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  • When Onoda mentions during his race with Imaizumi that I Just Want to Have Friends.
  • When Tadokoro hugs Aoyagi and Teshima after they collapse during the 1000km challenge, telling them how proud he is of them, also counts as a tearjerker.
    • Naruko's concern that it was their fault that Aoyagi and Teshima pulled muscles.
    • And not only Naruko! Imaizumi and Onoda were concerned too! And the 3 rookies took to heart Teshima's words of encouragement to them.
  • Everything about Tadokoro's relatiosnship with Aoyagi and Teshima could be a CMOH. In particular, Aoyagi idolizes him, basically taking Tadokoro's role in the team during his third year.
    • Teshima and Aoyagi being reduced to happy tears when Tadokoro takes the first sprint.
    • They also try helping him rejoin the race when he falls behind on the second day.
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    • It's revealed during the second Inter High that Tadokoro passed on the Love Hime CD Onoda gave him to Aoyagi. It's a show not only of how much the song and Onoda's support meant to him, but how much he trusts in Aoyagi.
    • Teshima telling Aoyagi that even if Tadokoro trained both of them, he always got a soft spot for Aoyagi since he was the one that become a sprinter just like him, that make Aoyagi remember how he feelt like if Tadokoro was always petting his head like a proud dad or older brother.
  • Instead of being angry or bitter over Onoda qualifying for the Inter-High when he didn't, Teshima basically becomes Onoda's biggest supporter, even giving him new shoes and pedals to help him improve.
    • And after becoming the Captain, Teshima always tried to cheer up the depressed Onoda after Makishima left the team.
  • Either you ship them or not, just the whole relationship between Teshima and Aoyagi is a big heartwarming as a whole. Aoyagi has always suffered from anxiety, and was unnable to make friends since childhood, even his classmates considered him boring and gloomy and called him nicknames in his back, not helping at all for him to feel at easy around others. Aoyagi was alone for years until the day he met Teshima.
    • Their meting was very important in the life of both of them. In Aoyagi's side, he finally got a friend to spend time and is obvious that Teshima influense helped him to become more open to others, specially in his 3th year when he started a more close friendship with Imaizumi, Onoda and specially with Naruko, he also become a mentor figure for Kaburagi. And in Teshima's side, Aoyagi was the reason for him to keep biking, and thus, the reason he become a Captain and got the opportunity to inspire the younger members of the club.
      • Even Aoyagi admits that Teshima's smile and cheerful personality gave him the strengh to never give up.
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    • When Aoyagi got the courage to ask Teshima why he wanted to spend time with him, Teshima just smiled and assured him that he doesn't find him boring and he really wanted to be his friend.
    • When you realise that the quiet Aoyagi was the one to propose becoming a "Team of 2". That for sure was a huge development for someone with anxiety problems.
    • After Teshima wins the sprint against Koga in the training camp, Aoyagi ran to his side thinking how happy he is for Teshima winning alone.
    • Teshima crying of hapiness after Aoyagi return with Kaburagi in the 2nd day of Interhight. He had already lost all hopes of being able to catch up with Hakone and Naruko that were in the head, but having Aoyagi back, make him to start to believe in a miracle again.
    • In the 3th day, Teshima start to feel hopeless after falling in the pack, yet when he found that Aoyagi was waiting for him, he got cheerful again.
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    • The dead game with Hiroshima. They targeted the Climber Teshima and tried to beat him in a sprint, but Teshima is not alone, he has Aoyagi with him. Despite being in pain for his injured leg, Aoyagi keep pushing Teshima with one hand until his agreed goal in order to help him win. The whole sprint shows not only how much Aoyagi and Teshima are perfectly synchronized, but also shows how they keep each other motivated to win and how much they care for each other.
    • After pulling the team to catch up with Hakone and dropping the race in the 3th day, Aoyagi start thinking that he was only able to ran in the Interhigh because of Teshima and he is sincery grateful to him.
  • Onoda being showered with affection by his teammates after he wins the Interhigh is sweet overall, but special mention should go to him getting an enthusiastic hug from Makishima.
    • It's easy to miss but, after Onoda wins, Teshima is in the lead when the rest of the team is climbing over the barriers to congratulate him.
      • And then Teshima hugged Onoda while crying in hapiness.
    • Miki gently grasps his hand as he lays on the ground utterly exhausted, the same way she did after he won the mountain checkpoint during the first year welcome race.
  • After the Inter-High, Onoda wants to express his gratitude to his senpai and takes them to, of all places, Akibahara where he buys each of them a present.
    • It doubles as a Funny Moment when Onoda doesn't just buy Makishima one gift but ten times the same thing. He's just so grateful to Makishima for helping him and teaching him.
  • The entire scene when Onoda and Tadokoro finally rejoin the rest of the team on the 2nd Day.
    • First, after initially being massively embarrassed by Onoda's "plan," Tadokoro is the one to suggest they sing once more even though there's no one around.
    • Tadokoro's inner monologue about cycling being fun and how grateful he is to Onoda.
    • Once the two finally catch sight of Sohoku's jerseys, Onoda excitedly turns back to Tadokoro to tell him, only to be shocked by the fact that he's crying with pure joy.
      • Tadokoro's emotions are partially due to the fact that, at one point, he was going to drop out of the cycling club because he couldn't improve. The idea of improving enough to compete in the Inter-High, only to drop out the second day, was initially devastating him until Onoda showed up.
    • "Team Sohoku! MAKISHIMA!!! Along with everyone's reactions, ESPECIALLY Makishima's.
  • Tadokoro taking over for Makishima for pulling the team on a climb. Makishima responds by affectionately nudging the sprinter in the ribs.
  • The whole movie technically, for giving Sohoku one last chance to ride together.
    • And speaking of, the team actually sings the Love Hime song together. As a kicker, Tadokoro is the one who suggests it.
  • Miyahara's flashbacks during Day 3 of the Interhigh. As it turns out, Manami was very sickly as a child, rarely coming to school and spending time in and out of hospitals. What changed? Miyahara brought him to a cycling course, telling him he could improve his health if he tried at a sport. The gesture clearly changed his life for the better.
    • Manami has frequently challenged Miyahara to race him because she's technically the only person he's never beaten. Miyahara refuses, because she knows he'd win in an instant. There's definitely an air of melancholy as she acknowledges he's entered a completely different world than hers, but she's still clearly very glad that cycling was able to improve his life this much.
    • When you learn that even if he doesn't show it very well, Manami is actually very thankfull with Miyahara for introducing him into biking racing.
  • Everyone cheering up Kaburagi after losing the sprinter's prize to Doubashi.
  • Imaizumi making sure to include the unconscious Kaburagi in Sohoku's group fist bump is equal parts hilarious and adorable.
  • After a very close race to the mountain price in the first day of the 42th IH, Izumida tried to make fun of Sohoku for sending Teshima to stop Manami, Sohoku's reaction? Expressing how much they are proud of their captain for giving a close fight to one of the best climbers in the competition!
    • And everyone from Sohoku's support team also being happy of Teshima after hearing he only lost for half a sec! They all know that it was a very big accomplishment and effort from their Captain and are proud of him.
    • Teshima stopping to wait for Manami after realising the younger boy had a mechanical problem. He tried to hide it after Manami asked him about it, but then he explain that it would have been unfair to win like that.
    • At first Manami ignored Teshima believing he was not a worthy oponent, but after waiting for him and having a close fight in the goal line, Manami not only took the time to thanks Teshima for waiting for him, but he also said that he considers him a strong oponent now, since he was able to do what others can't, that includes: waiting for him after the mechanical failure, keeping track of him after every aceleration and giving him a close fight in the goal line with only his strong determination at his side.
    • Onoda arriving in time to save Teshima from colapsing after draining all his stamina in the race with Manami, that allowed Teshima to continue in the competition the next day.
      • If you paid attention, you can see that Manami stopped to check if Teshima was fine! you can see some traids like if he wanted to run to support him, but stopped when Onoda arrived to help.
      • And the next day, Manami ask Teshima if he is fine. Onoda even start to think how Manami and Teshima had never interacted before, but now, Manami holds some respect to the hard worker Teshima.
    • When Imaizumi and Naruko past Onoda and the tired Teshima, both comment how they feel inspired after watching their captain effort.
  • Aoyagi becoming like a mentor figure for Kaburagi after realising the rookie is a sprinter. Aoyagi just feel like helping the boy in the same way Tadokoro helped him.
    • Is just both funny and adorable how Kaburagi thinks that the advices notes he keep finding are from the "God of Orangee Beena" instead of Aoyagi. But then you realise that Aoyagi never tell the truth to Kaburagi, he is just fine knowing that the boy is doing his job.
    • In the 2nd day, Aoyagi waiting for Kaburagi and helping him return to the team. This whole action helped Kaburagi to start a big admiration for his sempai.
    • And in the 3th day, Kaburagi trying to tell Aoyagi about his new admiration for him, it looks that Onoda got remplaced as Kaburagi's favorite sempai! Specially since in the 1st day, Kaburagi directly told Aoyagi that every one of his sempais inspired him... With the exception of Aoyagi. How stuffs has changed in 3 days!
  • Counting as a Tear Jerker too, but Kaburagi crying after Aoyagi dropped the race in the 3th day after giving all in one last sprint to catch up with Hakone.
    • Everyone in Team Sohoku thinking how strong Aoyagi is. Everyone respect him and his efforts and take to heart the job of carrying his wish to the last goal.
    Imaizumi: Aoyagi-san!! You’re strong!!
    • When Izumida start talking about discarding the tired Aoyagi was the wised decision, Kaburagi jumps in defense claiming that Aoyagi is the stronger and kindest person he has met ever! And that even if Aoyagi doesn't stand out that much, that just make him even more cooler!
  • [[Teshima beating Ashikiba and winning the mountain prize in 3th day. Everyone from Sohoku start feeling very proud of him. Also a tearjerker since Teshima was so tired that he had to drop the race, and thus, lost the prize because of it]]
    • And "Everyone" include Kinjou, Makishima and a crying Tadokoro.
  • Onoda winning for the team a second time!! And everyone running to congratulate him.
    • Imaizumi hugging Onoda and thanking him for everything.
    • Even Aya, the "I'm only here because I don't have anything better to do" girl, was quick in giving Onoda a big contrulation hug and nearly crying of happinnes over him.
    • The panels that show the Team hearing the news: Kaburagi crying of happines while a smiling Aoyagi pet him in the head, Naruko also crying of happines and even a semi unconcius Teshima throwing a smile.
    • Even if some fans are not happy with the result, just Sohoku winning a second time is a CMOH. The whole Interhigh was like a big torture for them. Despict being the previous winners, the reporters ignored them since everyone were looking for Hakone to win again, claiming Sohoku was just lucky the previous year. Then in the competition, they were unnable to win a prize in the first and second day and they got a lot of problems in the 3 days at a whole... it just give some satisfaction to see their efforts paying off in the end.
  • Manga Chapter 543. Everything about it.
    • Teshima realising this is the first time he is part of a winner ceremony.
    • Teshima thankying Onoda for making this possible.
      • And Onoda thankying Teshima for his hardwork.
    • Imaizumi telling Teshima that they could not have done it without him.
    • Makishima!!
    Makishima: He’s incredible, sho. Teshima

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