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Heartwarming / Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

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  • Hirotaka's confession to Narumi crosses into this and hilarity. After listening to her bad luck with dating, he tells her things like he'd wait for her if she works overtime and won't disappoint her or make her addition to promising to level grind with and be her sales assistant at cons.
  • Kou slowly coming out of her shell with Naoya and his friends, including smiling for the first time around them. Even sweeter Kou sees they really do like hanging out with her, regardless of her gender.
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  • After a tough day at work with Kabakura having to chew out both Narumi and Koyanagi, he and Koyanagi have a quiet moment where they cool down and agree to do something together once work settles down.
  • The chapter showing how Narumi and Hanako became friends. After they find out about each other's secret otaku sides, they go from a polite yet distant professional relationship to confiding in each other and using nicknames on one another.
  • Narumi and Hirotaka comforting each other via text while leaning against opposite sides of a glass wall at work during the thunderstorm.
  • After Hirotaka worried over the progress of his and Narumi's relationship, Hanako reassures him and encourages them to take their time and develop their relationship at their own pace. By the end of their date, not only are Narumi and Hirotaka content with how things currently are but Narumi also gifts Hirotaka with matching earrings.

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