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  • OL's very first "case" so to speak. When en route to Themyscira to take an oath to Gaia swearing allegiance to Wonder Woman for a year in return for Alan Scott's personal Lantern, Paul assists Wonder Woman in defusing a hostage situation where a flock of harpies had taken a group of tourists hostage out of desperation due to Greek fishing boats depleting their food source. After solving the situation non-violently, Paul simply observes the human children playing with the harpies' offspring, using his rings translator function to allow all parties to interact peacefully.
  • When Orange Lantern accidentally uses lethal force on Clayface, he suffers a huge crisis of morality that borders on a Heroic BSoD, and is quite convinced that Batman and the rest of the League are going to kick him off the Team, if they don't outright arrest him for accidental manslaughter. When he voices this fear, it's Batman who comforts him and tells him that he did the best he could, that he did nothing that anyone on the League, himself included, wouldn't have done, and he even helps him realize that there might be hope for Clayface to be revived.
    • Clayface is responding to treatment.
  • Paul spending his afternoon with Alan, reviewing the Green Lantern's old photo albums. Sure, it becomes heartwrenching when Alan reveals how tired he was of living, briefly thinking of letting OL kill him when they met... and it swings back to sweet with Alan's realization he could still do one last deed as a Lantern: mentoring Paul.
  • When Wally admits that he's afraid that he's going to be dealing with his eating disorder for the rest of his life if they can't find a way to fix his Speed Formula, Jay Garrick puts his hand on Wally's shoulder and promises him that they'll find a way to help him.
    Jay Garrick: It's okay Wally. We'll work this out together.
  • In a bizarre way, the camaraderie between Paul and Lex. Paul understands that Lex is a first class supervillain, and keeps a wary eye out for backstabbing, but still encourages Lex to use his intellect and resources to make the world a better place. Lex knows that Paul is trying to manipulate him onto the side of justice, but finds his polite attitude refreshing and invites him to dinner parties. It's not something that can be called friendship, but they find a kindred spirit in each other, and since their both aware that the other is an ally but not a friend, they can be themselves around each other.
    • Especially touching was that during the simulation, when Lex tried to hold out against the aliens, and Paul admitted that his plan B was giving Lex a power ring.
      Orange Lantern: I don't have to trust somebody to like them.
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  • Paul uses his ring's healing ability to help heal Robin's uncle Rick and Artemis's mother Paula, both of whom were permanently crippled, and in Rick's case hospitalized. In both cases, his friends were overwhelmed with emotion at seeing their family members finally recover from their injuries.
  • Teekl adopting and raising Wolf when Wolf was orphaned as a newborn pup. This does occasionally happen in real life, but normally only when a cat has had kittens recently and is still flush with maternal instincts. Teekl, being a construct, is no longer subject to physical processes, but does so out of her own free will.
  • A rather dark one but when the Green Lanterns perish during the training simulation, OL wonders if he can take their lanterns to give to Alan Scott.
  • Paul rushing to Alan's side in the hospital and hugging him first thing after he fell down some stairs. The colored letters really make the scene.
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  • The team telepathically singing "Invite Them In" to Paulphidian, to help give him the final push to separate from the Ophidian.
  • For all his faults and poor choices, Grayven gets one of the sweetest moments in the series when he proposes to his girlfriend. She happens to be a career assassin, and he proposes on the way to a meeting with Ra's al Guhl so he can discuss betraying the Justice League to them, but hey, the moment was beautiful.
    • Another for the Grayven. When he, Kon, and Megan work together to free Kon's brother Match. It's especially heartwarming when they all start to fly to make him feel not alone, and Megan offers to teach him about carrots.
  • Both OLs spend Thanksgiving Dinner with their adopted family, the Nguyens. However, especially touching is Paragon!OL's family includes Zatanna, Kon, and M'gann; and then Diana comes over, and adopts Kon. Cue all of the D'aaaaaws.
    Diana: Now, on to a more personal matter. Over the past few years it has been my privilege to participate in the training of several of the younger members of our community. First Donna, who came to me for help when her abilities first began to manifest. Then Alan introduced me to Paul after he tried to acquire Alan's personal lantern by offering to buy it from him. Paul in turn made me aware of Kon-El's lack of a.. similarly gifted tutor, and asked that I consider taking him on. His display of compassion -something I had mistakenly assumed would be in short supply in anyone who claimed avarice as the source as their power- moved me, and I began including Kon-El in our training sessions. Despite his unfortunately persistent habit of forgetting what he's been taught and trying to win through brute force - he is an able student and I've found our sessions together extremely rewarding. In fact, as I've spent more time with him I've found that I have become more emotionally invested in his development -both as a warrior and as a person- than I have with either of my previous students. And, perhaps because he lacked another adult role model, he has become similarly attached to me. At first I assumed that it was simply a desire to please his tutor, but recent events have led me to re-evaluate how well his emotional needs are being tended to. Whether I was living up to the responsibilities I was coming to assume. And perhaps at eighty five I'm starting to feel a little broody. That is why, a few minutes ago, I offered to adopt Kon-El as my son. He has done me the honor of accepting. While it will probably take us some time to decide exactly how this will work -not to mention deciding how to register the adoption officially- as far as we're concerned I am Kon's mother as of now.
    Kon: Um. I just… I always … When D-. When Mom… When Mom started teaching me, I didn't think I needed it. I mean, she only had to smash my head into a granite cliff face a couple of times before I worked out I was wrong - but I'd been.. programmed with the idea that I was supposed to got it alone. And I didn't like it much but I didn't know how else to be. She showed me how to be a person, not just a weapon. And when I accepted that I could be more than a weapon, everything just started to make more sense. I don't know… I don't know what I'd have do- [glomps Wonder Woman, who kisses his forehead]
  • After OL's ring is recovered from Truggs, Fatty pops out of the ring and glomps OL's leg. Turns out the mindless little demon Gonk likes his master! It's one of the very few times in-story that Fatty can be called "cute".
  • Paul's Christmas prank on Artemis: he gives her an envelope to give to an old couple. The old couple reads it, which is documentation that proves their relation to Artemis. Their relation? They're her paternal grandparents and they are pretty ecstatic to meet her.
  • Paul being the one of the few that hasn't given up on saving Zatara from Nabu.
  • After he is summoned from the afterlife, Kent Nelson tells Zatanna that he was able to reunite with his deceased wife.
  • All of J'aarkn's friends try to get between him and OL when he's tasked with deporting him off-planet.
  • Kon meeting Hippolyta, his adoptive grandmother, and her asking about him and his interests.
  • Two Amazons, Tekla and Iola takes Paul's suggestion and ask him if he could use his ring to impregnate them with their lovers' child. Iola jumps to become the mother.
    • Paul revisits them just before he leaves for Vega, and Iola is now almost ready to give birth, with a healthy daughter in utero. The other Amazons have been giving her long-dormant advice based on their own pregnancies from thousands of years ago. Iola and Tekla's daughter is set to be the first natural child on Themiscyra in 2000 years, and she's only the first, as Paul offhandedly mentions that several other couples and even a polyamorous group asked him for help as well.
  • In the Paragon timeline (and the Renegade timeline), Superman abandoned Kon-El as soon as he found out about him. In the Crime Syndicate universe, Ultraman immediately adopts the kid, naming him after his father, and even the color of his text shows nothing but love for this new family member of his.
  • How does Captain Marvel finally convince Teth Adom to give Democracy serious consideration after spending an entire chapter unintentionally highlighting all its flaws to him? By telling him that if he is instated as the sole power in the new Kandaq government, he might eventually be considered a tyrant if popular opinion shifts. And that wouldn't be fair to the people, or Adom himself. Where all the Wisdom of Solomon couldn't convince Adom to change his ways, the compassion of Billy Batson did.
    • Later on, after Shiruta is attacked by soldiers with advance technology they shouldn't have had, Adom ends up flattening the entire old government office. The only thing that's stopping him from going on a complete rampage is that Billy reveals his identity to him and explains that he doesn't want to make that decision while angry right now or he'd regret it later. Adom agrees to let himself be guided until he cools down.
    • Its heavily implied that Adom listens because Billy reminds him of his own lost children.
  • After Dana Dearden gets fired for not informing Paul that the interview was live (he did ask that they not fire her for the mistake), she comes to him seeking revenge. He offers her breakfast and then gives her not one, but three different interviews that end up getting published nationwide.
  • Marie Logan and Danni are in a romantic relationship, to the point where Marie is saved from her canon death because Danni... well, someone who controls people's minds with pheromones doesn't exactly fare well when faced against a robot with fire powers who doesn't have pheromones.
    • As of May 2011 (in-story), they are now married.
  • Green Arrow gives Paul some solid advice when he's propositioned for Three-Way Sex with Karon and Holly, allowing him to come to his own conclusion based on what he knew so he wouldn't regret it.
  • The first place Sisken visits after getting a Golem body is visit his parents. His father is just happy to learn he's alive in some form.
  • Upon meeting Akhlys, the Anthropomorphic Personification of Misery, OL tries to cheer her up and heal her wounds. It doesn't work, and in fact backfires, but she appreciates the effort while he plans on coming back to fix it properly later on.
  • Before and during an attack by the Queen of Fables, Eris comes by to warn and encourage Paul. As the goddess of chaos she has every reason to sit back and let the good times role, but she cares enough about her follower to lend a hand anyway.
    • At the end of the play, despite not being a Discordian, Prince Pavlos warmly thanks Eris for her help above all the other deities who played their part in his saving the day.
  • Euanthe, the Dryad that Paul rescued, is struggling to re-adapt to life after everything she experienced (being used to open a portal to Hell). So he offers her the chance to live on Mount Justice, where the Green is strong because of Swamp Thing.
    • When Euanthe is first rescued, Paul summons Swamp Thing to help her. He refers to her as "Little Sister" and feeds her from his own body to reverse the damage to her body.
  • Mr. Miracle and Big Barda of Earth 50 track down Grayven and attack him as soon as they get him away from civilians. Why? Not for blowing up the president, but because he left Ace in another dimension after effectively making her his daughter. After realizing how significant his actions were, he immediately adopts her. She spends her first night in Challenger Mountain sleeping on top of him, and the morning after they go to fly a kite.
    • Further, when Darkseid uses a fragment of the Anti-Life Equation on Grayven, basically erasing all his emotions, he immediately goes to the Zamarons to return Love to him because he cannot stand being unable to love his daughter.
  • Despite his animosity towards Superman, OL takes the time to point out survivors of his people who inhabited a colony before the planet exploded (the Daxamites). They're not likely to be friendly, being xenophobes, but the thought is still nice. As well as unintentionally pointing out that there was another survivor on the planet aside from him, Karsta Wor-Ul. Hope colors Superman's words upon hearing it.
  • Mister Schreiber greets Orange Lantern warmly upon meeting him, recognizing him not for the Cake incident, but because he helped bring their children back. He also recognizes Rocket as one of the few non-white American heroes, and mentions that one of his daughters idolizes her.
    • Schreiber violently and passionately rejecting his dubious "legacy" as the clone of Adolf Hitler.
  • Holly seems to genuinely fall for Paul basically because he's one of the few men in her life that hasn't tried to abuse her or take advantage of her. Tellingly, her words are colored by Love when greeting him at one point, the same as for her girlfriend Karen.
  • Grayven has brought the extinct Tazmanian Tiger back to life through cloning. The first litter of pups are currently being raised by a pair of African wild dogs in a nature preserve, so they'll develop the correct hunting skills and social behavior. It's one of the few times you see Ra's al Ghul happy about something.
    • Watching the pups interact with Ra's, and their curiosity, since they have no understanding what a human is, and their "mother's" protectiveness, as translated by the ring.
      Pup: You're new! You're new and you smell weird!
      Mother: Foolishness! Come away!
      Ra's: Neither tame, nor afraid of humans. As far as they're concerned, our civilization never existed at all.
  • Paul saving Koriand'r and Komand'r (Starfire and Blackfire) before they went through the worst of the experiments that gave them their powers, and then offering them Power Rings.
  • While trapped in the fantasy world created by Mother of Mercy, we're shown a future OL in a polyamorous relationship with Kon, M'gann and Cheshire. While he himself acknowledges that said relationship is unlikely bordering on impossible after breaking free, it's still endearing to see his interaction with them as a lover instead of just friends, however brief it might be.
    • There's also bringing his mother over from Earth Prime.
  • Grayven pays a visit to Darkseid on Apokolips, why? Because he needs a Green Lantern to save Alan's life. Unfortunately, he's too late.
    • While on Apokolips, he also meets the real Grayven's mother, and brings her back to Earth with him, saving her from Darkseid's cruelty. Unlike with Suli (Kalibak's mother who was killed by Desaad by order of Darkseid's mother Hegra) and Tigra (Orion's mother, who Darkseid himself hated and simply killed) this poor woman suffered under Darkseid's random whim.
    • His interaction with Granny Goodness is both creepy and oddly heartwarming, as she acts like a maternal adoptive granny while at the same time the reader knows she's an abusive monster, just like in the comics.
  • Mortalla reading a bedtime story to Lynne. It's nice for a woman who has been abused for so long to have a nice moment with family she actually likes.
  • Paul manages to get a Blue Lantern constructed for Alan in time. Barely in time, but he made it.
    • When the Amazons see him at the embassy, alive and healed, they rush to hug him.
    "Ambient hope detected. Charging. Charge: ninety eight percent."
  • Introducing Kara Zor-El to Kal and Kon. That's right, for a souvenir from a visit to Krypton OL brought back family.
  • Flash gives a very reasonable explanation for why Orange Lantern needs to consider his more ruthless behavior around the Team:
    Flash: You're a soldier? Fine, so's Captain Atom. But I don't want kids learning to be soldiers. They've got to have normal lives outside of this, and.. frankly I hope they give it up. I sure don't want them regarding what you do as 'normal'.
    • Later on, Hal Jordan says something similar:
      Hal: Look, I wanted to fly for the US Air Force. And if.. things had gone differently, I'd probably have killed plenty of people by now. But I'm not. I'm a space cop with a fancy ring. Superheroes aren't military, they're police. The Justice League isn't a military.
      Paul: The Orange Lantern Corps is a military.
      Hal: Maybe that's the problem. The US military doesn't do policing outside of disaster zones, because that's not what it's for. The rules of engagement are different, for good reasons. I don’t have a problem with you wanting to be a soldier. But if that's what you want? Then this is the wrong organisation for you.
  • For Adom's wedding, Paul brought back friends of Adom's first life thousands of years ago: Lord Rama Khan, Prince Khufu, and Chay-ara, all of whom Paul took the time to find and, in the latter two's cases, remind of their former lives.
  • OL celebrating Christmas with everyone he sees as family. This consists of: Alan, Jade and her family, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Donna, M'gann, and the Amazons of Themyscira.
  • Paul decides to take Kara on his trip to Thanagar in order to help her get over her depression.
  • Since Grayven healed Hawkgirl from lead poisoning, she and John Stewart have had a baby, whom they named Rex Grayven Stewart.
    Grayven: I can be available to babysit at very short notice.

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