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Heroic BSOD / Music

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  • For more examples, see B.S.O.D. Song
  • The title character of The Who's Tommy, the result of him witnessing the murder of, depending on which version of the story you're watching or listening to, his father or mother's lover. In any event, Tommy goes into a catatonic state, staring blankly, at any given point, into space, his reflection in a mirror or a pinball machine. He comes out of it due to a combination of his new found celebrity and the frustration of his folks, leading him to think he's some sort of messiah, but goes back into Heroic B.S.O.D. mode at the end when his followers start leaving him in droves.
  • The Scorpions' Heroes Don't Cry is about a man who goes through this after a disaster of some sort - the song leaves it unclear - but, heartwarmingly, resists being Driven to Suicide and decides to live on, even though he's broken.
  • David Byrne & Fatboy Slim's album Here Lies Love has the song "Walk Like a Woman". In it, the newly-married Imelda Marcos has trouble adjusting to life as the wife of a politician. She has a nervous breakdown, undergoes treatment at a psych ward in New York, and returns to the Philippines a changed woman.
  • "One More Time" by Madeline Harper Guest. Madeline has a Heroic B.S.O.D. after someone close to her either abandons her or dies, and she spends the song trying to figure out how to make peace with her loss while still keeping the memories.