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  • In Ajax, after having been induced to madness and very publicly slaughtering livestock while under the impression they were his allies, Ajax is fairly subdued once he is in his right mind again and discovers everyone knows what he's done. This is a prelude to suicide.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac: Viscount de Valvert tries to bully Cyrano telling him his nose is very big. After Cyrano ends his own Hurricane of Puns (a Long List of genially funny Gag Noses), he provokes a mini Heroic B.S.O.D. to Viscount De Valvert.
    De Guiche (trying to draw away the dismayed viscount): Come away, Viscount!
  • In Into the Woods, the Baker, after hearing some terrible news, goes into one of these, in song form. Literally, he sings a song about how he just wants to stop everything.
    "No more feelings... Time to shut the door ... Just no more ..."
  • Miss Saigon: John, to Kim, about Chris. "He went crazy when he lost you, spoke to no one for a year. Then he finally said I'm home now, my life has to go on here." Of course, it didn't really go on—earlier in the play we see him waking from a bad dream and his wife's lyrics indicate that this is a nightly occurrence.
  • Hector has one in The History Boys
    WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THESE EXAMS! Shut up, all of you! [crying] What made me piss my life away in this godforsaken place? There's nothing of me left.
  • In the 2013 West End musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Bucket, up to this point a Cheerful Child who makes the most of his meager lot in life, falls into one of these after learning that the fourth of the five Golden Tickets has been found just after his one chance at finding a ticket failed. For the next week he is glum and quiet, not even asking to hear one of Grandpa Joe's stories. Even when his father suggests they could look for shooting stars in the sky to wish upon, Charlie's response is a mere "Don't waste a wish on me". Thankfully, the next day fortune finally smiles upon him when circumstances result in him finding the final ticket.
  • Les MisÚrables has "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables."
  • Hamilton:
    • "Tomorrow There'll Be More Of Us", often called "Laurens' Interlude", in which the titular Hamilton receives news that his friend and implied lover John Laurens has been killed in battle. He stays silent for a while, and then finally responds with a choked
    I have so much work to do.
    • "It's Quiet Uptown", in which the company observes him undergoing another one. He paces up and down the streets of New York end to end, all day, every day, Talking to the Dead (specifically his son).
  • The Play That Goes Wrong: Jonathan/the Inspector has this when he's unable to find the prop he needs, Max having moved it after accidentally sitting on it. He repeats "a ledger?" over and over as he looks for until he's screaming, then curls up on the couch sobbing. The audience pointing out said ledger is sticking out from under the couch does not help.
  • Spring Awakening, Melchior suffers from one when he sees Wendla's grave.
  • Next to Normal, several characters have them:
    • Natalie has one during her piano recital.
    • Dan has one when Diana starts to remember Gabe.
    • Diana is having one throughout the entire show.