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Heartwarming / White Christmas

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  • Anytime "We'll Follow the Old Man" is performed.
  • General Waverly's speech to the men at the big show.
  • The look of utter pride on Susan's face the first time she sees her Grandfather in his old uniform.
  • Bob opening his Christmas present.
  • Bob trying to chase down Betty at the train station. He's trying his hardest to come up with the right thing to say on very short notice, and failing miserably. It shows that he has a chink in his armor after all.
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  • The way Bob is acting when Betty has just heard about his plans for The Ed Harrison Show. As unreceptive as she may be, his concern for her actually comes across as very sweet.
  • The looks on the faces of Bob and Betty when she surprises him during their "I Wish I Was Back in the Army" number. She's obviously nervous coming out on stage since it's the first time she's seen him since coldly wishing him good evening before his TV appearance, and trying to side-eye him to catch his reaction. And Bob can hardly believe his own eyes.


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