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Heartwarming / What is a Person Worth?

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While the fanfic can be grim and dark, it still has plenty of heartwarming moments. Logical, since Forgiveness is one of its main themes. Here are some highlights:

  • Chapter 4
    • Luna finally realizing the toll this "bad luck" paranoia has taken on Lincoln, and approaching Leni for advice on how to help him. Unfortunately, this realization comes too late and things quickly go to hell when he comes home just moments later.
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    • Immediately after the fight, Luna's big sister instinct kicks in and she rushes out the door to find Lincoln before further harm can come to him, but not before dealing a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech to her family while also accepting the blame for her part in his abuse.
  • Chapter 5
    • Lincoln and Ronnie Anne share a moment. Ronnie Anne manages to convince Lincoln to open up to her about the problems he's having with his family. She comforts him by saying she will always be there to protect him (though she mentally sighs at how sappy she's sounding) and manages to make him stop crying. At the end of the conversation, she agrees to sleep with him, as he has troubles to sleep without Bun-bun, and he kisses her on the cheek to thank her.
    • In the same chapter, it was really nice to see Bobby and Mr. and Mrs. Santiago so worried about Lincoln's state after his fight with Lynn. Bobby is even willing to lie to Lori about knowing where Lincoln is for the poor boy's sake (though he does admit to not liking it one bit).
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    • The entire Loud family was out for hours looking for Lincoln and Lynn ends up regretting her fight with her brother so much that she has a full-on Nightmare Sequence about her wish about not having a brother coming true.
    • The fact that even when he's beyond upset with them, Lincoln finds the idea of his parents going to jail and his family possibly breaking up utterly horrifying and despite the fact that he has every right to call the police on his parents (something that is starting to become a bit of a cliche for "No Such Luck" Deconstruction Fic stories), he doesn't go through with it for the family's sake, which implies that Lincoln deep down still wants to forgive his family despite all that crap he's been through. (The author has stated outright that he wanted to do a story where the Louds fixed their problems without police intervention).
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 10
    • The girls find out that Lincoln has been with the Santiagos the whole time. Although they are crushed that they can't see him for fear of making things worse, they are nonetheless relieved to know he's with people they can trust.
    • Lynn being the first one to ask if Lincoln is okay. It's clear how much her guilt is taking its toll on her, but the knowledge that her brother was safe was something she needed after all that has happened.
    • The chapter ends with Lana attacking Chandler and his friends, who were bullying Lincoln, by throwing mud at them in order to protect her brother. And then, when they start bullying her, Lincoln loses it and beats them up. All five of them. The chapter ends with Lincoln and Lana hugging each other, as both are hurt and need comfort after what happened, with Lana crying into Lincoln's chest.
    Lincoln: (after having curbstomped Chandler) "You can pick on me all you want... but if you, or your friends, go anywhere near my sisters or mess with my friends again... you better pray that I don't find you..."
  • Chapter 11
    • This chapter has the aftermath of the aforementioned fight being very good for the soul, including all of the girls realizing that Lincoln's Declaration of Protection extends to all of them. Also Lincoln assures Ronnie, who's feeling guilty about the way she treated him when she was his bully and even after they got together, that he's forgiven her and loves her, also reassuring her that he'll never hurt her. Possibly hurt anyone who tried to hurt her but never her. Then he gives a Love Confession, earning him an impromptu kiss, which is only as awkward as it needs to be to be ridiculously adorable.
    • Lynn is in utter awe at Lincoln's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Chandler after the latter attacked Lana, recognized several of her own moves while watching the video of it unfolding. Although it terrifies her that she could've been on the receiving end of that kind of rage in their earlier fight, Lynn still can't help but feel some quiet pride that Lincoln proved he can hold his own ground when the situation calls for it.
  • Rather surprisingly, minor antagonist Conner Pingrey has a cute bonding moment with his Cool Big Sis Carol in Chapter 14. They play video games together and he asks her advice in a roundabout way as he seems to be having some second thoughts about helping Chandler.
  • Lucy gets sick of Lynn hating herself and tells her that yes; she started the whole "Lincoln is bad luck" mess but the rest of the family has to shoulder blame for letting themselves believe it. The Goth is clearly glad to see Lynn perk up, even if she hides it, and is openly upset when Chapter 15's Nightmare Sequence sends Lynn spiraling into self-loathing and open terror and heartbreak.
  • In Chapter 16, Lincoln's calling out of Luan for her April Fool's Day antics is primarily from a place of love for the rest of the family and when he realizes said calling out not only made her cry but has driven her to self-hatred, he's immediately trying to make her feel better.
    • In the same chapter, while it doesn't get dwelt on for long, it's clear all of the Loud girls are worried about Lynn's self-hate. It's also clear that they desperately want their brother back and to make amends.
  • Chapter 17 sees Lori helping Lola get ready for her apology dance and then later giving Lynn a serum Lisa made to help her sleep without dreams, since they're all worried that Lynn hasn't been sleeping. Then when Lynn wakes up and finds out what happened, all of her sisters lecture her about not taking care of herself, saying that it's not doing anyone any good and is scaring them, to which she responds by promising to take care of herself.
  • In Chapter 18
    • Both Rita and Lynn Sr. go out of their way to make sure Lincoln enjoys their time together and when Lincoln admits to feeling guilty about everything he's done, Rita praises him, saying that while he does bear a small amount of responsibility for the mess, most of it lies with her and her husband and she even makes him promise to call the police if they do anything like that again because that would make them unfit parents who need to be removed for their children's safety. The relationship isn't repaired completely yet but it's taken a massive step in the right direction.
  • Chapter 19
    • The sisters' tough love towards Lynn finally begins to pay off, as Lynn is finally getting the food and rest she needs before her condition could get any worse. She even perks up a little at the news that Lincoln will go to Dairyland with their parents.
    • Despite her irritation with Lori's one-sided rivalry, Carol is genuinely concerned when Lori runs herself down and invites her to the mall to help her try to make up with Lincoln, which she does when she and Carol run into Lincoln and Ronnie, who are out on a date (which incidentally is adorable and goes great).
    • During said make up attempt, Lori is floored when Lincoln tells her she's his favorite sister. And as it turns out, she and Bobby faked their break up after Lincoln insulted Ronnie so they could help the younger pair make up. By the end of the conversation, while forgiveness still hasn't been granted yet, both Lori and Lincoln have a better understanding of each other and their unique struggles (Lincoln's status as the only boy and Lori's having had to spend her whole life responsible for at least one younger sibling) and Lincoln is considering talking to Lynn (which she really needs).
  • Chapter 20 sees the trip to Dairyland go very well, with Lynn Sr. and Lincoln having a nice long talk to clear the air and Lynn Sr. gets to go Papa Wolf on a pair of bullies who try to hassle Lincoln.
  • Chapter 21 sees Lucy earn Lincoln's forgiveness with a poem dedicated to him, complete with pictures that sum up everything that has happened so far. It then continues with Lynn breaking down in tears in front of Lincoln, who finally realizes how hard the whole situation has hit her and tries to console her.
  • Chapter 22 has Lynn further her reconciliation with Lincoln by angrily calling Ronnie for believing Lincoln would cheat on her, even being responsible for Ronnie and Lincoln's friends Spotting the Thread and realizing that not only does Lincoln not see Cristina during school hours but several of the pictures are taken in places he never goes anyway.
    • Absolutely none of Lincoln's sisters believe the faked photos; relationship on the rocks or not, they know their brother and he'd never do something like cheat on Ronnie after what she's been doing for him.
    • Also there's Ronnie Anne immediately forgiving Lincoln and dropping this gem.
    Ronnie Anne: Remember when I said I would show real affection if I needed to? Well...guess it's time I prove a point to everyone else. (pinches Lincoln's cheek in a teasing way) You're mine.
  • Chapter 23:
    • Lincoln fulfills his promise to take Ronnie Anne to Jillian's by asking her out on a date. It also helps them get over the trouble their classmates have been giving them throughout the day.
    • Carol takes Conner to the mall to not only change his clothes to hide his identity from any potential harassment, but she also helps her brother plan a way to apologize to Cristina. She also washes his hair so it's back to its nature blonde color.
    • Still wanting to find the person responding for the doctored photos, Lynn enlists Lisa's help; Lisa herself is actually glad someone in her family needed her expertise for something challenging.
  • Chapter 24:
    • Conner apologizing to Cristina and the two making up at the beginning of the chapter.
    • Lincoln and Conner run into each other; their first actual encounter since the events from "Cereal Offender". Lincoln apologizes to Conner for what happened in the store, and the two bond over their difficulties with their sisters, making Conner realize Lincoln isn't such a bad guy after all.
    • Lincoln seeks out Lynn to finally talk to her. It ends with the two pouring their hearts out to each other.
  • Chapter 25 opens with Lynn and Ronnie on the hunt for Chandler and the pair have a bonding moment where Lynn admits the way Ronnie trashed her bullies was impressive and punches her when she doubts that she deserves Lincoln. Then when Lincoln's call for help while running for the thugs Chandler hired to pulverize both him and Conner is cut off by him screaming, both of them are thoroughly pissed and run to the rescue of both boys. And during said rescue, Lynn overcomes being thoroughly trashed by the bullies through sheer determination to make sure NO ONE hurts her little brother.
    • Then Lori and Carol show up after Conner texts his sister for help and neither of them are happy with what they walk in on. Carol even almost murders one of the bullies via Neck Snap for laying hands on Conner.
      • And when Carol's hit with the enormity of what happened and breaks down at the thought of going to jail and being separated from her siblings, Lori comforts her and calms her down.
    • And by chapter's end, the Loud family bond has been restored, complete with a group hug and Lincoln musing that he's realized that he wouldn't trade his sisters and parents for anything in the world.


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