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Heartwarming / Zero 2: A Revision

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  • In general, Kari's entire treatment of Davis is considered one in this fan fiction when compared to the original who often talk bad things to him and laugh at his own clumsiness. Here, she genuinely treats Davis like a best friend, never talks badly behind his back, is often the one most concerned about his antics and his injuries, and overall cares about him more than the canon incarnation.
    • When Kari and Davis ends up being alone, Kari apologizes to Davis for her neglect on him in favor of TK which caused him to be jealous. Once Davis accepts it, Kari hugs him as proof that they are true best friends forever (Davis blushes and faints because of it).
  • Upon being caught by the Emperor's death trap, he threatens that Davis either let his friends die or himself. He immediately chose himself with a heartwarming speech which doubles as a Shut Up, Hannibal! about what friends are for.
    Davis: Friends are supposed to look out for each other, no matter what the cost is...or no matter how annoying some are (Yolei). And if it means giving my life to save be it! Not like you'd know!
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  • Demidevimon and his partner Joshua reunites and reconciles with each other after 28 years of abandonment.
  • When Daniel realizes that he is about to be infected by a Gravemon-infected Seadramon, despite Oikawa previously threatening Natsuko for Hiroaki's Digivice, holds no grudge to him, merely telling his own grandson to remain strong.
  • Shaun dies destroying Huanglongmon's Digicore after 5765 of endless misery, finally gaining the closure that he so desired by effectively achieving his goal: to prevent the Digidestined from being killed.

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