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Heartwarming / Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

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Not so much a single moment; the entire film is filled with the sheer heartfelt parental dedication that Hana gives for her children. It's difficult to isolate particular incidents when she manages to be an awesome mom in nearly every single scene.

  • Hana's dream reunion with her lover, the wolfman. Everything in this scene, from the intimacy of the dialogue delivery to the incredibly beautiful and subtly detailed gestures in the animation, are utterly magnificent.
    • To put it in context: ten years have gone by, and still they both love each other so strongly. We knew Hana did throughout the story, treasuring his in-memoriam tribute and taking care of their children, but the Wolfman never stopped watching them, even from beyond the grave.
  • If you can read between the lines, old man Nirasaki teaching Hana how to grow plants.
    • The very context of why Hana keeps working hard and taking advice from him: she's doing it for Ame and Yuki. She came to the country so they could live freely, and giving up that life is not an option.
    • And that single moment afterwards serves as the point where all the others living nearby start helping Hana out with her home and farm, teaching her what she needs to survive. A pair even let it slip that the 90 year old man told everyone to keep an eye out for her.
  • When Yuki reveals her wolf form to Souhei. He tells her that he's known she was a wolf girl the whole time, but never blamed her for scratching his ear, or told a soul (and never will).
    Souhei: (gently) You're safe. No more crying.
    • Plus the overall implied childhood romance between them. It doesn't take much to imagine they'll probably end up the reverse version of Yuki's parentsnote .
  • The scene in which Ame departs as a wolf for the final time starts as a MAJOR Tear Jerker, then takes a very appropriate and uplifting rise straight into heartwarming territory. Ame's howl to his mother and her words of encouragement are pretty damn powerful.
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  • Hana and the wolfman's all too brief time together is so packed with these, it's hard to pick out a single moment. Their jubilant embrace outside the cake shop after Hana learns that she's pregnant is a big one.
  • The end, with Hana hearing Ame howl in the woods, letting her know he's all right.
    • The music at the end, a loving lullaby from a mother to her child.
  • A bit of a Fridge Brilliance heartwarming moment that only occurs in the manga. When Ame took Hana to see Sensei, Hana thought to bring a few food items to thank him for teaching Ame about the wild. One of the things she brought was a peach, and consequently it was the only thing that Sensei accepted. In a sense, the peach is a symbol of gratitude for having taught Ame something important. Hana was always concerned about how she had never been able to teach her kids these things, which leads to both a Tear Jerker and a Heartwarming Moment during Ame's departure into the wild later on. Why is all of this more important in the manga? Because in the manga-exclusive epilogue, Hana finds something that has been left by her door, which is strongly implied to have been left by Ame. What is it? A peach.
    • Also from the manga epilogue, Yuki writing to her Mother and asking if Ame is alright. Even after they've grown apart, the family still love each other.


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