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  • In episode 6 of season 1, Kozue gets mad at Souta because he won't buy her more alcohol at the grocery store. So she storms into his room, intent on trashing it, but finds that it's actually rather ordinary looking. She notices that the only real decoration he has is the little bunny doll she gave him several years earlier. Instead of destroying his room, she instead pets the bunny.
  • Souta chewing out Mahiru's father in episode 9 in season 1, stating that he's the reason why she's so afraid of men. He then forces the guy to go home and write an apology to Mahiru as a result of his brainwashing. If she didn't know it before, this is definitely the point where Mahiru has a Love Epiphany for Souta.
  • Episode 5 of Season 2, they find a lost little girl and decide to take her in for a while and ask customers if they know the girl, in the meantime asking a hungry Kyouko to look after her. Some time in, the little girl is given a free slice of cake. As she is eating, the little girl notices Kyouko's hunger and goes up to her and offers the rest of it. With a forkful in hand, Kyouko hesitates on what to do with the cake until she feeds it to the little girl. Considering Kyouko's usual nature, it's something of a Pet the Dog moment for her. The rest of the cast think the same way.
    • At the end of the episode, after hearing Yachiyo mention she can't afford food herself (despite being the restaurant manager), and seeing that she managed to make it at least one day without eating the restaurant's food, Satou finally makes her a plate of food using ingredients he said was about to expire, and therefore unsaleable to customers.
  • In episode 3, season 3, Yachiyo, having had some fun at the end of her dinner date with Jun, says that she hopes he can stay with her forever. Though she probably meant it platonically, he immediately hugs her tightly, and says the same thing to her, before backing off after realizing that what he did might confuse her. Which it does, as Yachiyo doesn't quite know how to react, but strongly implies she has feelings for him, and doesn't want him to leave her life despite always hanging around Kyouko.
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  • In a way, Souma preventing Kirio from forcefully taking Aoi home with him in episode 6 of season 3. Though he kept them apart largely because It Amused Me and has to use Black Mail to get Kirio to leave, Kyouko later mentions that if she was forced home, there might be bigger problems, as they don't know why she ran away the first time.
  • Aoi making up with her mother and returning home. Though she still spends a lot of time at the restaurant, much to their annoyance.
  • Otoo finally finding his long lost wife in season 3.
  • Various characters working out their feelings for others in season 3. For example, Jun and Yachiyo enter a Relationship Upgrade in episode 11 after he finally manages to give her a genuine Love Confession.
  • In the Lord of the Takanashi OVA Souta finally confesses his love to Mahiru. And to show that they have completed their Character Development, Mahiru is able to hold Souta's hand, the goal Takanashi set up when he started helping her.
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  • In Chapter 229 of the Manga, after Yachiyo reveals her relationship with Satou to Mitsuki, the latter tries to leave only to be stopped by Yachiyo who proceeds to give her one of her 5 hours talks about her favourite person, only this time it is not Kyouko but about Satou, who is now her favourite person.
  • Meta example: Whenever one of the seiyuu gets married she draws a sketch of the character voiced by said seiyuu in wedding attire.

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