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Heartwarming / War and Peace

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  • The Christmas Episode is full of moments like these, such as when Nikolai finally realizes his love for Sonya. There's also a heartwarming scene with the Rostov children visiting their uncle after a good hunt the day before.
  • After Natasha breaks her engagement with Andrei, then realises Anatole was only using her and makes a failed suicide attempt, Pierre comforts her, tells her she deserves to be loved and that if he were free from his marriage to Helene and worthy of her, he'd propose to her on the spot.
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  • The whole section where Natasha and Andrei fall in love and get engaged is full of these, particularly when Andrei (on his first visit to the Rostovs) overhears Natasha commenting to Sonya with childlike wonder on the beauty of the night sky, and the scene where they dance together at the Tsar's New Year's Eve Ball, which is straight out of a fairy tale.


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