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Heel Face Turn / Animated Films

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  • In The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge Out Of Water, Bubbles goes from trying to kill Spongebob and Plankton to helping them stop Burger-Beard.
  • Rufus & Thaddeous from The Star.
  • Speaking of Fairies, There's one in Strange Magic. Bog King once believed Love is a disease until Marianne saw good in him and they fell in love. Also there's the Fairy King after he chose an unworthy and pompous suitor, Roland for Marianne
  • Maximus from Tangled. Starts off as a horse that is too persistent and smart to capture Flynn Rider and bring him to justice. After being forced to stick together by Rapunzel, he started to grudgingly befriend Flynn, and when Flynn was in trouble by his superior and Rapunzel might be in danger, Maximus betrays his human superiors by calling forth the ruffians he helped arrest before to save Flynn and eventually take him to Rapunzel for the climax.
  • Ken from Toy Story 3 starts out as one of the toys trying to keep the gang imprisoned, but he changes sides after he falls in love with Barbie.
    • Subverted definitely with Lotso. Played straight with the rest of the Sunnyside toys.
  • Up: The credits show all of the villain's dogs, including Alpha, assisting the infirm.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph attempts to pull this off. The entire idea of "Face" and "Heel" and what it really means to be either is examined and played around with during the story.
  • Gideon from Zootopia, though not onscreen. He was a pretty vicious bully as a kid, and was the reason why Judy developed some prejudice against foxes. However when Judy meets him again as an adult, he had grown into a much kinder person, and he apologizes to her for how he used to be.