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Heartwarming / White Dark Life

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From the roleplays

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     "About dang time" 

  • Margaret's backstory, especially the latter half. Let's just say there's a very good reason it incessantly hyperlinks to 'Pollyanna' and a large portion of the Love Tropes and Romance Tropes. Also, that Luigifan18 cried while writing it.

     "Fatty vs. Fairy" 
  • Tulip relating how she and Rudy first met. D'awww.
  • Legault saving Lily's unlife by allowing her to feed on him. Yes, it counts as a Heroic Sacrifice, even though Legault didn't die (though he did cut it extremely close). Again, writing this scene drove Luigifan18 to tears.

     "For tuna the can tolls" 
  • The reunion between Flora and Phillip. They make for an incredibly cute Battle Couple.

     "Inu & Uma Bio" 
  • Janine and Diego reuniting after Janine dies from the venom of Wrapsodi's children and gets revived.
  • Dream and Miriam's emotional responses to being rescued from Zharnev and Trapestry.

     "Scardey Fox Training" 
  • Ryu has a Honchkrow (actually a possesed model of one) named Kuro. It's the exact same Honchkrow Boar had in "For tuna the can tolls" and "Boar Bio".
  • It's implied that with King mogeko being Killed Off for Real, Yonaka Kurai's constant nightmares will finally be over and she'll be able to recover from her own ordeal at Mogeko Castle.

     "Easter Teeth" 
  • The reunion between Dream and her daughter Ophelia. That is to say, Dream snuck into Hell just to see her daughter again.
    • Priscilla reveals that Damien didn't just give up like Dream thought he did, as he is now working on a deal with Luke to reunite the family.
  • Uma FINALLY stops being a huge jerk to Matthew and starts to return his affection.
    • Only to do a 180 and reveal she wanted him to marry her doppelganger.

     "Hardly Partying" 
  • Ne revealing that he's completely gotten over his trauma, meaning he's finally stopped attacking Miriam in bouts of fear-induced madness.

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