy Fawkes years before he would be featured in an official one.


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