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Heartwarming / Welcome Back, Frank

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  • Frank leaving his neighbors (and the first friends he has had in years) with a large pile of the mob's money, with a note telling Joan to use it to move away from a city that scares her.
    Maybe I am damned. But I'm not dragging you good people down with me.
  • Relatedly, he recognizes what kind of emotional damage that Joan has been through and has a brief Pet the Dog moment where he accepts her unprovoked offerings of food (cast as her 'baking too much') so as to relieve her of the unintentional stress the rejection might cause her. We even get a panel where Frank casually finishes off a plate of Joan's chocolate chip cookies while sharpening a combat knife, privately acknowledging that they're actually pretty good. It's about as close to smiling as we ever see him come in this particular comic.

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