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Heartwarming / Yes, Minister

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  • More or less any time Annie Hacker appears, there's a 50-50 chance of Jim proving his humanity in a way most life-affirming.
  • Jim getting tearful when he gets it into his head that Sir Humphrey is dying.
  • While waiting for the phone call to confirm that he's secured the job of PM Hacker turns to Bernard and says that if he does move to No. 10 he'll still need a Private Secretary and asks in a rather tongue tied manner if Bernard would like the job. Sir Humphrey looks less than impressed by the idea but the interplay between Hacker and Bernard shows genuine respect and affection for each other.
  • When Humphrey puts down the phone at the end of "Party Games", Hacker, in an agony of uncertainty, asks him "Is it...?" and points more or less at himself. Humphrey, who has been stone-faced throughout the phone call, suddenly smiles at him like a proud dad, and says respectfully "...Yes, Prime Minister." Turns into a Funny Moment as Hacker, feeling destiny call, stares nobly into the middle distance and unconsciously slips his hand inside his jacket like Napoleon.
  • When Sir Arnold is able to prove Humphrey innocent of espionage in "One of Us", Jim is driven to tears of joy. Admittedly because the evidence that exonerated him was a diary entry from a spy describing Humphrey as a moron.
  • One for Bernard in the final episode "The Tangled Web". Having found out about Humphrey's indiscretion whilst being interviewed at the BBC, he uses his own initiative to convince the producer to give him the master tape. Instead of simply giving the tape to Humphrey and getting his patronage for the rest of his career, he chooses to give the tape to Hacker so that Hacker can use it as leverage to get out of a sticky situation Humphrey put him into and Bernard feels sympathy for Hacker. Given how self serving civil servants are played throughout the series, it really is touching to see that there is one civil servant who has a conscience.