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  • Ace Attorney:
    • Detective Gumshoe is incredibly incompetent as an investigator, and his salary is so low the police hire him more out of pity than anything else. However, he's popular with the recruits, looks after the police dog Missile, is a relentless Determinator, fiercely loyal to his friends, able to stand up to a room full of mafia men and survive and always manages to find that one crucial clue when the heroes need it most. One of his songs is called 'I can do it when it counts, pal!'.
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    • Miles Edgeworth starts out as a typical evil rival to Phoenix Wright, but after Character Development, he becomes a kindhearted man dedicated to justice and discovering the truth, even sometimes willing to break the law he so thoroughly upholds if it means taking down the bad guys. He also has a huge (though secret) obsession with the Steel Samurai.
    • The Judge is probably the biggest Cloud Cuckoolander in the entire series, and seemingly Took a Level in Dumbass at the end of every game, since he kept getting flanderized into being progressively dumber. That said, the Judge takes the law very seriously, and will always go for a chance to discover the truth, no matter how small. And, as much as the courts are clearly working off of "guilty until proven innocent," the Judge will let a lot go if there's even a slight doubt as to the defendant's guilt. Finally, he has a very profound monologue at the end of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney about the law constantly changing to suit what humans view as "good" at any one time.
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    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies:
      • Juniper Woods seems like a standard Shrinking Violet when first introduced as the defendant in the first case. In the third case, however, it's revealed that she's one of the top students of the Judge course at a prestigious academy for aspiring lawyers, as well as Student Council President. She's still emotionally vulnerable, but better at hiding it while on the job.
      • Juniper's friends, Robin and Hugh. The former is seemingly a Hot-Blooded boy, but is actually a girl with gender identity issues due to being Raised as the Opposite Gender. The latter is seemingly an Insufferable Genius, but he realizes that his parents bribed the school for his grades, and hates himself to the point where he'd willingly accept Juniper and Robin hating him and/or go to prison to protect Juniper.
  • Amnesia: Memories
    • Shin comes across like a Bastard Boyfriend, but he's actually a very nice guy and his words are all just based on Brutal Honesty because he would only be like that to those that he thinks can improve themselves. He also quite enjoys studying and learning new things.
    • Ikki may appear to be nothing but a casanova that changes girlfriends every few months, but he turns out to actually be looking for a long-term, meaningful relationship. There's also him admitting how his gaze has broken his ability to have a normal interaction with women (because they fall in love with him) and men (because they hate him for getting all the women). He's also studying to become an accountant.
    • Toma hides beneath his friendly demeanor a resentful side, full of his unadmitted or even unrequited feelings for the heroine. He proves himself capable of injuring her, albeit not intentionally, and imprisoning her in his home under a misguided attempt of keeping her safe from danger. Though the worst of this side of his is only in the Heart and Diamond worlds, with other worlds focusing on his good side and revealing his earnest side of wanting to be a good older brother figure to the heroine and Shin.
  • Tsugumi of Ever17 is quite obviously not all she appears. First she seems like a total jerkass but since she's rather attractive and around the same age as the hero, we assume tsundere. But then she's mean to everyone, except when she isn't so then maybe she has a Sugar-and-Ice Personality. Finally, Cry Cute, Broken Bird, Who Wants to Live Forever?, Properly Paranoid, Defrosting Ice Queen and a good many other tropes to finally show who Tsugumi really is.
  • All the FOIL members in Fleuret Blanc present themselves as pretty simple, shallow stereotypes at first. However, they all reveal themselves to have complex pasts and outlooks if you take the time to talk to them.
    • Odon is a calm, laid-back monk who doesn't seem to care about anything. He wasn't always like that; he became a delinquent as a young man after his family's fortune was swindled, and based his current persona on his wife, who helped him through that rough time. Then she died, sending him into a relapse. He is still deeply uncertain about his life direction, and his calm persona is mostly a front that he desperately clings to. You can find hints of this early on, as there's one scene where you can see him drowning himself in liquor — odd behavior for a monk, no?
    • Masque is a strange, taciturn man who at first appears to be nondescript, unapproachable Dumb Muscle. However, he is actually highly knowledgeable about masks, and collects them in an attempt to preserve the cultural history that surrounds them. If you manage to actually bring up the subject, he becomes quite the chatterbox.
  • Virtually everybirdie in Hatoful Boyfriend has some of these; at a glance the whole cast seems to fit into otome game stereotypes, but digging deeper always produces something that runs counter to appearances. The heroine is a cheerfully bombastic Contemporary Cavewoman whose parents were killed when she was a child. Sweet crossdressing Childhood Friend Ryouta is taking care of his dying mother, very aware of mortality, and unnervingly possessive of Hiyoko. French Jerk Royal Brat Sakuya really likes music and has a terribly stern Fantasy-Forbidding Father who he's starting to doubt, and a secret core of actual integrity. Shy bookish Nageki is a ghost bound to the library, who is willing to sacrifice himself painfully to save people. Cloudcuckoolander Oko San... doesn't have much depth, but he has a sort of simple wisdom that makes him valuable in a crisis. Doctor Shuu is exactly as bad as he seems but has a The Lost Lenore thing going on, and appears to be pretty good with little kids, if Miru and Kaku are any indication. Talkative Loon Anghel is more aware of things than he seems and apparently can sense the future.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, when you go through their routes, all of the girls have much more depth than they first appear.
    • Emi, an athletic Plucky Girl who is one of the stars of the school track despite having no legs who is also haunted by the emotional trauma of losing her father in the same accident where she lost her legs and actively avoids trying to get to close to anyone because she can't deal with the pain of losing anyone else.
    • Hanako, suffering from having been badly burned in a house fire that claimed the lives of her parents who would prefer it if you did *not* pity her thank you very much and will really let you have it if you try too hard to white knight for her.
    • Lilly a perfect and motherly and probably a little *too* good at concealing her emotions to the point where it is difficult for her defy her own parents even when it means being parted from the boy she loves forever, which she does not want.
    • Rin the Crazy Cloudcuckoolander who is frustrated by the fact that it is impossible for people to understand her.
    • Shizune, the playful, ultra-competitive Student Council President who is frustrated by the fact that her deafness, and the communication problems that come with make it so hard for her get other people to open up to her, so she pours all of her efforts into making people happy in the hopes that they would like her.
    • This also applies to some of the secondary characters
      • Misha, a cheerful, energetic Genki Girl who is tormented by unrequited love for her best friend Shizune, and may even have been bullied for her sexual orientation
      • Yuuko, a clumsy and sometimes awkward librarian/waitress/college student, is actually a fairly good source of advice on relationships, especially considering that she's acquainted with some of the girls
      • Kenji, the paranoid misogynist conspiracy theorist, was in a relationship in a past, and while he broke up with his girlfriend, he still has fond memories of their relationship.
  • The entire Nasuverse is ripe with this trope from a Boisterous Bruiser King who justifies tyranny, a Wide-Eyed Idealist Determinator who is also a broken Martyr Without a Cause, a Genki Girl who is emotionally dead, and a Psycho for Hire Tsundere who just wants to love amongst many.
  • The characters of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors were developed by building them upon stereotypes, then subverting them, according to an interview.
  • Almost everyone in Princess Waltz has something that counters their outward personality:
  • Spirit Hunter: NG:
    • Akira is surprised to learn that, despite her glamorous looks, Rosé's a fan of the peppy idol group Love&Hero.
    • Despite what his bulky appearance and boisterous attitude would suggest, Maruhashi is not a strong-arm for the Yakuza; rather, his job is information gathering, and he's more proficient at that than he is at picking fights.
  • Everybody (except Grave who really is just evil) in Symphonic Rain aren't what they seem to be at first glance such as Fal and Torta who initially seem to be nice girls who fall in love with Chris during their route but Fal is just a ruthless person who is using Chris for his skills and Torta is filled with self loathing.


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