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Heartwarming / When The Moon Fell In Love With The Sun

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It's pretty pointless trying to list the heartwarming moments in this fic, because most of it is made of nothing but heartwarming moments, but we might as well try...

  • The revelation that Peeta bought Lavinia and Pollux out of slavery in the Capitol to come back with him as his employees.
  • Peeta's father holding Katniss when she breaks down in tears when the full enormity of what Peeta is doing for her mother and sister dawns on her.
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  • Madge coming around to give Katniss some of her best clothes to wear on the trip to Peeta's place. And also some birth control pills.
  • Katniss giving Peeta the red handkerchief that would become his District Token and an impulsive kiss on the cheek before he leaves for the games.
  • Everything Peeta does for little Larkspur, the girl Reaped instead of Prim, during the games. Of course, her inevitable death combines this with the saddest of Tear Jerkers.
  • Katniss' mother going to great lengths to make her beautiful before Peeta comes to pick her up, musing that she'd always imagined tending to her daughter like that before her wedding and giving Katniss many precious things to take with her, including her precious wedding photo of herself and Katniss' father. In only a short time, Katniss and her mother get in a LOT of potent mother/daughter moments that they wouldn't have had for years beforehand.
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  • The 'willow catkin' story Katniss tells Peeta. In fact, there are a LOT of heartwarming moments relating to Katniss' late father.
  • This exchange between Katniss and Pollux (with the Avox writing in the snow with his finger) about Pollux's devotion to Peeta:
    Katniss: You love him.
    Pollux: SO DO YOU.
  • So, so, SO many sweet moments between Katniss and Peeta.
    • Peeta giving her the coat lined with more of the fur of the bear he killed that made him famous.
    • "I don't want you to be grateful, Katniss," he whispers. "I want you to be happy."
    • After Katniss makes a snowman, Peeta slings his own scarf around it, making it into a snowman of himself. Katniss makes another smaller one later, but becomes depressed when she thinks she's made a snow bride for her snow-Peeta, without really understanding why this bothers her. When she comes back from hunting the next day, Peeta has carved the snow woman's head into a perfect snow sculpture of Katniss.
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    • I belong with you.
  • In New Year, Peeta, Katniss, Pollux and Lavinia enjoy a whole day together playing and exchanging presents.
  • Katniss discovers that Pollux and Lavinia are married, and Pollux tells her that Peeta actually tried to make it official, but was not allowed - as the Capitol considers Avoxes as little more than animals. So, Peeta made them a Twelve-style wedding, with toasting and everything. Pollux also describes how he met Lavinia for the first time.
    • Peeta later tells Katniss that he was close to do anything in his hand to officialize Pollux and Lavinia's marriage, but he stopped it in the end... because it would have meant losing his chance to secure permission for Katniss to live at his house.

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