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Heartwarming / William Strife

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  • In spite of his usual to-the-point gameplay, there are several very emotive instances of roleplay in Strife's playthroughs, such as this rather heart-breaking moment from Fallout 3.
  • Strife goes out of the way to give his character in Fallout 3 a developmental arc, from someone who only disarms a bomb because "the pay was good" to someone who, while still morally grey, rescues orphaned children, almost gets killed multiple times to help create the survival guide, and is willing to perform a Heroic Sacrifice for the benefit of mankind. It wasn't necessary (especially as he was trying to remain neutral) but he did it anyway, and it made an otherwise clinical play-through that bit more meaningful.
    "All throughout my travels I will never be the hero or the villain, because I will not be history, I make history. I am The Lone Wanderer."
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  • There are times, when Parv isn't annoying him, that he really makes Strife laugh... and it's adorable.
  • Parv's a definite weak point. When he figures out the reason Will knows so much about Blood Magic is because he's done it before, he talks Strife into teaching him. There's no reason for Will to comply, he's obviously uncomfortable with it, but he agrees because he feels he owes Parv. It's oddly sweet, for a discussion about teaching somebody how to harness magic that literally sucks the blood from your body.
    • For half of that episode, Will keeps slipping into goofiness, such as turning into a water elemental and impersonating one and, essentially, acting like Parv while hanging from ectoplasm on the ceiling.
  • Strife and the Staff of Travelling.
  • During his Fallout: New Vegas Let's Play Strife plays a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, squeezing everyone for all the caps they have, while stealing their stuff, including the Followers of the Apocalypse... Except Joanna an abused prostitute trapped in a spiral of addiction and violence within the Family.
    • While he still charges them, he also tries not to steal from the Followers of the Apocalypse or the people of Goodsprings because they helped him so much at the start of the game.
  • Strife is very attached to Travelling Companion Veronica, in massive contract to his usual I Work Alone stance.
  • Some find his roleplaying choices and his interactions with characters endearing, particularly in New Vegas where he's playing a Badass Gay and absolutely refuses to mock the Gay Option as so many Let's Players would have chosen to, playing the role completely honestly and with no signs of stereotyping.
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  • After Zoey Proasheck's cat Ziggy died, Strife immediately posted in support of her to wish her the best.

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