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Heartwarming / WWE Cruiserweight Classic

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  • After being beaten by Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa refused to shake his friend's hand, almost left the ring, then returned and gave his friend and tag team partner a hug, then raised his hand.
    • Earlier in that match, Ciampa was in full, crazy eyed, Psycho Killer mode, and pulled down his knee guard intending to deliver a bare knee strike... but stopped himself just before pulling the trigger and put his guard back on. Of course, his moment of mercy is quickly answered by Gargano superkicking him.
  • Cedric Alexander puts on an amazing match against Kota Ibushi only to lose. Devastated, Cedric starts to exit the ring to the crowd chanting "Please sign Cedric" when Triple H comes out, puts his arm around Cedric and gives the crowd a thumbs up as to say "Don't worry guys, I got this."
    • And he did.
  • Brian Kendrick puts on an amazing match against Kota Ibushi, but he comes up short and loses, his last hope for being in WWE (seemingly) gone forever. After the credits, Daniel Bryan comes down from the announcers booth and consoles Kendrick in the ring. We fade to black with both men heartbroken and crying and the crowd chanting "Thank you Brian".
    • Worked out okay for Kendrick though, since he joined the cruiserweight division of RAW soon after and quickly became the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship... and Cruiserweight Champion, although he quickly dropped the title to Rich Swann.


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