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Because the web can be a dangerous place to be a hero...

  • Shandala goes through a serious one in Broken Saints after her adopted brother is killed as result of her own actions. Considering she's also surrounded by mysterious foreigners on a boat half an ocean away from the only home she's ever known, it's even less surprising.
  • In Red vs. Blue, the Reds eventually discover the true purpose of their battles: They're basically labrats and are set up in situations to train the Freelancer and see how the Freelancer would act in that situation. They also discover that the Reds and Blues were intentionally chosen to be idiots to make things easier for the Freelancers. After Sarge realizes what this means, he winds up hastily constructing a Red Base out of scrap parts, deciding that if he's trash, he should be a sergeant of trash. He also relinquishes his rank as leader of his trio. This also breaks Simmons.
    • A literal example from Season 13 - Epsilon is starting to fail, and is having trouble running the systems of Carolina's powered armor, even with the assistance of other AI fragments. So during a critical fight, he lets her down when she needs him the most.
    Theta: It's too much! What do we do? (fizzles out)
    Epsilon: ...I don't know. (stares in silence for a few moments, then fizzles out)
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  • Koden goes through a temporary one in the DSBT InsaniT episode 'The Camping Webisode' after he discovers the gang's campsite has been trashed.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, the Emperor shuts down after realizing what the Imperium has turned into and that he actually started the Inquisiton. The worried Custodian spends a few hours poking him with a halberd before getting any reaction and the second thingnote  the Emperor does after recovering is ordering the Inquisition to be disbanded.
  • In the Team Service Announcement Class Balance, the BLU Medic can only stare in horror upon seeing his worst nightmare come true: his entire team is nothing but Snipers.
  • Both Scrooge and Vegeta, undergo this in episodes 3 and 7 of Ducktalez, respectively. Scrooge, because he failed his nephews, and Vegeta does this because he let Scrooge down.
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  • In Dreamscape, Dylan goes through a couple of them in his tale of his experience in the Unworld.
  • RWBY: Yang suffers a huge one by the end of Volume 3 and spends a huge chunk of Volume 4 in this state, being hit pretty hard to the point of giving up, nearly to the point of hitting Despair Event Horizon. Getting disgraced in the tournament, losing your right arm trying to protect your friend, and then having that friend abandon you shortly after, in addition to losing Penny, Pyrrha and Beacon to Cinder and the Grimm, will do that to you. By Volume 4, she's getting a bit better, but she still shows signs of PTSD - when she accidentally drops a glass in the kitchen, it triggers a flashback of Adam slicing her arm off, causing her to panic and hyperventilate, and it takes a bit for her to calm down. Given her bubbly Boisterous Bruiser personality before, it's really upsetting viewing. Fortunately, by the end of the Volume, she not only gets a new arm, but recovers enough to head out into the direction of Mistral, presumably, to look for Ruby. Volume 5, however, shows that she hasn't recovered fully as she has a number of minor panic attacks that she has to fight through and she ends up sobbing to Weiss that Blake's abandonment hurt her the worst.
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  • Happy Tree Friends. Sniffles has one at the end of "Dream Job" after suffering many horrible nightmares.
  • Lori from Snowy the Frostman has one in the series finale when she realizes she was too late to stop her past self and friends from creating Snowy.


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