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Heartwarming / Warbreaker

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  • Once Susebron and Siri get to know each other, they are adorable.
    • Special mention goes to her teaching him how to read from the book of fairy tales that is the only thing he has left of his mother.
    • His Big Damn Heroes moment, while also a Moment of Awesome, is incredibly heartwarming when you realize that he regained his tongue and is finally able to have a voice, which he then uses to defend the woman he loves.
  • What Blushweaver says to Lightsong when he expresses his frustration that everyone would believe in him even though he is the way he is:
    Blushweaver: You always talk about being useless but we all know that you're one of the few who always goes through every picture, sculpture, and tapestry in his gallery. The one who hears every poem and song. The one who listens most deeply to the pleas of his petitioners.
    Lightsong: You are all fools. There is nothing in me to respect.
    Blushweaver: No. You're the one who makes us laugh, even while you insult us. Can't you see what that does? Can't you see how you've inadvertently set yourself above everyone else? You didn't do it intentionally and that's what makes it work so well. In a city of frivolity, you're the only one who's shown any measure of wisdom. In my opinion, that's why you hold the armies.
  • Lightsong's Heroic Sacrifice. Especially when you consider how he always said that he wouldn't ever give up his Breath.
    Lightsong: [smiling broadly] My life to yours; my Breath become yours.
    • What prompted him to make this sacrifice in the first place? He realized that the God King and Siri really were in love with each other.
    • And Siri's thoughts after, remembering when Lightsong first gave her advice:
    He told me that I couldn't depend on him in the end. I guess he lied about that. How very like him.
  • The last conversation between Lightsong and Llarimar in the book.
    Lightsong: They should have seen the truth about me! An idiot. Not a god, but a scribe. A silly little scribe who was allowed to play god for a few years! A coward.
    Llarimar: You're no coward. You were a scribe, and you were one of the best men I'd ever know. You were my brother.
    Llarimar: You are a god. To me, at least. It doesn't matter how easily you can be killed, how much Breath you have, or how you look. It has to do with who you are and what you mean.
  • The interactions between Vivenna and Vasher once she realized he's only "bad with words"
    Vivenna: Should have called you Wartlover the Ugly.
    Vasher: Very mature.
    • Vasher awkwardly tries to comfort Vivenna:
      '''Me, I'm not like that. I have trouble talking. I get frustrated. I snap at people. Doesn't make me very popular. But I promise you that I won't lie to you. I want to stop this war. That's all that really matters to me right now. I promise you.
    • This is touching when you realized how much Vivenna has changed. She has said repeatedly that she can't ever fully trust Vasher and then look at what she does. In the middle of a fight-to-the-death showdown:
      Vasher: You need to run. Get back to your people, tell them not to fight. Do not fight or bring other kingdoms into the war.
      Vivenna: {places hand on him) My life to yours. My Breath become yours. You do it, Vasher. You'll be far better at it than I will be.
      Vasher: (moves to return it to her but she backs away) Stubborn woman.
  • The sisters finally being reunited towards the end of the book, with a lovely hug to boot.