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Heartwarming / Windfall

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  • Caramel and Pinkie Pie's interactions are adorable, in an understated sort of way.
  • The whole story, really, but especially the birth of Fluttershy's foal. "My back right ankle is tingly. That means it's a filly…"
    • And the epilogue, where Fluttershy's friends all present various effigies of themselves as keepsakes for Fluttershy and her family.
      No matter where her friends were, across the whole wide world, they would always be there in spirit, watching over her children with her.
    • Big Macintosh actually crying with joy at the sight of his daughter. Not touching enough in text form? Here it is in picture form!
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  • Rainbow Dash's interactions with her fans, especially how Spitfire describes it.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders reuniting is also quite touching (even if they've all got their Cutie Marks by now) and shows that, like the Mane Cast, they're True Companions too.
  • When the Mane Six are assembling their gifts for Windfall, Rainbow Dash is unimpressed with hers; unlike the others, who made their gifts, she brought a Wonderbolts doll of herself anyone could have bought. At that point, Pinkie Pie goes out of her way to tell RD that it took just as much effort to get that gift as it took the others to get theirs; Rainbow Dash had to become a Wonderbolt to have that doll made, after all. A little moment of Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie…and never letting her friends feel bad about themselves.
    • She further points out that this particular doll went through a Sonic Rainboom, meaning that Rainbow Dash did her signature move just so she'd be able to be there when Windfall was born.
  • The last spoken line of the story "And magic makes it all complete," just about makes one's heart explode. Twice.